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Find the Escape-Men 50: In the Ninja House Vol.2 Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 50: In the Ninja House Vol.2

Find the Escape-Men 50: In the Ninja House Vol.2 is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game, the 50th of the popular series Find The Escape-Men and the direct sequel of Find the Escape-Men 35: In the Ninja House Vol.1. Find the 10 Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the Ninja House! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 50: In the Ninja House Vol.2
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Love these, hope there's some help out there if I get stuck

Not loading for me, just got a white screen

no chance to load... I'm trying it in several browser... :-(

Right click white screen and choose forward, you get a black screen. Then refresh the page. Worked here.

I'm in, it must take a long time to load

I love these - but I usually need help!

The link led me to game nr 48, i changed it to 50 in the url and i am in.

Only one view ? I have several items which were already here at the start, cut some grass for medical powder ....

hmm... I got in, but its the wrong game... I played this already...

Gave the powder to the man and now i can walk around.

Zazi, there are more views after you rescue the man with the remedy.

Sabine change the url as i wrote above.

oh yes! great Zazie, thanks.. now I'm in the right game =)

Use sickle on gass , sringe on collected grass and give to sick man.

Found a man under wood after using rope on it.

All I can do is cut some grass them mush it up. What else to do?

Make a blow gun from bamboo and needle.

Cut grass several times for powder, then give it to the man.

Can't get out of the scene with the car. Have cloth I need to go back and wet with water.

Pop, don't use down arrow, click on top rock

Wet cloth and use it on car for another man, hint on green scroll.

Cloth with water doesn't seem to remove the stains

Use blowgun on roof for another man

use the scroll and the wet cloth on car l-r....

OK got it

Look at the left right hint in your inventory.

Four men now. Still have blow dart and hammer

one hidden on rock

Use throw knives on stone.

until now I have one em and one 2nd grade em... a stone-hard duster from the view back to the yard, at the house... don't know what to do with the spot at the rock...

where is the dart?

don't understand the message on end of bench in the shack

POP, Of course...needle

can shake the tree, but no man

Got 3 EM so far

dart from hypodermic

ok... I'd better shut up... I'm way behind of you all ;-) I will do it slowly... going for my coffee

throw stars at rock

Joe Comix. Throw a escape man in pond.

have 4 mens

got key

Where is key please?

I am in the house by car now.

Roberto thanks, have gold key

Throw a man in pond, speak with god, when you give the right answers he will give your man back, then fight the disguised god with all your weapons, for key.

How to get man on roof?

got lie detector from 4 numbers code...

@roberto: dart from syringe and bamboo stick combined.

Where is a clue for pink number (to open drawer with license plate and PBY colors)

hmmm. After answer the questions and get the man, I thrown my 2nd grader man in pond and got another man. God is no longer in pond.

Got cup and man from teapot.

@Urban Close the door you came in to get pink number.

there is a EM hidden on the blank wall in the house. Where is the colour code for the safe ?

2974 not working

Missing pink number...

got mouse

ROFL... this was a nice fight for the key...

Thanks Urban


Thanks @jason

Need blue number, please.

Thanks Jason !

Emmes look at the water tap outside.

now have 4 new ninjas

Use lie detector on two man in cb.

pink number behind the left door where the two clones are. where is the blue?

Can't get the small door to stay open. I've gotten the two new escape men from inside the room, but don't know what to do next.

Thx Zazie.

blue is on water spout

@shir: water pipe
@jason: use mouse; mouse is under 2 lying ninjas

Thanks , Joe

Ahh, never clicked down there. Thanks!

mouse - wardrobe

cup in bottom drawer, get tea

And out.


Use tea on blank wall in house.

I have to leave now, good luck all !

Out finally. Thanks all.

different, but nice.

IMHO, not a very good one :-(

out? that was a bit strange for an escapemen game...

Ninja boy said a bad word!!!

That was a strange one.

And....he can't find a job!! LOL!

Funny - and great as always!!!!

I didn't like that as much as usual.

I loved that one....and cheated every step of the way, thanks to the great comments here. Thanks guys. Im opening an employment agency for ninja green men!! Im gonna be richhhhh I tells ya!!
(psst...wannna rent a ninja?...contact me..hehehe). Thanks again for all the help, everyone.

Hmmmm...that was a little too close to home....

great game, thanks for the hint about the mouse Urban...

One of my fav Escape Men game so far! Needed help to find the gold key. Thanks for the hint Roberto!

Oh goodie, I haven't played one of these in a while...what took u so long? I like them a lot.

Only a black screen, no game, even without the ad blocker.

Are the cut out grass man and tree red herrings? I have four pink EM and the third grader. Still stuck with weapons, scroll and pointer. LET ME OUUUUUT! lol

totally stuck have cloth high loghted it turn tap on thought i had wet the cloth to use on car nothing happens.only have 2 men,

hmmm tossed man in pond answered question got man bk fought god he gone but no key,and still cant wipe car my cloth not getting wet ive tried

gives up i cant progres getting no help need a dam walk through.cause all i have is 4 men,hammer,cloth,scroll,a grabber,bamboo/needle ( used ) some black stars cant rember if used i ve tried every thing
cant seem to wet cloth never got key after fighting god

Can't find 5th orange EM. Got the pot, revolving door, wall, and shelf.

Shaz, I know you probably did try this, but highlight cloth and use faucet...car spots are

I'm still stuck too...

Use your 2nd grader on "God" after answering the questions, reveals him to be 5th 3rd grader.

At least a vid WT (just in case...):


OK, problem solved. Use the lie detector on both shadow ninjas.

Thanks premiere! I think I need the WT! :(

Finally out and I can sooooooo relate to the ending! I'm not a ninja but I need a job! :D

bk,awww ty gayle i wasnt cleaning spots like that so a huge ty and ty premiere might need that for fight with god seeing as previous attemt i didnt get key for some reason

mine was LRLLRLRR got that man finerly

and finerly out yipeeeee

Well, I liked it too.

And the deadpan humor in it, in particular. Heheh!

I can't say if I liked this game or not, because it simply doesn't work (advertisments and a black screen... great game indeed !)

Why is Santa head of the ninja academy? LOL!

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