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April 2, 2013

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Bunny Escape Walkthrough

Bunny Escape

FunZat - Bunny Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Fun Zat. Yor're trapped in strange room and you must find ome useful objects and use them to solve some puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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going .....

Found knife (used to free the hands of bunny) and lighter and stuck...

Hi raasti, help please.

below the sqaure symbol remove the tile ...

now in a new room

Thx, in another room now.

This is a FunZat game, not a Flash512! Flash512 would not use this annoying ever-looping background music! (Glad there's a button to switch this off.)

but stuck ...

finally a new view to get key ....

Key to the right in new room, in third room now (and found a string in 2nd room)

use "wire" on pressure pump. but can't get the key

dont kno how to get another key after attaching pipe with tha pressure pump...

what to do with 4 colored balls from 3. room?

Use hose on pump for another key, that i can´t take.

I only have a lighter. Can't seem to find any more hotspots.

in other room you can take the coloured circles ...

And there's the knife - in the mallet.

Used a lever in 2nd room to the right.

ok in other room place orange & pink circles on machine to deactivate them

use colored balls to deactivate energy controles

And another key in center of 3rd room, i cannot take either.

Too dark for me and my computer. Byeee.

in pump room, there is a switch on right side

i opened chain of left leg of rabbit but after this my key disappear

Deactivate twice to get the key.

You guys are way too fast for me. What 'tile below square' are you talking about?

I can see a square symbol but *very* faint. Can't make light with either of the torches on the wall next to the guardians.

click on rite third stone tile from top near sqaure ..@ arb

Got key from second room now, used lever then zoom in middle of machine, key comes down.

i think my rabbit is free cause my key is now disappeared

And out, bunny is free.

You need two keys, one for each iron ball.

got it.

press switch on the right and look on the middle part of water tank

wht lever ..where is lever zazzie

Lever is in 2nd room all to the right, there is a small panel to open.

POP ..found it ..

finally my rabbit is truely freee.........

Hi all! I managed to open the tile and used blue energy left and right but nothing seemed to happen. Stuck with lighter. Maybe my screen is too dark to see controls or keys.

@raasti thanks but I need LIGHT first. I cannot do anything in that darkness...

@ catqueen your guards are sleeping ..use lighter to lighten up the rooms ...

After using the blue energy twice you can light the 2 torches.

Ahhh raasti thx! I lit the torches and matched the symbols above the right door.

OK arb ..then open light of ur own room b/c in game you hav to do this first ..before any light appear in game..:D

@raasti Can't. Even used 'MOVIE' screen setting which is way brighter than normal. Still furkin dark.

I'm about to give up.

@admin Thanks for changing the author. Please don't even think of attributing games to Flash512 who couldn't even by 50 percent meet their quality standards.

Somewhat disappoing game.....i was expecting a good Flash512 game lol.

Raasti, I have the 4 colored dots but I can´t get them in the machine, neither right or left. I need that key and the one from the pump :))

Catqueen the dots go into the 3rd room, beside "activated" on two sides, then repeat it with the other two dots after stepping out and in again.

POP put the dots in the square, not in the round holes.

Then click the middle of machine and the key comes down.

Got it Zazie, thank you. Wish it was brighter, I still need the key from pumproom but can't find any lever. Hose is on pump and the key is laughing @ me.

There is a dark grey panel on the right wall, it opens when you click on it.

Must be a bug because I hit the switch for the thing to drop but can't pick up the key.

You have to click above the view with key. Somewhere in the middle on machine.

I mean leave the key zoomed view and click somewhere higher in the center.

Thx again zazie. Never saw that panel. I just clicked around where you said. Pulled that thingy and feeling dumb again.

Thank you. I almost got carpel tunnel from all the clicking.

Read my comments just above.

Lol i already have Carpal tunnel syndrom :-( No kidding ....

Finally out too. Thx to zazie and raasti's posts. But this was too dark for my eyes and screen.
C u around all.


Thx Zazie. I had to back out and zoom in about 8 times to place the 3rd and 4th balls.

Somewhat disappoing game.....i was expecting a good Flash512 game lol.

See, Zazie...that's the reason why I didn't want more people get trapped with high expectations. (which, with Flash512 games that actually are by Flash512, are justified)

lol just finished game easy

second key was just above water pump you opened the window and there it was! and i'm a kid and i fingured it out XD


I'e made my a brightened-up background image which clearly shows the brick with the secret compartment:


Catqueen, whatever it is, I think that our color settings a perfectly OKAY.

Might be the author's color settings which are too bright, i. e. making black look like almost gray.
(Some people might like that.) Well, I had used a software to set mine, and in one step, they told me, the squares may NOT be seen in my settings, otherwise black is not black but would go toward grayscale.
And I was never inclined to crank it up, since there never was any need - until now.

XD rotfl i am awesome

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