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Baba Yaga Walkthrough

Baba Yaga

[REPLAY] CoolBuddy - Baba Yaga Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Pastel Games for Cool Buddy. So what do you do once you get captured by an evil witch? Look around, there are plenty of magical items at her house. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Baba Yaga Escape Walkthrough
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Hmmm I like PastelGames! :D

So far got a feather and a golden coin from cards puzzle

Hm, Baba Yaga, it is from my childhood.

Hello Antonia!

Well I'm missing 3 golden ooins, 1 feather, 4 cogs (2 left and 2 right) and 2 swords (silver and gold)

put all cogs in windmill but nothing happens.

I still need 1 feather to repair dust brush and clean genie lamp

tried to use key on chest, got a dragon blast from the cat and and my key is gone

lol gave enchanted sausage to cat, it grew so big it broke the chest!

Jo-Ann give sausage to cat

Working on the cogs as well Roberto!

yuck, chopped up the lizard skin

Hi guys just under the cat is a lizard u get three worms for owl

cant find anymore feathers need 1 more?

I think I need water to grow the three seeds

Got windmill

windmill gives 3 coins

anyone figuered out the word for box 2nd room on left?

Hmm I'm almost there.... but something is still wrong.. help Roberto?
I'm trying to begin by looking at the cogs already placed

Got it!!!!

lol. I thought broken dust was a dragonfly

can someone spoil were the cogs are? need i more

Good you got Nini!

Hmm.. now what to do with the 6 golden coins?
I think we need to melt them and make the knife golden ..

bandytrc.. look at the cogs already placed and think:
If one cog goes left the one right next to it goes right :)

AHAA! Thnks Nini:}

Have you solved cb under ball?

aha! got last feather.. room with chest with view of the beddroom click to see the ground beside the chest

yay got spell to mae the plant grow

try the first magic word Ali baba says, to open cabinet under ball

Use spell to make the roots on the ceiling grow

Witch is now a bat and I espcaped! :D

Tried to put table cover spell on tablr but it syas mana required to cast this spell??


Roberto when u cut the wires that are holding the elf u get mana :D

Where is the spell for the plant?

after u cut all ropes (bronze silver and gold) u get the spell

Thanks but how to do that? Don´t know where to use coins, seeds, dust brush... Stuck!

Roberto dust brush u use on genie lamp in cb under ball.. the coins u give to genie to get golden knife

I'm stuck. I miss the silver knife, I can't get the flowers above the potion kettle (which I think I need for the potion) and I have the chameleon skin and the kitchen knife.

Where is the silver knife. I have only bronze, golden and kitchen ones.

A classical POP. I covered the table and have now the silver knife.

And the code to OPEN cb under ball is pretty obvious...

Antonia, take out the spell "little table cover yourself" out of the book by clicking on it and use it one the little table.

Where is the sausage to give to the cat, please?

Still cannot use my table cover!

nokra on shelf in oven scene

nokra, in the cupboard below the owl.

Still can't get any flowers. The herbs and the skin are ready.

Roberto.. have u gotten mana from the elf??
Get sheave from behind chair in 1st room
and u also need a piece of paper from bathroom to complete the spell

merineith use the 'grow' spell on the roots on the ceiling

Well going on to something else do not Know Russian forklore so You guys have fun

Thanks Nini, but there are just two. I feel dumb...

meritneith .. bathroom

please someone help with the cogs? been placing L & R all over the place and still don't understand

There is a spinning wheel under the card table. Without it you cannot lift the cage. Cutting the first rope is enough for mana getting.

TY @meritneith and nini!
How did I miss that? I'll blame it on the tiny game! LOL

RebeccaAnderson look at my post at 8:38 AM

hmmm. Stuck again after using spell on roots. By the way that was the last place I think I´d use the spell.

Roberto get the glowing flowers (3 of them) and put all on bowl neat the chopping board

Oh Nini, thanks again, now I'm feeling dumb AND blind. Out now, thank you all!

No glowing flowers here.There are 3 pink flowers from roots but I can´t get them.

Roberto, if you have the chameleon skin, and the herbs, you need to cut them. Below the owl there is a chopping board. Put them on this, and cut them.

Have no herbs too.

Roberto, that's strange. When you use the spell on that roots, they grow and there are three glowing flowers which you can pick up without using anything else.

Roberto.. look at pot near green book on desk (ball scene)

BTW... I never used the key? did anyone else?

hmmm! Strange. I can see only 3 pink flowers but they´re not glowing. There are some bubbles going up from water tank below. Tried to cut the flowers using kitchen knife and just clicking on them but no joy!

Do you have the seeds from the first room? There was a board or so near the bathroom door, and you have to choose the right leaves, blossoms, and fruits.

If so, put those seeds in the pot at the backside of the bedroom (to the right in kitchen view). Use the growing spell on the pot. You'll get the herbs.

EnJoy I used the key to open the chest but it didn't work so I gave sausage to cat xD

Thanks Nini. Have herbs now but no flowers.

Yes, I used the sausage too

Thanks meritneith, but I think I have to give up, cause can´t get the flowers.

This is the scene I got after using spell on roots.


Roberto.. u didn't use the spell on all the roots!!

I'm trying to make the elixir. How do I water the triple seed?

TB Tabby u need spell from trapped elf after u free him

@ TB you have to free the elf to get the grow spell first. then use spell on pot with triple seeds

I saw the Video WT, but thtat was the only root I could use my spell. I tried to use it on every root, but nothing worked. So I restarted the game and could finally get out.
Thanks for your help.

Had to leave after starting the game but came back and finished with some hints for the windmill

Thanks for the hints! Awesome game!

I don't know how to use the wheel on the cage....I have had it forever but cannot use it...Help?

wheel goes on hook beside window

TY @smithers...I just found it.... lol

I put the mouse in the cage and closed it. Now it's sleeping peacefully.
Amazing game but I needed help, so thank you all.

       Anonymous  4/26/13, 10:20 AM  

I love Pastel games! This one is a pure delight!

Thank you so much!

LOL...you have to fill up the broomstick before flying away!!! Funny!

put the mouse in the cage? I never did that.... are there more then one ending, or is it something you can do without changing the game?

well thanx @Enjoy for the video link coz most of the hints are confused/confusing !! great game !!

I think there is another ending. messed around for awhile looking for it, but no luck

       Anonymous  4/26/13, 11:53 AM  

Boo!! I am out. Such a pretty and fun adventure. I really loved it.

Game is not loading.

Thank you Heather and gmm!

Thank you Heather! This link isn't working now for some reason.

OK, this was a good one.


This was such a nice game. Slick. Good graphics. Things worked first time. Attention to detail. Sensible clues which actually helped! A pleasure to play!

got the cogs placed and now my cursor has disappeared.Crap now I have to start over,has anyone else had that problem?

aaaahhh! went out of game then went back in and cursor re appeared! Nice

Excellent. Pastel Games has brought about another point-and-click adventure. This site has never lost its touch with its game creation, as opposed to other sites like 123Bee.

Solved the problem with the cogs. You need to take both the big and little cogs into account. Start with the top-leftmost large cog and work your way counter-clockwise. Assume that if one is a left cog, the cog next in the sequence (even a small one) is a right cog. Left, right, left, right, do this until all are placed. Hope this helps.

great one

Wow that was somehow amazingly good. Definitely one of the best ive played so far.

Ooh - an enchanted sausage!

My sausage is also enchanted. True story!

I'm sure it is Benz0!

Great game!

Fantastic game

ty EnJoy for the video wt.....couldn't find the spining wheel, and had a heck of a time with the cogs.....beautiful game....hope to see more of them

Nicely done.

       Anonymous  4/27/13, 5:02 PM  

Really enjoyed this game, windmill was a killer tho'. Top marks

my cursor has disappeared too after finishing the windmill..how do I get it back ?

got it

"Hmm, i think i'll taste this potion that my prisoner has randomly brewed. What could possibly happen?" lol
I was making the cupboard under the crystal ball harder than needed.

Can only find 5 coins, 1 from treasure chest ,1 from card game & 3 from windmill.

found it under soap. and out!!!

ginya, there is one under the soap in the bathroom.

Note to self: Read post below before commenting :)

I have 7/6 coins: one too many?
Where to use them?

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Mateusz ☺

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