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Dolly House Escape Walkthrough

Dolly House Escape

TomaTea - Dolly House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toma Tea. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Dolly House Escape Video Walkthrough
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Going in!

Me too Dabbeljuh

Link seems to be broken... :( Start Game from Tomatea.com

Nice game i think

Nope! Game doesn´t start!

aww i love tomatea games and i cant get it to load :(

link is working fine

I hope you cant going in, i need help

Go to www.tomatea.com and select Dolly House escape (the big picture on the left).

let me give it a try

Sorry, that's redirecting back to the main page. Gah! I love these games! Why won't it work?

still not working tried that as well Emily... :(

picture is giving me troubles...

It seems it's not keen on Firefox - I've got it loading on Safari.

And I'm in!

With IE it works. Solved Swap-pic, got SD, moved stairs to other wall.

spiel startet nicht,seitenladefehler,gibts altenativen link?

This comment has been removed by the author.

What to do with light bulb and top 4 digit cupboard?

Got hint-book above door - use ladder again...

Opened Star/moon drawer. Hint is in hint-book 1st site.

Got the site, finally, in IE...now it loads on all 3 browsers! BUT...the game does not load!

Opened dollhouse, switched on oven with fire-hint from book. dunno what to do.

It is an Adblock issue...disabled it...now game opens

stuck with 4# cupboard above blue doll. It works but I can figure out hint from book.

Got stamp and now stuck

I join you in this adventure...

Switch light bulbs in first zoom of dollhouse, gives clue.

switched bulbs but can't see clue, different colors of flowers? what for?

got it top left. have knife, can't find use for it.

Use the knife to cut ties on cupboard in dollhouse upper left room.

4 er code zahlen fehlt mir noch,kann das mit buch nicht entschlüsseln und 4 buchstaben(könnte love sein) fehlt,love geht aber nicht

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Evans, cut rope in top let scene of dollhouse.

cut rope on doll house closet, got envelope and paper. tried love and toys on word drawer, no luck

Stuck with envelope and letter that says I love toys

Need help figuring out 4 number cupboard. Spade and club are 3 and 9 on the clock, somehow that must work with the clue in the book.

toys or love doesn't work as words for bottom right safe

Hint for 4 digit cupboard above blue doll anyone. Cannot figure out book clue

Clue is I "heart" toys. Check book for clue.

herz for alphabet cupboard. herz = heart

doll doesn't work either

@evans try HERZ like it's depicted in book next to hearts symbol

What is on the back of the stamp?

still no luck with #'s

AH! clue for word in book, card symbols...

danke,hab tür auf,aber zahlencode ? krige hinweis buch und uhr nicht zusammen

Stuck with stamp. No luck with numbers clue.

Maybe we need magnifying glass?

thanks, got kettle, filled with water in bathroom, heated on stove and steamed stamp off envelope. can flip it but too small too read.

For numbers, "draw" them on the clock per the number order in the book. Use the symbols, too (not 3 and 9 on the clock).

4 digitcode:
Draw lines on the clock
Example: 1 11 7 5 ♠ ♣
line from 1 to ♣ = 6

I get 6359? doesn't work.

Thanks Marcotica! Got magnifying glass from numbers cupboard to read the stamp for clue for last cupboard.

I hated leaving that game...really great one!

Thanks Indiedog. Out. Great game

Thanks for hints - out

2 not 3 got it. Thanks for all the help.

Out too. THX Indiedog...

Great pleasure playing with you all!

I can't find a screw driver for the ladder...

@mel SD is in upper left cupboard - solve the swap-puzzle

I don't understand the top right cupboard.

where is the lightbulb? i removed the one in the lamp

thanks to marcotica for the clock/numbers help! don't know how i missed that!

POP Green screen has a right side

code is 6259

Thank you to all for posting clock code. :)

Light bulb above doll house disappeared - not in my inventory? Way behind here but struggling to catch up!

Oh.. I needed to find a battery for the green panel, which have me a clue for a drawer, which gave me another lightbulb to put where I took the first one out...
Always so pretty these, and the clues all work! Not always the case LOL..

Book gives clue to clock numbers. The sequence gives shapes, which give numbers...

I can't get the game to open, either in chrome or IE. stuck on the Tomatea home page. when I click the dolls, nothing happens

Link works in Opera too.

Can someone help me get started with the game? I cannot get to the hint books, i cannot get to the upper shelves, and every other cabinet tells me i dont have a clue. I clicked and clicked around and I got absolutely nothing!!!

First solve the swap puzzle to get screwdriver to remove screws to get stairs put stairs need books to reach - Go Red Sox! :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

can't open middle right draw with the faces? anyone care to spoil??

Could someone explain the clock clue in more detail? Usually once I know the answer I can see how we get there, but this time I can't, and the explanations so far haven't helped unfortunately.

Whoa, that was a very fine piece of art!!

I think most of you girls have fallen in love with this game in no time, let alone that it's an ideal one for children too (nice cuddly animals, no sharp-pointed objects, weapons or so)

Out with no help, though I confess I've BF'd the sun/moon code (trying out typical fiver sequences like rlrrl and others).
All went very straightforward after that.

Diane, sure thing...


However, do not translate the card symbols to any numbers, but use them exactly where they are!
That's the actual trick: do not only draw numbers by using clock positions, but also draw them by means of additional positions ON the clock, but not in the outer circle!

Hope I was clear.

It was easy until the clock puzzle. What lines are we supposed to draw ? I don't understand what Marcotica means.

HINT (to save you plenty of time if you don't want to read spoilers)

*DO NOT* bother with the magnifier until you have the dollhouse open! There is nothing to magnify in the room except inside later on.

HINT for letter code: 'Think foreign'.


I'm afraid I still don't understand the darn clock puzzle.
The hint from the book gives lines that don't look like numbers.

@pdgph: spoiled number is couple of posts up


Yes, I know, but I prefer when I understand what I'm doing...

Well, I think that I got it.

Is there a hint for the dials (stove) ?

Argh... In the book, of course ! (I must be very tired)

I was about to think that ;)

Glad to hear you got the idea =)

to everybody else:

You should really *not* be too tired when trying to do the drawing thing alone, because:

a sequence like
? ? SPADE CLUB ? ?

is NOT the same as

? ? CLUB SPADE ? ?

If you don't concentrate fully on what you're drawing, you get bizarre shapes but no digits :)

my light bulb disappeared wen i took it not in invent now wat to do?

ok cant use mag on stamp how am i spose to do this?

can t find the kettle heeeelllppp 111111

This comment has been removed by the author.

kettle from letter puzzle (hints in envelope from dollhouse cupboard & in book).

I still wasn't getting the clock puzzle but it finally hit me: it's just connect-the-dots. The first line in the book (1 11 7 5 [ace] [club]) means "Start at 1 and draw a line to 11, then to 7, then to 5, then to the ace, then to the club."

Boom. So glad this finally makes sense!! Thanks for all the help, folks.

Walkthrough please.


top right puzzle for SD

use SD to take little stairs

place little stairs in front of the door ,take blue book

1st hint from book combined with stars -moons on the dolls for 1st drawer ,take key ,open doolhouse
take bulb (doesnt appear in items)

2nd hint for stove in dollhouses kitchen

3rd hint in book combined with the clock,draw lines to read numbers (discribed very clearly from arbeitslooser)
for top left of right cupboard, take magnifier

dollhouse ,see hint on umbrella
use this hint combined with the colored animals for 2nd drawer ,take battery

place battery in the green square ,see clue for the top right of the right cupboard
take bulb ,put it in doolhouse and see clue for the top left of the left cupboard
take knife

use knife in the cabinet in the dollhouse and take letter ,open it ,combine with 4th clue in the book for the word for the 3rd drawer
take kettle

in the dollhouse ,bathroom ,fill the kettle with water and put it on the stove (2nd hint in the book)

put the envelope on top of it and take the stamp ,look at it with the magnifier and see clue for the down left cupboard

take key and OUT !!!

thank you all for your comments !

The room was too cute! I didn't want to leave!

@Cawtious I guessed so.
(See my post from 3/21/13, 10:20 AM :))

What a lovely game!!!!!!

Thanks Tomatea - another 5 star game!
Got stuck on the number clue - thanks for the hints

The room was too cute! I didn't want to leave!

Totally agree. Beautiful games.

That clock clue was haaaard!

Such beautiful music.

Clever puzzles, but it laaaaaaaaaaaaaagged.

Lovely game.

Club/spade/numbers/clock clue: each row of symbols gives you one digit

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