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Chicks Hide and Seek 4 Walkthrough

Chicks Hide and Seek 4

Yuuri - Chicks Hide and Seek 4 is another new Japanese point and click type puzzle game created by Yuuri. In this game, you try to save the chicks. Are you able to find them all successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Chicks Hide and Seek 4 Video Walkthrough

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Jay. Goog luck and have fun...

Or good luck and have fun ;)...

In and out. Quite easy.

short and easy

Jay. Goog luck and have fun...

I am out with only 2 chickens ? I was missing SD and key, restarting.

* i was out with 6 chicken not 2.

Bookcase between books.
In orange book.
In the box with a key (clue on blackboard)
Behind left curtains when closed.
Hiding in rightmost table in window view.
Behind right curtains.
In right speaker (use chair and SD)
In the locker.
In the bucket in locker.
Statue (wipe with cloth)

Ok this time i found all lol...

Cute & lovely as usual!

In these games, don't miss to click the chicks on the end screen...!

Stuck with 4 chicks. Have placed the chair but can't open the box. Have tried the tic-tac-toe clue but no go.

Nobody there? Will come back later...

@smarties, for tick-tack-toe box, make the O's from the clue red on the box. CLick the rectangular red button, then click the box itself. It doesn't open automatically.

Haha! Thanks Michael. Just needed to click box again - doh!

And out! Thanks again. (By the way, don't bother trying to work out how to open the basket ... it's a board rubber!)

Nice!! This is the first one I solved on my own! :D

Ohhh, that's sneaky!

The one behind the CLOSED left curtains may be the most difficult for the great part of players.

You have co close curtains, LEAVE SCREEN and come back. (To make it think it's on its own now)

It will never show up directly after closing curtains, just saying.

TY @peke for the locations....somehow, I missed the book that opened! :)

LOL... BF'd the door code and was out in less then 30 seconds. Going back in to play for real.

Can someone please tell me where the door code comes from?

got it, when i got 10 chicks they appear in the shelf

Who is Jay and why is Avatar wishing him so much luck? :p

Cute game, as always!

OH! And what do the chicks trying to tell us?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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