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Large Room Escape Walkthrough

Large Room Escape

SmileClicker - Large Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. Play large room escape by finding all the clues in the room. Find the round shape puzzles and change the dimensions. Fix all the shapes in the door to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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I try this and then bed....

missing one last shape for the door, looking for clue for hanging lights

Hi Leroy!

let me give it a try

LOL weird already... have placed a strange shape and put a wheel on a model car??

stuck...missing last shape for the door and can't figure out the hanging lights

me too Jo-Ann - what is the III-3 clue about?

Gidday Jo LOL I wait til tomorrow to who writes the WT in Gate escape....

@LNS not sure either

2 shapes LOL blow up your screen to get bigger game window

@Leroy, I gave up on the gate in the silver room.... too hard for me!

maybe the light clue is the M pattern on the pic in the bedroom, but can't make it work

Same here, i am missing one part and no idea for the lamps.

at the bottom of the corrider is a white switch panel i clicked on nearly all of them this opens pic in bedroom for clue to lights in the shape of an ...m
this get the last round shape

Yep finally worked - picture dropped, don't leave too much space between lights when making the M

I have made so many patterns I can't believe I haven't brute forced it yet!

Got it. Make a M in the middle....

and out!

And out. Why did i get a cup ?

thanks team!

thought the hint from the lamp in bedroom was for lights clue, but no :(

I poured the cup on a blue vase in bed room - got a blue diamond thing out it on right door in corridor which gave the useless III -3 clue.

Zazie your cup was to throw at they bloody hanging lights lol...

yes it is ignace!

Ahhh ting ting! that was the ticket! and out

wish I'd thought of that ting ting! lol

lol only kidding but the lights were frustrating

oh you got it already, well i am still missing one, and just have a cup left

oh i havent got the four numbers...

It is time for a real good game oh my !

guess i am missing seccond wheel

4# number on the left wall between doors.

thx zazie, finally out lol

doesnt make any real sense !!

this was easy

Thanks TingTing - seems like you rescued us all.

whoa, you guys, I had the lights from the start but still missing one item and can't find 3# hint. Help?

@ evans .. u get a usb from plant pot on the left.. use it in laptop for 3 digit hint.. i too am missing one disc.. cant do the patter under the counter..

under the counter just make all the lights the same color, gold, then pink then purple and it opens.
thanks for usb hint.

out with help from Radhu :)

u r welcome & thx to ur help am out :)

3 number hint is from laptop, get the USB from the bedroom

I bf'ed the lights at beginning of game....had no idea there was a clue...lol
...and am so glad @evans had the same missing usb! I definitely did miss that pixel in the plant!
So, I have no idea about the cup and throwing it on a vase...etc! LOL

have placed 1 wheel on car,used the 3 number code.have a key to 2 round things not sure wat to do with them,where to use key either

ok quick update have placed 3 shaped ... but have a cup and key left ,not done hanging lights or picture on wall im stuck

out found place to use key to get last shape.bit weird i never did use the cup so not sure why it went in our inventory

Don't understand where the lights clue was in the bedroom, the only hot spot was the picture with red leaves to the left of it.

And out good game needed help for the lights thanks

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