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March 6, 2013

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Escape Game 18 Walkthrough

Escape Game 18

Phantomisty - Escape Game 18 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by Phantomisty. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the place. There are 2 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Only got a stick, an axe and a goblet so far.

Save game everytime before doing something

And now water and a new room.

Not only one room, a maze!

And a fairy that seems to be p****d off.

Where is goblet? And what was the clue for axe; I opened the chest with colors different than mushrooms

Mine opened with mushrooms. I think I got the goblet with the


and then I



Yep, replayed it (because I'm stuck in the maze anyway), the hints above were pretty good.

Agh, never used my gost with apple

There is something hanging in one of the trees. Get it with the ghost.

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You have to give a glass of water to the man in the bushes. he gives you a lollipop which you give to the fairy!

Too bad, gotta go. Good luck, Urban. And please leave some bread crumbs (hints) for me in that forest. ;-)

the happy fairy then leads you through the maze

Fairy leads you to chest, still need to figure out which three simbols to use; and road on the left - you can save the first ghost

Stuck at 3 code rock in maze...anyone around to help?

Stone chest:

Urban...still need a bit more of a spoiler, please!

And out, got one end, it looks like there are more

urban there are 2 endings...can you spoil the rock chest code?

Additional spoiler for stone:
you see that you can enter 3 symbols. If you look at the left and right of them, you see one dot on the left and two on the right. Go back to wooden chest and look which 3 of them (if you take that they are near each other), have one on the left and two on the right

thank you Urban...could not figure it out!

       Anonymous  3/6/13, 10:42 AM  

got as far as the safe in the woods with symbols. Giving up.

       Anonymous  3/6/13, 10:43 AM  

I swear there are no dots in the chest.

I don't get it either. No dots in my wooden box either. Frustrating!

Alien hint:

Dots (D) = symbols (S), 1 left & 2 right of solution S, therefore take X

D - X - X - X - D - D

GAAH! always get killed by that $§#& massai-type buddy in the bush.

Got wooden stick, ax and fairy. Wonder how you guys made that part...

Thanks premiere!!! I thought I had tried every combination of the symbols, but those three are the ones that actually worked! I'm out with what looks like a good ending. Good enough for me, anyway!!

arbeitslooser - you have to kill him first by dropping the thing in the tree (apple??) on him. He then pops out of the bushes and hands you a goblet to fill with water.

thanks zoe, but that's my problem! i can't get that thing down there...neither with the stick, nor with the ax!

(in case we're speaking about the same item in a color i'd like to name 'melon')

GOT IT !! You need the fairy to help you getting the apple down. Thanks for the 'verbose' help everyone =P

The help actually came from hacking the game by extracting all messages then translating them.
When you try to get the apple with the ax or the stick, you get:


that was the hint I needed!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

OK there are two fairies in this game! That's why it may sound Greek to you what the people commented above!

Fairy #2 can be caught with the tool made from the stick and the net (looks like a fish-catcher) used left of where the water is (now) flowing.

Lollipop is for fairy #2, not #1 (the one that gets caught and that helps you to get the apple).

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@arbeitslooser: that's why I wrote 'Ghost' in my hints and then 'fairy'. ;-)

Where is "net" please?

completely stuck to catch this fairy, hint to find the net please, read above but...nothing

@seb: as far as I remember, the net is behind a bush down right when you passed the well/water/goblet thingy.

Ok found :(
filled fountain with glass of water

thanks Escapim, just got it, thanks again

* Escapism

Out with the "aggressive" ending:

From exit view back, then left path and hurt the tree which kidnapped the ghost with the Axe. Then back to the Exit.

What is ending two?

Tried to water the Tree... no luck
Tried to pick up the broken Apple on floor... no luck


Yeah you did! (calling that cutey 'ghost') and managed to confuse me COMPLETELY!
Because I always thought it had something do to with something evil (remember ghosts normally ARE evil in games except for 'cuddlie-ghostie' back in the days in Bubble Ghost on the C64 :))

And my assumption that the 'ghost' would be something evil (though 'subdued' later) would have fit perfectly to that shadowy thing always waving around with its ... uh tentacles?!

It took me ages until I got the idea that you might mean the fairy!

@arbeitslooser: fair enough, the ghost doesn't look scary at all... Could be because I'm so used to cute ghosts from my kids (Preusslers 'Das kleine Gespenst' is our favourite book at the moment). I should have named them 'cute-fairy-ghost' and 'p****d-off-sweeties-junky-fairy'. ;-b

oops, got no kids. so no way to relive childhood for me I'm afraid. ;) unless i got the idea of starting relistening to some children's audio dramas, but no, that would be ridiculous...

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