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The Hell City of Yore Escape Walkthrough

The Hell City of Yore Escape

[REPLAY] The Hell City of Yore Escape is another Japanese point & click adventure type escape game developed by Nifty. In this game, your aim is to escape this place by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Those aliens are funny!
Found gloves, gascan and a tile so far...

Oh, and gas goes into the flame thrower...what do I need to melt?

You need to melt anything that looks like ice!

Hmmmm...the big blue gem froze the water...but the flame thrower does nothing! LOL I have no idea what I am doing here!

Use the flame thrower on the triangles under the cylinders full of water with a ball in them! Haha

Thanks, @max!

Put the cube on pad in first scene...got yellow pyramid and some lights...all is still just randomness though...lol


Finally! I combined the rope and the bar...for what though!?

Cool...I just climbed down...to somewhere...lol

Lots of neat stuff downstairs! got a 3 digit code!

what bar Nokra?

You can pick the large triangular tiles up off of the floor. Not sure what they do though.

Use symbols at top of rope for a book with more clues....Help, is anyone else playing?

I got a bar from right side of the first of second screen...if I remember right...lol

4 tiles make a golden pyramid!!!!!

sheesh forgot that I had that bar! TY

That goes into the left of place where the big alien is! He is exposed and very noisy!!!!..... now what?

Ahhhh...the tetrahedron goes in the pad with the lights...I was sure I had tried that before!

In the screen with the yellow pyramid, in the lower left corner, there is the six-symbol clue for the left puzzle down below.

I've released a tentacled mushroom with the golden pyramid. I can't believe I just typed that. No idea what to do now.

It is red now, and I can take it back...where does it go?

I have a tile marked 1--->2, that contained a pink pendant necklace. The image on it matches the one to the right of 455214526 printed on the wall. Trying to figure out how those two items translate to a clue to the right side puzzle downstairs.

Anyone figured out what the purple necklace does?

Razorboy...do you have the 4 blur diamonds in front of the alien/mushroom? I am stuck again with only one empty spot in inventory!

Use the flat stone with the holes in it on the number wall.

I see the blue diamonds, no idea what to do with them.

gmm...there is a green thing downstairs that you can put over the numbers ...then you have 4,5,2...but I don't know how to use it....and also, the 5 white things turn black...anyone figure that out?

I feel like I've missed a step somewhere.

nokra, did you find a use for the orange cube?

No idea for the necklace either...but when I poke the aliens at the water, they are affected and they weren't before!

If you look at the windows on the screen before you go down the rope ladder, it will show you the black/white pattern.

Got a floating guy after climbing down in area where you enter codes by clicking on certain spike things coming out of floor.

Now I have a blue ghost yelling at me.

OK...got the blur guy! TY, pierce!

Use the pattern in the book to beat the floating eyeballs.

Thanks nokra, got the green thing. 452 not working on the number tiles downstairs. Still stuck.

Still trying to get the place right of blue guy open....anyone?

I guess I escaped, but I didn't use everything in my inventory. That was a bit of a head-scratcher.

gmm, remember the tile with 1 - 2.

For the the 3 number code.... ad 1 to each number..

didn't solve everything, but did slap the funny critters and got out. Tryin' again.

I seem to have escaped after beating the aliens, but I didn't use everything in my inventory. Trying for a different ending.

I dont get the floating eyeballs sequence???

Razorboy...how to use the book on the eyeball guys? I don't get it, please?

LOL @testsite....great minds, yeah?

use window screen clue seen before climbing down rope for the floating guy :)

LOL Nokra... say that again!!

TY for the 1=2...I missed that!

Your welcome... just hope somebody can explain how to slap the 4 dancing eyeballs...

Just tap the floating guys in the numerical order in the book. Obviously the number one is missing, but there is a conspicuous hole in the page where a number might have been.

Yep...I still am waiting for that as well....anyone? and what does the red book do?

Ohhh... my brain is so slow... off course... Nokra the book misses the number 1.... so start with slapping the 3th eyeball and then follow the sequence of the book ... better said the eyeball that has number 6 in the book is the first one you slap.

Okay, now how to combine clue from blue ghost and red book to defeat the big alien?

Sorry, there is no order that is clear to me...please spoil...I was hitting them a certain number of times...but how is there an order?

Nokra use the blue book order...

Where it should say one, tap that alien first, where it says two tap second, so on...

I had to get up for a second and hadn't started the game up again, or I'd give you the exact order.

Yes! I see it now...gees...3,1,2,4,2,3...right? LOL

hit 3rd one first . 3 1 2 4 2 3

im pretty sure it goes 3,2,4,2,1,3

oops maybe not, i tried a bunch of combinations and then i clicked the 3rd one and they disappeared

For the red book... go to where the green monster is... see the same figures as in the book to the left and right there... Now go back to the floating blue guy.... the signs he shouts are in the red book Start with the first sign... it is on the 3th place in the book etc...... so the sequence to click the blue things before the green monster are...


Did anyone find another thing to do?? Is there another ending? That noise id driving me nuts! LOL Mute!

From left to right, aliens ABCD.

A- 2
B- 1 5 3
C- 6 7
D- 4

So hit alien B 1st, A 2nd, B 3rd, D 4th...etc.

Oh, TY, Testsite...I killed him!!! Yea!

I went out where the green monster was.. got out and saw a green gem in the middle of a fountain and four exits surounding it.... did you all go out where the floating eyeballs where????

well, done all I guess and went out after noisy butt. different ending that way.

That was great! Thanks for all the help everyone!!!!

So the purple necklace... anything?

went out the floating eyeballs first and flew away. go down noisy butt's hole and you see a green gem

I saved the game at the eyeballs so I could see both endings...that one was with a plane. I like the green gem one better! :)

hmmm we didn't use the necklace did we? another ending?

Glad to have played a live one for once.
Thnks everyone... was fun!!!

Does something go in the pedestal in front of the tentacle monster? I think I've missed something, he keeps killing me.

Doesn't the orange octahedron go on said pedestal?

put the reddish triangle thing there gmm

There are 2 ways out. I'll have to play again in order to remember how to go through them. This was a real brain teaser for me!

Haha, that was awesome :)

There are 2 ways. I'll have to play again in order to remember how to go through them. This was a real brain teaser for me!

thx mugglehead - forgot to change it to red playing through the second time.

I think the necklace is for understanding the language of the alien.

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 1:45 AM  

The blue ghost seems to "say" : 10 3 1, but how can I enter 11 4 2 as a 3 digit code ? I tried every number and 4 2, but that doesn't work either.

@pdgph, for 3 numbers, first used green thing (found by clicking on floor dowstairs) put on numbers on wall upstairs to see 452
use hint on stone box (where necklace was)

with hint => 563 (read com 10.31)

what did we use the gloves for?

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 2:23 AM  


I totally missed this green thing ! I'm going to use it, now, thank you for your help !

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 2:30 AM  

Now my problem is that I don't see the green monster : is it the monster that's behind ice (?) upstairs ?
The blowtorch doesn't melt this ice (maybe it's glass ?)

YW :)
for monster behind ice you have to put a yellow pyramid on the left
pyramid built with 4 triangles shapes found on the floor (upstairs and dowstairs)

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 3:02 AM  


I have a red octoedron (?) - something that looks like 2 pyramids stuck by their basis. It doesn't fit anywhere, and I've no pyramid... I can't see anything else on the floor, upstairs or downstairs.

click on 4 tiles(triangles) on floor and combine to have a yellow pyramid

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 3:25 AM  


You saved me once again ! I didn't even notice these darn triangles !!!

       Anonymous  3/13/13, 3:28 AM  

It was a great game !

IMPORTANT NOTE: There was some incomplete information at parts above, which may have explained why some people have clicked until they were blue in the face...

The sequence for the 'aliens' consists of SEVEN steps, not six! (Since there are two holes in the flat stone table, too...)

How about a walkthrough! This is giving me a headache. Too much random clicking and every time you do, it looks like the cursor explodes. A walk through would be great!

Great game! My ending was an airplane flying away.

Where is the red book?
And where are the eyeball things hidden?

Are there only two endings? I don't remember using the gloves and my blow torch looks still active Did we need the necklace?

@Willem, red book is downstairs after inputting the three digit code. Code comes from numbers upstairs. Use panel with three holes on it to get the three numbers, then use the clue from the necklace holder to change the numbers

Awesome game btw! Loved it!

video walkthrough:


Very well done, @enjoy!!! Saves me writing one...this is a video-Through that makes sense of the game! Thanks!

If you want to get the other end...save game before going out...and use the blue book to defeat the "eyeballs" and go out the exit behind them!

3 1 2 4 2 3 Worked for me!

I found the books, defeated the eyeball-guys, got the airplane ending. But how to beat the octopus-monster? The "inverted C"-M-I-"three points" hint doesn't make sense to me.


start room (cliff): get a triangular tile. Nothing in the suitcase. note "window" colors to the left: b w w b w. Note 6 symbols on floor left.

left (blue pyramid, cthulu): take torch, open suitcase for rope.

left (floating eyes): take floor tile, open suitcase for gas. Combine gas with torch: flame on! Note diagram on floor left.

left (numbers): take floor tile, bar on right, open suitcase for gloves. Flame pyramid at right to lower ball. Flame center floor for cube.

left (cliff): triangular tile has raised; push it down to turn pyramid golden. Combine bar and rope and place it at left. Place cube in square hole.

left(cuthulu): flame the pyramid for a blue gem. Flame the small pyramid on the floor.

left 2x (numbers): take the stone diamond.

right (eyes): place the blue gem in the water.

right 2x(cliff): put the stone diamond in the center of red lines and take it back. Go down the rope.

downstairs (panels): open a floor tile on the right, take the triangle base. Use this with the other 3 triangles to make a golden pyramid. use the clue from start room on the "teeth" to raise the blue dude.

turn around (rope up): click the cylinder on the floor until you get a stone box. Note 1 -> 2. Open the box for a necklace.

turn around (panels) give the box to the blue dude and get a clue. Use the 6 symbols from the start room on the left panel to get a blue book. Open floor panel on the left for a "ruler".

Go upstairs and right(numbers). Use the ruler on the number sequence to get 452.

Go left and downstairs. Use 452 with the stone box clue on the panel on the right, and get a red book.

Go upstairs and left (cthulu). Place the golden pyramid in the slot to wake up Cthulu. Combine the red book hint (position) with the blue guy hint (sequence) for the order to click the diamonds. Place your orange gem to destroy Cthulu.

You want to save now; you can exit here for the green gem ending.

For the airplane ending, go left (eyeballs). Use the blue book to tell you how to slap the eyeballs to make them go away. Note that 1 and 7 are missing from the sequence.

Willem, the book assigns a symbol to the blue diamonds. The blue guy gives you the sequence of symbols to click.

You have to press the four buttons in front of the monster in this order to realease him: 3 1 4 2 4 3

ok i hav 4 diamonds infront of monster ...& stuck ..still did not use blue box hint

the 4 diamonds in front of monster are related to what the icy-blue dude downstairs "says" :)

Do you speak Yorish?


The gloves are needed INDEED! I just convinced my inner self to replay this, and this time KEEP BOX #4 SHUT (the one with the gloves inside).


Can't complete the game!
You need to gloves to heave the huge blue crystal out of its receptacle.

So it's no red herring :)

oops should read "you need *those* gloves to..."

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 8:41 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations Nifty ☺
& thx Andrea for the WT

Anti-frustration Hints:
1) Look at handle, then tie rope to it. Doesn't combine the other way around
2) The number clue is valid, but needs to be modified before entry. Vague clue on how to do it, add 1 to each digit.
3) Start clicking beholders (floating eyeballs) with number 2 on hint.

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