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Noprops Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Noprops Kids Room Escape

Noprops - Kids Room Escape is another point and click type room escape game by Noprops. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

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4 stars, no comments. Lots of clues, but can't figure out where to use them

       Anonymous  3/21/13, 8:52 PM  

got to the crown key and stuck

So many fun things to play with here! I finally found a pink key!

stuck along with you DrLee, i can't figure out the 4x4 button cupboard

Got a yellow star from the drawer...using the robot light clue!
Now what? LOL

I've got to the crown key too and also stuck. Did you open the 4x4 cupboard DrLee?

pink key is about all I found lol My blonde is really showing tonight

Nokra, use the yellow star in the shape on the pink cupboard

       Anonymous  3/21/13, 8:58 PM  

no.....no idea what the clue is for the 4x4

i have star, scissors, dinosaur tail and key and everything is reversible but i don't know what to do next

I also haven't found anything to put into robot's left hand - looks like something goes there

clicked robot's right hand and it zooms in to show a hole, i didn't notice that before.

can anyone see the shelf?

CeeBee...I highlighted the star, then pushed the star on the pink door...but nothing happened!

ohhh the dino goes on the shelf

use dinosaur screwdriver on bottom drawer where robot code was used

keep trying Nokra it took me several tries

       Anonymous  3/21/13, 9:07 PM  

good catch amy - forgot about screws

Can anyone help?...please? maybe tell HOW you got all those things you are STUCK with?

put pentagon on robot, becomes shield. shelf appears with fruit. missing blue fruit?

You have to have the shape of the star indented before the yellow one fits. If you start with everything up and push top, centre, left, centre, bottom, centre, right, centre I think that should work.

Now, I understand...you have to make the star shape indented so the yellow one goes there! TY,@philomena!

okay, not finding a dino screwdriver

And TY, too @ceebee...I POPped it while you were helping! :)

the screwdriver is the green dinosaur's tail

       Anonymous  3/21/13, 9:12 PM  

blue fruit = earth

Oh. I haven't got the green dino yet. I'm lost

Clue on dino for the 4 color drawer...got scissors now!

Dr. Lee
I have the crown key but can't find the clue to lower cupboard grid have you seen a clue for it?

how to open chest when pink dinosaur is in the same shelf?

       Anonymous  3/21/13, 9:18 PM  

me too amy....me too

and can't get chest to move?

Yea! I got green dino! and SD!!!!
Use the red ball you get with scissors on the cross puzzle for green dino

AH! go to plant area and pink dinosaur will be there

nokra, are you finding a green dino anywhere?

I seem to be at a stalemate LOL!! Put the orange fruit where the earth was, got the chest, but now can't reverse anything. Is that where you are DrLee?

AND...Earth goes where the red ball was.... This is a really cool game!

Thanks Amy :)!!

Philomena...did you understand my comment about the red ball?

Crown Key!!!! :)

use scissors on the top part of the chest, get dice with dots but its not working on the grid?

final 4 grid clue sopiler~ do it sideways

spoiler lol

have to rotate dots to the right, put in dice which turns into key and OUT! boy that was a doozy!

I got lost where is the grid clue?

OK...Could someone please give a tiny hint for the usage of the crown key?

Nice game - finally out, thanks for the help everyone!

clue on dice

Nokra, you have to use the SD in the pink drawer and get the shield for the robot - then put the globe on the blue plate, get the orange and put it where the globe was - a chest will appear

TY ceebee...I had forgotten those screws that were there!!! :)

Great game it was fun :-) thanks for the clues all

Well, there is lots of moving things back and forth...I just don't remember a blue plate! I guess I am on my own here.....

Light up the robot for a light to follow Nokra :)

POP! I pressed the spot on wall where the robot's eye was shining! there is the fruits and plates! LOL

did u click the robots' eye and then see where that beam reflects(click there)

finally out. That's what I get for multi tasking

Nokra: When you've given the shield to the robot, push the big button in the middle - it's left eye lights up - go across the room - there's another shelf

ok can't say we didn't help lol!!

I don't type fast enough - LOL!!

could someone please spoil the red door with the different shapes. I have mashed everything i can think to mash? Thanks

The site is refreshing very slow tonight :(

Uh oh...am I in a catch 22 here? I forgot where the pink dino went!!!!

on the shelf with the other two

Look by the plant again Nokra

kmoorer, have you got the red ball?

Kmoorer! first you have to play With the pink cross on the wall! Press the indented cross, then it shows you the next one...and the next when you press that one...try it! it will be easier than describing shapes....

if you have the red ball, pull it up and click on it and it breaks in half

5 shapes.... ball is 1, then press 2, 4, 3, 5, 2...I think! :)
TY clee!

Thank you guys i hadn't opened the red ball! Thanks alot

Thank you nokra!

WOW!!! Thanks so much for staying around @clee!!! Are you out too, Philomena?

I really enjoyed that! Are there more from this author?

Just glad you made it out Nokra :-)

Sunken Room, 3 small keys, Karuma, escape from small room!...all great games from this author...Looking forward to many more!

fun game thanks for all the help! I could not have got out without it!

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:00 AM  

Well Im stuck -I see the robot clue but can't make it work on the drawer. Can someone spoil the order for me?
So far all I have is the pink key used.

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:04 AM  

Hmmm.. am I using it on the wrong thing? I see a later hint about the colour drawer - now I'm confused.
Back around I go..

Mary spoiler

click purple, green, orange, blue, pink

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:10 AM  

Looks like everyone went home and I am on my own... sigh sigh. Will keep trying!

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:42 AM  

Thanks, Seb! I was trying to use red green yellow blue red on the drawer above....

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 2:06 AM  

And now my orange won't go where the earth was... waaaaah

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 2:12 AM  

Oh orange goes on the diablo toy thing, not the earth's 'hanger'! I was confused..

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 2:16 AM  

Was confusing 'globe' with 'earth'. But now am stuck with the chest. Never found the crown key??? Scissors nor sd working..

Mary, to find crown key, you have to put 3 dino on a shelf

pink dino is where the 1sst key found was (near plant)

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 2:30 AM  

Many thanks again, Seb. I went back there looking for the dino several times, and finally it appeared - don't know what I did to make it do it! I messed about with the star.
Now onward! I love these games, am wasting a lot of work time on this one LOL.


       Anonymous  3/22/13, 2:35 AM  

And finally out - thanks to all the hints here and particularly to Seb!
Is that me outside the house? I'm looking better than I thought LOL

Help with red cross please

lotjemar, put red cross on blue cb

on wall,on pink pic, click on pink cross and note the shape, click on that shape and note note new shape...
it's the order to click on blue cb

Thank you seb.

wie ist der code von dem fach 4 mal 4? finde kein hinweis,selbst der am sclüssel paßt nicht

mir fehlt noch schild beim roboter,wo find ich das,habe 3 figuren udn daher schlüssel bis auf fach mit 4 mal 4 sind alle fächer offen

4 mal 4 fach noch zu,rosa drachen ist nun weg hab truhe aber kein schlüssel und nun?

Guys. I have an open chest, a yellow star, sd @ scissors! I assume I'm nearly out but cant get the pink button grid on the bottom drawer! Any help out there?

I'm open to everything except 4 by 4, FEHT me key for chest, but no longer have purple dino

einer anwesend? brauche hilfe,suche key für tür und truhe udn code für 4 mal 4 fach

Marita. Use scissors on lid of chest to get dice. Rotate dots to right on 4X4 drawer to get key!

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 4:54 AM  

Winnie the Blue, look at the inside of the lid of your chest and use the scissors on it. You get a sort of dice thing with a pattern which will open the drawer (turn it on its side) then plug it in for the key.

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 4:55 AM  

Oh you POPed before I got there LOL

auf welchen kasten?????? auf truhe? die es gibt wenn dino weg ist?

can someone help me with the star? i followed nokra's pattern but i must be doing something wrong.....

outside the star pattern, then not making up the star

opps, i mean ceebee's help for nokra

thanks marita, should have figured out that myself.....onward!

kann mir dann einer helfen wegen würfel,wo find ich ihn,ich komme nciht weiter

noch einer da? warum kann denn keiner ne antwort geben,ich finde keinwürfel mit hinweis für 4 mal 4 fach,lila dino weg,also auch kein schlüssel für truhe da

oh my god! this one is killing me! :)

okay had to put crown key back to get pink dinosaur, finally got fruit but now have chest and no key what now!

still no code for grid so sad

just found the pink dinosaur! yeah!

and finally out!

I wish someone would make a video walkthrough!

Yeah. me too.
I got to the place where I'm supposed to use the dino tail to open the bottom pink drawer to get a shield for the Robot, but the dino tail did nothing when I tried to use it on the drawer. Had to stop there. Hopefully a WT will be forthcoming!!

@Zoe, to have the shield, you must put yellow star in the same place where it was (in 2nd drawer opened with pink key)

when you can see colored star, use sd on it and click on middle to have white shape, it's the shield

Oh, didn't realize you could take back the star - thanks~


well i just read all the above clues and I have no idea where to get green dinosaur or screwdriver, or what chest you are cutting with scissors. I have open 2 drawers, got purple dino and scissors and thats it.

@evans cut red ball on bilbo toy, click 2x on ball

put 1/2 red ball on blue cb and read my com 2.42 to get green dino

All I got is the yellow star safe open and Blue dino. Cant figure out 4 color code, not 1257?

@Sox, for 4 colors code combine hint (I ==> VIII) on bed and shapes colors behind dino

POP out. That was a really good game

Thanks seb, finally figured it out. Had a brain fart for a minute there.

thanks for all the hints - never would have figured out all the moving things around. Very nice game!

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 11:39 AM  

I'm stuck with the crown key. I can't put it back, but why ?

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 11:45 AM  

Thank you Seb for the explanation about putting back the yellow star where it was. Now I have the chest, but the pink tyrex and the key can't be accessed anymore.

pdgph - did you go back to the cabinet by the plant? If you click on that, you'll get the pink dinosaur back

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 12:37 PM  


Thank you, you saved me !

thanx for all the hints espically NOKRA you ....:)

       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:24 PM  

At least a vid WT (just in case):


       Anonymous  3/22/13, 1:42 PM  

Nice game! Thanks for all the help!!

DESPERATELY SEARCHING ... T. Rex ? (pink dino)

Look in your Daddy's record shelf...erm...wait...you wanted that plastic creature.
Fair enough...check the place where you obtained the FIRST KEY (sitting in a key mold)

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