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Wood Tree House Escape Walkthrough

Wood Tree House Escape

SmileClicker - Wood Tree House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. Play Wood House Escape by finding the clues. Enter into the house by placing all the symbols in the door. Get the main key by solving the puzzles and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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ok lets have look

still looking for the fire and the arrow symbol

found the fire above the little hut

ok i am in the house

This is just pitiful...I have found NOTHING!
Horrible graphics! LOL


OK...found a flame at right, in the rocks...

and out nice game

Saw on right, knife on left....getting there...LOL

Arrow comes from using knife on a cactus, getting a 4 digit for the chest...

There must be a screwdriver somewhere! LOL

under rocks use the rock u have on the on the botto right

TY @nikki...LOL...but I have no rock!

Hi! ;) I can't find the last symbol that belongs on the bottom right side of the door.

rock is on bottom right to

Finally , I found the cactus hotspot on the left...very , very pixelly!!!!!

cactus left side of the house

Got it now....and another knife...LOL

there is single rock infront of you nokra used it on 3 stones pile to get SD

Ahhh, thank you!

Right cactus gave a key...now I am missing the 1&2!!!

two is in a little cactus top left

still missing bottom right side symbol. Anyone?

1 is in the little hut if i remember right

im too missing that symbol evans ...

evans do you mean the arrow? is somewhere over the little hut

i think 2 is in rock of ritemost stone pillar

evans ..its in flowers of left most plant ...

ohh my my im still not out ..there is another room

finally in room. stuck now with colors on windows. pink written in book, but red and white dont work.

you hav to find key first evans ....

yellow and pink

put battery in clock. think it says 4:30 but that does not work in drawer below. no hint for 2 # spot of colors.

where was clue for 46?

its pink & yellow more precisly

as im out so dont rem exactly but there is battery somewhere use it on clock to get 2 digit code

I can see key but can't get it.

46 came from the clock.

evans there are 3 coloured circles shape ..placed them in that wooden box to get key ...

find the ax for the log. you can see it. on the right. it is in a log, above the big log. the rest is easy.

How to get in the little house on the right, please?

POP! There is a triangle above the door...use it on little house for the #1!

in house but stuck have used axe,placed battery in clock turns time to 16.30 and have a red and green block

ok used 46 got blue block now.place colour blocks on piece gives u key

ok rest easy it yellow/ pink gives u number to use below clock gets that key and out

I've clicked everywhere. Can't find the the third color thing to put in box, can't get key, can't find 4 digit #, can't do window colors. Hate Smile Clicker games. Don't know why I bother.

green block in drawer

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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