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Thank You Escape Walkthrough

Thank You Escape

Miyabure - Thank You Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Miyabure. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


COOL, a new escape

ok i opened the door went through the red door and was back where i started

Hi guys :) Can't find anything to do

ooh and an orange block from the painting on the wall

oh wait - I think the picture is clue for opening the drawers

So smart Annaby

ok opened the drawers in the order of the picture but nothing happened

well, that didn't work :(

Notice the arrow above holding the orange picture?
In second room now

It works... do the picture from the right to the left...


I am in the blue room now...

what are all these characters doing? In 3rd room, have 4 pieces of whatever

made it through the BLUE door, found two pieces to place on the ground through the CYAN door and Stuck

me too poor little thing fell down the hole and they all left him there, glad they are not my firends

the pieces go in the shapes on the floor in the cyan room

any hint for the 4-digit code on box?

thought 4 digit might be the shapes but no

Stuck there, missing 4# code, found a triangle, another rectangle thing and another shape like half a star.

If the clue for the 4 digit code through the blue door is the window tie backs, then i am lost LOL, I have tried to see numbers there but cannot find them

i think the code has some
thing to do with the butterfly where we got the blue key and the colours over the door

the colored buttons on the box where we got the blue key are clickable

They are clickable ? Not for me i guess lol.

the butterfly box. Can you click those Zazie?

Yes clickable, but nothing happens for me.
Hot spot on the center of the grey flower in the pot, but nothing there either!
I cannot open the window in BLUE room

No annaby, nothing happens when clicking the colored buttons.

do not know where it came from but have a dark shape in inventory that goes on star on floor

hard to see it so check your inventory

Code from pic doesn´t work on drawers?!
Tried it both ways.

I only found three shape pieces in Blue room, a triangle, a rectangle and a star part. What/Where is 4th piece?

anyone notice the code box looks like an 8? and is olive green like the colours on the wall

Still live? :P

Nini still live and stuck lol

pop! worked at last.

yes nini still live come and help

PL - we only have 4 pieces so far - those 3 plus the rectangle from the pic in room 1

orange piece was in the first room pl

Hi @Nini :)

and @LNS :)

In cyan room now

and the right hand wall look suspiciously like a 9

and @Roberto and Devils :)

Hi annaby :)
And guys.. u're way ahead of me so I won't catch up any time soon xD

Still opening and closing drawers in the first room. Trying to follow the picture (right to left as suggested) but not getting anywhere. Do we click on something between drawer patterns?

Code is 6803

smarties click once in every drawer (just open or just close) don't open AND close everytime

hey zazie - just beat me to it!
The red 3 is on the floor!

Bruteforcrd the first number, the other numbers are from the same room, look at the colors on wall pic. 8 from code box, 4 from carpet and 0 from blue wall border.

@smarties - did you get the rectangle from the pic first?
Zazie - how???

*i mean 3 from carpet, sorry.

@ zazie that not working for me did you bf it

but it's not working Zazie - Help!

Thanks Annaby! That was the missing link - thought I was going mad...

Opened 3 letter box in yellow room, letter are on the bookshelf.

not working for me either - and how did you know the order?

the 6 is the pale blue on the right wall

My right wall looked more like a 5
5803 worked for me

ah got it 5803 not 6803. i see the numbers in order of the colours on the picture . light blue,green, purple and red

I only bruteforced the first number, maybe it is not 6 ?

hi all
my code is 5803

look at the wall panel on right for colour order, but still not working for me either.!

Upps sorry, i am typing too fast.

never mind - see the order

5 comes from right wall where color hint is

so it's the mid blue shape ! =5
ty Megi

Can someone please spoil the drawers....I still don't get it...

In yellow room i also found pink part, a key or part of a key and a glass.

Opened letter box (hint is books)

in the green room too zazie thanks for the box code

Drawers : 132213

Same here Zazie .. in green room now and cat is stuck at the top of shelf!

Put liquid from glass on carpet ..another clue.

while in yellow room, get piece from books and from steering wheel in pic

@zazie thanks...

Zazie clue in carpet? My carpet is dirty and now wet from the liquid.. that's about it

in green room, piece on cat bed

Yes but you can turn it around...there are two dots as on the door in first room, must go back and look.

Number hint (maybe) from pic in green room below cushion

This piece from cat bed must go onto the bin in first room.

go back to cyan room and place last piece in square for arrow code

green room, piece on cat toy on left - had key highlighted not sure that helped, just saying.
1986 3 15 - not working on box

cole is HEL? :lol

Oh look right in yellow room and get cloth from door

Clean carpet and get star colors hint

Exploded clock!

use the small key on the door to the left in rug room - then use rag on rug

Use wind up key on clock!

and get a star piece too

Get yellow circle

Piece on yellow pic in shelf with books.

annaby what small key?

lol @Nini - I don't remember where I picked it up

Completed the Rectangle and Star. I need 2 mores pieces for triangle and 1 for circle
All doors open and STUCK.
date on photo behind left pillow on couch
The rug with star on it

had to be either the yellow or green room

Missing red square and 2 triangle pieces.

Missing 2 pieces for triangle
have anyone opened color box?

the pink box in the green room - yes
the code box in the yellow drawer - no

Have you opened the pink box or yellow drawer in green room?

Where is the red square?

In the green room on yellow drawer rebus?
I cannot figure out what the second item is

there's also a date on the photo in the pink box in green room

annaby how did u open pink box?

What is code for pink box ?
I am also missing 2 triangle pieces.

PL - it sort of looks like a key

Wasn´t red square near the books ? Not sure anymore.

pink box - just click the buttons according to the pic of the colored drawers

pink box
click color like drawers order

what's with the penatgon under the cat bed?

Got it thx annaby

Haha! These clues are getting so confusing! I'm looking for 2 triangle pieces. Can't open the code box from the photos clue. Pink boxes, green rooms, yellow drawers... my head is spinning!

Still looking for red square...

Ha!! Got yellow drawer open

I still don´t understand how to open pink box.

red square is in the first room - one of the drawers

Look at both pics and dates.. then notice that pic in pink box has a minus (- 70000 2 26)
Clue on drawer: glasses- hammer.. so..

Zazie click the colors in the order.. example: 1st is green so click green! then blue and so on

Hi Nini - I'd thought that but the keypad doesn't have a 0? Have I done my maths wrong?

@Zazie - as you click the buttons in order of the drawer colors, the buttons will change color - just keep clicking in color order

Probably smarties.. no zeros in the code

and remember that minus * minus = plus

Thanks Megi but still can´t find it. Drawers are empty. Nothing inside.

Roberto in pic (drawers hint)

Thanks Nini! Double negative makes a positive - been a long, long time since I studied maths!

Stuck with only a key in my inv after opening yellow drawer

Nini (minus*minus?). You don`t need to multiply.

Thx annaby....now the yellow drawer.

I have six colored drawers, and only three colors on pink box....Which three are for the box? I don't understand what do u mean under "follow color order"...

silver key doesn't work anywhere?

Roberto.. just showing that x-(-y) = x+y

Nahhhh! The red square was in my inventory all the time. I just couldn´t see it. Thanks all anyway!

@Pamarina - the buttons will change color as you click them

Wow have the key now. Thx guys !

And when I try to view key in about item it doesn't appear!

I can't find a place for silver key either. There's a locked door in the rug room and a locked drawer in the last room but nada.

ok - use the small yellow key on the clock - blue room

That´s an invisible key!

Found what the pentagon under the cat bed hinted to. Click between the RED and BLUE doors and you will see
But I do not understand what it is telling me

Key is for blue drawer !

What that clue where the clock was means?

PL I got a similar hint after exploding clock

Got white piece now.

unlocked blue drawer, got nothing, now can't open blue drawer again

my key doesn't open the blue drawer

Ah! Open the bottom drawers, so the key works on blue door.

Make a ladder with opened drawers!

when i click on buttons they change color, but what combination of colors is right for the pink box?

Rescuing cat

You have to open the drawers under the blue one, from bottom to top, use key and then click cat on cb. A guy comes and climbs up the drawers to help the cat go down...

Eh? Cat turned into that vicious bunny and I got another triangle piece

thanks @Zazie

Now for the last piece!

can someone please spoil code for pink box....

Pamarinaaa the spoiler is all colors in the order!
just click as they appear

No idea for the last piece...

Oh, well done Zazie!

but i have six colored drawers, and only three are required for pink box..Do i make GBR then click OK, and then YPBrown and again OK?

so the pentagon and clocks hints are for the wall with arrows somehow

pamarina click all colors then click ok! Just start and u'll see

pamarina - in the view of the buttons, you see the different colored file drawers - click the colors in order - one for each drawer

At leat we know what color the alst piece is..

Least** lol

Clue from room with clock suggests last triangle is dark grey. Still looking...

I used the little key from yellow drawer on blue door/drawer...what did it do? There is nothing there!

Running around in circles again and again...

@nini...where did toy get yellow circle please?

What about the hint on carpet ?

nokra click cat

nokra use wind up key in clock

Yellow circle by using windkey on clock.

And if last piece is inside hole where bunny fell?? :O

OK...I see that the blue door helped rescue cat....LOL what was the explosion?

nokra - it allows you to set the cat free - I think.
are those column things going to be the order for the arrow code - we have a blue and a green ?????
so stuck!

TY @roberto....trying to catch up and I missed that!

I think one code may come from the carpet with the star, and another from the holes in the door of the first room.

Swear I've clicked everywhere! This game is driving me a little demented. Where's that triangle!

Goodness...I always typo The word, you!!! It comes out "toy"!!! LMAO!

hang on - are those direction arrows round the fallen bunny???

I still think that the white rabbit has it xD

Nothing left in inventory...are we all missing that last piece of triangle????

yep :)

I also guessed that there are 4 arrows in the bunny hole, but they don´t seem to be clickable.

I also tried to click the sqaure stones by the star in bottom but nothing.

where's Alice when you need her?!

I think I'm missing top right outer circle - anyone remember?

I don´t know if worths we find last triangle piece. Guess we´ll have a very hard problem ahead solving those arrows.

Still looking for the Orange outer ring for circle and a grey? triangle piece

LNS... pic in yellow room maybe?

Think there was a bit of circle on the cat bed.

Ok got it! POP! cat basket

1 half circle in basket on floor(green room) and 1 in pic in yellow box on shelf(yellow room)

PL - one ring came from the steering wheel in the pic in Y or G room - don't remember where the 2nd was

One was on the cat bed....I don't remember the other....

Think orange outer ring was on cat basket in coloured drawer room

I kept looking at that orange arch, but never clicked it TY ROBERTO

one piece of ring was on cat bed, and one on yellow pic on bottom shelf(steering wheel)
When you click between red and blue doors, it looks like drawer stack again and clue to open green drawer at top, but no luck so far

Still so stuck...

Yes, I was wondering about that green drawer. But nothing left to use in inventory.

getting close to 200 posts people!

Leaving it now before I go mad. Will come back later and benefit from your wisdom. ;)

200 already !!! lol

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