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Charlie Sheen Saw Game Walkthrough

Charlie Sheen Saw Game

InkaGames - Charlie Sheen Saw Game is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Charlie Sheen and will force him to play his game if he wants to regain his freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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Oh! New game!

having trouble getting past the nurses

I am SO stuck here. The nurses are pretty much a luck of the draw thing I believe. I did not see a strategy here.

I cannot get past Jason or the ventriloquist.

to get past the nurses, collect the glasses, then the fuel, after that, ziz-zag up and down the room. A little trial and error will be involved but you will see progress each time you try it.

I have figured out what to do with the glasses, but past that... I got nothing.
I just know the next step is glaringly obvious, but I have no clue.

I'm stuck after going past the nurses...

francesca, me too. I cannot get past the joker, the ventriloquist or Jason. I think I am missing an item, but what?

The glue goes on the floor near the ventriloquist and the glasses go on Jason, but past that I have no idea...

take a picture of the key and take to mad hatter


Drop ze glue, then click ze watch

Jason: Take a photo ;)

Now hurry up and catch up :P

take the watch from ventriloquist... give to mad hatter as payment to make the key

try to grab the thing that ties the puppet to the man just after putting the glue

I need help with the pigsaw robot and the bowling ball

i am stuck with the robot pigsaw
anyone has an idea?

hardhed72 this pigsaw is annoying
any clues?

none yet.. the green pipe goes in the hole... bowling ball goes in pipe but after that im stuck

maybe we should keep the monster in the dotted area in order to shoot the ball over him

good idea! just cant figure out how to keep him in that room. GRRRRR!!!

did you use the baseball glove?

not yet. or the maniquin, or the water

guys did you made it until pigsaw scene?

not yet

where to get the camera? I cant find it..

hi francesca, the cam from the puppet scene wuth blue suit guy

You have to get it from the ventriloquist

Even if I put the glue there and go past the red line, it just gets out of it eventually.

oh got it..

Any ideas on defeating Freddy. I can get him back into the real world...

use the rope to lasso him hit the alarm button and lead him to Jason

Problema con la puerta metálica del tigre, le dan click a la flecha y Charlie no camina. RESUELTO. Borren sus archivos temporales del Navegador de la siguiente manera: presionando las teclas Control+Shift+Delete (al mismo tiempo), luego den aceptar. Luego vuelvan a cargar el juego nuevamente. IMPORTANTE: ¡¡¡Si no borran los archivos temporales cargarán una versión antigua del juego!!!. Si encuentran algún otro problema por favor comenten en este post que nosostros lo resolveremos lo mas rapido posible.

Problem with the metal door of the tiger, you are clicking on the arrow and Charlie walks. RESOLVED. Borren their web browser temporary files as follows: pressing Control + Shift + Delete (simultaneously), then give accept. Then re-load the game again. IMPORTANT: If you do not delete the temporary files loaded an old version of the game!. If you find any other problems please comment on this post than us resolve it as quickly as possible.


Solved the pigsaw scene:
Take the robot in front of the circle, wait til he gets squashed, then you have 10sec to climb the ladder and drop the bowling ball through the pipe



Need the baseball glove. Anyone get past the Joker yet?

Never mind, think I've solved it.

There's a red x on of the walls. use the ladder to go up and use the magnet on it.

Anyone got through Stewie?

try the magnet on the wall

"well well well victory is mine" stewie

should be fast enough to avoid base balls

Finished the game :D

congrats, but how eid you get past stewie?

I can not even find the glue. Will someone please help?

Jenn - sorry, can't remember which room, but I think the glue is just lying on a floor somewhere.


To defeat Stewie...

Wait until he takes a break from shooting, then throw the ball in your glove back at him. Gotta be quick.


I've read Unknown's spoiler, but can't solve pigsaw scene.

how to keep theat one with hammer in red circle?

What am I missing for the Joker?

Oh, that's what I was missing. For the Joker, you've got to go visit the Hatter first and get him to make a key, and then do some work behind the locked door.

Wow, 2 stars, lowest ever for Inkagames?

What's going on. Oh well, we'll find out, going in..

@tommy, i was wondering the same.
Going in also.

Wooow much timing needed in this game. But with your help I'm out. Thx all.

Ok....why is it not loading for me? If I right click it says "movie not loaded" my shockwave, Java, computer in general, everything is up to date :(

Too much timing... but nice as usual

Is there a cheat code to get past the baseballs? I suck at these type of obstacles! That's why I never played Tetris, danggummit! LOL

To get past the baseballs, move your glove to the right closer to the machine, its easier that way.

Where is the glue?

I can't get past Freddy. Any hints?

Never mind, I saw the earlier comment about how to defeat Freddy. Now stuck on the explosive baseballs :(

Took me ages to get past those damn baseballs. Not a fan of this game at all... definitely not one of InkaGames' better efforts! I wish they'd stop with the click-heavy mini-games... I always have real trouble being fast enough at them, and that just detracts from the whole game. Also just wasn't a fan of the bits of this game as a whole. Not as funny or clever as what I've come to expect from Inka. Hope the Obama Ball Z one is better...

You have to light the hoop in order to get the lion to move, then the glue is in the next room.

You have to light the hoop in order to get the lion to move, then the glue is in the next room.

i see no camera :(

ahh, glue on red x. take ventriloquist's watch. ask him for camera.

where is bowling ball?

smh, behind the fan. d'oh!

Ok, found another bug... if you put the pipe before you control jigsaw you cant get up the ladder anymore and throw the bowling ball..... ended up watching the walkthrough to see how it finished... to think I was so close to the end.... ah well... love these games so just a bit disapointed... :)

Ok, found another bug... if you put the pipe before you control jigsaw you cant get up the ladder anymore and throw the bowling ball..... ended up watching the walkthrough to see how it finished... to think I was so close to the end.... ah well... love these games so just a bit disapointed... :)

how do you beat freddy?
i've managed to get him to the real world but i have no idea how to take him out...

I can't get past the telletubby and stewie! any advice?

To get past Freddie, you need to wait until he's on the X before clicking the rope.
Click the rope earlier and it'll just land on the floor. After you've roped him, click the alarm clock remote, otherwise he'll just cut himself free.
Once you've got Freddy and are in the real world, walk left into the room toward Jason, they'll fight, then vanish.

To get past Stewie, you have to dress up the manikin like Charlie Sheen.
You need the green shorts, the pink shirt, the blue vest (vest found in Freddy Kruger's lair).
To place the manikin, you need to click it then the room arrow to Stewie.

To beat Stewie, you have to click the baseball glove, catch all the explosive balls, and then the instant Stewie pauses (short progress bar above Stewie) then click the baseball glove in the items bar, then click Stewie. This has to be done VERY FAST or it won't work.

(The Baseball Glove is found in the room with the Joker, you defeat the Joker with the ladder, in the room with the X on the wall, use the ladder on the X, climb up, use the magnet on the X, it moves the cage over the Joker, when you reenter the Joker room, he catches himself leaving the baseball glove easy to get)

A bucket full of water from the well room shorts out the antenna, disabling the Telly Tubby.

Once you have that done, just walk past the Telly Tubby and the game ends with a short bit of animated dialog.

Finished it

plz help me!!! i can't find where to put the alarm clock help anyone

nvm i got it but how to u bring fredie to real world

how to get past chucky?

anyone know how to get past chucky im stuck there D:

ok nevermind about chucky
DONE IT :D it took 5 min. to defeat stewie

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