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Pierre Hotel Walkthrough

Pierre Hotel

MouseCity - Pierre Hotel is another point and click adventure game from Mouse City. Find your girlfriend who disappeared while checking into this strange hotel. Good luck and have fun!

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found a few things,looks like fun

ive put the fire out,, need torch and theres a button on the ceiling behind the vampire

Hi kevaus,

I'm kinda stuck. Found some things, now I have a broom, some kind of weird food (a combination of 2 other things), a knife, diving gear, a glass of glowing drink and a coaster. I've found some ladder in the fireplace but it's too dark to see.

The glowing cocktail works as a lamp!

I've found a note inside the pumpkin and now I have activated the elevator, I need a coin.

hi oana,use it chimney and fix the elevator

I'm out! In fact I'm in and busy, apparently!
Nice game!

thanks oana for the hint on the lamp,,,, im stuck looking for coin or how to get to the stairs for the pool

stuck at the same place as Chloe - how to get the vampire to move?

To get to the pool use diving equipment on stairs. Coin is there.

I am sure I tried that!!! Oh, well it worked now, thanks Peke

after that, easy out

I'm trying to use the cocktail as a lamp, but it's not working.

Got no idea how to use cocktail for light or how to make vampire to move

@ Tania when upstairs in chimney put drink on floor in the dark
its somewhere lower right of screen

1. talk to vampire
2. back to car - get reservation & diving stuff
3. give reservation to vampire. take key
4.notice red button above vampire
5. axe is red herring
6. go in the back, notice fire and broken elevator
7. go left and order all 3 drinks
8. notice phone & door for stuff only
9. go back to lobby & upstairs to room nr. 1
10.notice pumpkin & use phone with number from beer
11. go back to bar. guy's busy. enter stuff room
take key & knife, notice faucet, get spam & chili paste from bucket on the right
12. combine spam & chile
13. back upstairs. use key for stuff room upstairs.
14. take bucket & broom
15. enter ur room, cut open pumpkin and take note
16. back to stuffs room downstairs
17. fill bucket with water
18. use water on fireplace
19. climb up ladder in chimney
20. use bluedrink as lamp. put it lower right in dark room
21. enter number code from paper on number pad
22. use elevator
23. right room needs coin
24. left room. use diving stuff on stairs.
25. find coin automatically
26. play game
27. get cross
28. use cross on vampire
29. use broom on red button
30. use meat on dog

No. from pumpkin 7213 not working for elevator

usually love these games.....but lost me at the match game :p....never quick enough lol

Cute... can't wait for next adventure!

Got the matching game in 3 tries! ID the easy matches, then tackle them first. One mistake and time runs out. Great game!

good game wish there were more!

Love these guys, going in..

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this game was so easy if you need help tell me right away lol

or email me @ gaberilrodriguez95@gmail.com

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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