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Obama Ball Z Walkthrough

Obama Ball Z

InkaGames - Obama Ball Z is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. Help Obama save Planet Earth from the terrible Freezer. Good luck and have fun!

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nice a live one

Hey.. guess its the first time i catch a live one.... stuck with the snakewoman.. I managed to sneak under the table .. what now?

you're a lot farther than me, i'm still trying to figure out how to defeat the dragon after you get the female dragon

You need the turtle to get the chamakamasomething to defeat the turtle... you get the turtle in the red ribbon HQ

to defeat the dragon i mean of course :)

yea i can't figure anything out in there either. feelin very dumb today

First time I've caught a live one! I hope I can catch up and maybe help! :)

I have had that feeling very often Jamie. Do you have the fishing rod? You need that to take the headband from Octovia (i think was the name).. and then use him to pass the next obsracle.. I sruggled quite a lot to place him exactely the right place

Welcome John.. its also first time ever I have managed to catch a live one

obstacle ... struggled

i was missing the hook. now stuck with dummy and other stuff at lizard woman's house

what did you do after getting under the table at the Lizard womans house Jamie?

i still cant figure out how to get under the table lol

Speak with the woman and choose the right words Jamie... I havnt found any dummy or other stuff.. just the snakewoman?

ok you distract snake lady by talking to her and saying something about spiders then get under the table then put the dummy in your seat.

frank you have to collect a few items and take them to mr popo before you can defeat the snake woman. talk to the ogre to start

out. that was way less talking than actual dragon ball.

Ok.. i missed that I have to go to the Karim tower Jamie.. Apparently I cannot climb te ladder to the upper level? Do I miss something to go there?

i can't find the hook..

The hook is at the bottom of the Korim tower between the trees Kiki

ahhhh I just had to speak to master Korin... doogh

omg..it was so obvious..:) thanks!

Hmm, 2 stars for an Inkagames game.

Going in...

what can i put on top of korin's tower?too early in the morning here...

Kiki you have to give a house keeper to the old man on the island.. he will give you a staff to enter he top of Korins tower

thank you!

off to bed... enjoy the game guys!

You use the yellow energy ball, not the staff to enter the tower

too slow for kikoku...

How do I get one of Obamas hairs?

use the tweezers

And they would be where?

I found them - in the background of the oval office (outside)

have you defeated the freezer??

They are definitely running out of ideas...

Escapeartist: just to clear things up:
You need the yellow energi ball to go to the Korin tower. You talk to the ogre and then to Kori to go to the roof. To go to the very top of the Korins tower you need the staff.

Did you defeat Freezer Kiki? You need to train first... then defeat him the same way as the rest by using your red glowing thing and the yellow energy ball

hello hello... I'm trying to climb up to the korin tower... I have a few hotspots at the trees and there is a tipi without any hotspot... the red cross in the grass and the arrow to climb up... but I'm still standing at the bottom of this pillar without any idea... anyone? please?


Use your energy ball thingy on the x

Can I hell get past Dodoria. Just cant do anything fast enough before getting blasted

where can I place frankensteins monster to pass the hand shooting guy???
help please

I can not out the first view please help me


put the battery back into the monster and place him quickly directly in front of Obama


Go to the right (there should be an arrow) take the odd coloured books on the two shelves and swap them around.

Thank you RSA.

I tried this 40 times, but can't get the pixel

ouhhhh tricky ! thank you RSA Mommy, now I'm up there =)

@Hotzenplotz: I clicked with frankenstein directly on the punching guy...

thank you Sabine. I was close to giving up

This comment has been removed by the author.

Look at picture on wall
Go right
Take odd coloured books off shelf and swap them around to reveal a safe
Turn all of the buttons on the safe red and take the capsule
Exit through the door and throw the capsule on the X – you should now have a map
Take purple tweezers at back left of spacecraft type thing

Take fishing rod from back right of cabin
Talk to Master Roshi

Take fishing hook from behind trees
Combine fishing hook with rod

Note sign (1 battery, 2 bomb)
Go left
Use fishing rod on Octavo’s headband
Talk to Octavio
Look at Octavio in your inventory, open his head. Remove battery and then bomb. Replace battery and close
Go back and up then left
Quickly take Octavio and place him about waist high on the soldier (very fiddly)
Take cauldron
Go left
As the guy makes the machine appear, throw the bomb and take turtle

Give him the turtle and learn how to make a fireball (kamehameha)
Talk to Master Roshi

Take camera from left of door
Go right and take tack

Take tack right of desk
Talk to Enmazama

Take mud and tack
Talk to Yamcha
Go right
Take photo of dragon

Talk to pig

Combine photo of dragon and pig
Put girl pig-dragon on red x and quickly fireball the dragon
Talk to Lunch (teehee)
Put the dragon drool into the cauldron

Give Lunch to Master Roshi and get sacred staff

Use your fireball power on the X to get up the tower
Go forward and talk to Master Korin
Put the three tacks on the podiums that Master Korin jumps to, go to him and he will jump on the tack and drop the sacred water for you to pick up

Give the sacred water to Enmazama
Go left
Talk to the ogre

Talk to Master Korin
Go down
You can now go up the ladder
Put the sacred staff on the top of the tower and beanstalk up to Master Popo
Combine the ingredients and give the cauldron to Master Popo to get a dummy

Go into the castle
Quickly ask about the spider – left arrow off chair, dummy on chair, right arrow under table
Go forward
Talk to Kaiosama to get speed

Great as always, but...

the moves which require speed, no, no, no...

can only swap blue and yellow books on book shelf in first scene and it does nothing! How to start this game.

As someone who watched DBZ, I just have to say "Why?"

Grrrr Obama, when I say jump can you please JUMP!!! Nearly finished I think...

evans, I think that should work just doing that. Did you look at the picture on the wall?

Ok seriously... did anyone else have this much trouble jumping over the fireball thing at the end!!! Am I missing something :(

Quitting... before I smash the computer!! Hate it when you have to do something SO quick :(
But enjoyed it up to that bit...

Please tell me how to beat Dodoria!!!!!!!!!!!

First, make sure you talk to Tenshinhan (the bald guy lying on the ground) and learn his blinding technique. WHen you confront Dodoria, click the red arrow VERY quickly, then use the blinding technique on him, then use the Kamehameha to beat him.

Just watched the video for the end, more enjoyable than S-L-O-W trail-and-error....

How do I defeat Zarbon!!! Please help!

I've frozen fighting the last one :( I'm not restarting!

I'll say it: kind of messed up that the "house help" is a woman that you GIVE to a dude.

WTF? There is no picture in Obama's office although it shows a picture on the video walkthrough. How on Earth am I supposed to play the game when elements are missing?!!!

I was able to play the game eventually. Just kept swapping the books till the safe opened and I got the capsule. That was one long game play!

That was very buggy. It took me several tries before I jumped at the right timing.

It was worth beating without walkthrough though

In Snake princess how to escape

In Snake princess how to escape

How do i defeat zarbon?????

what picture rsa where?

To defeat Zarbon, use the Kaioken before you meet him. You will automatically deflect his first attack. Then when he starts to run at you, use the blinding technique on him and then the ramalamadingdong technique before the timer counts down.

Go to gravity chamber for kaio x10 then go to frieza make sure you gave the dragon balls to krillin and gohan before you go in for the fight against frieza before you fight use the kaioken x10 the dodge 2 of friezas attacks but he dodges twice and hits you he says some words which causes obama to go super saiyan and kill frieza with the genkidama then frieza dies but king cold appears and your out of strength but hoku saves you and after that watch the ending.

Go to gravity chamber for kaio x10 then go to frieza make sure you gave the dragon balls to krillin and gohan before you go in for the fight against frieza before you fight use the kaioken x10 the dodge 2 of friezas attacks but he dodges twice and hits you he says some words which causes obama to go super saiyan and kill frieza with the genkidama then frieza dies but king cold appears and your out of strength but hoku saves you and after that watch the ending.

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