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Escape From the Room With a Fine View Walkthrough

Escape From the Room With a Fine View

[REPLAY] Escape From the Room With a Fine View (Escape From the Scenic Room) is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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ohhhh, am I alone here?

Been hurting for a good game!

nothing but a coin

goodmorning Andrea.Should refresh before posting! Found anything?

stuck with the clay stuck inside the drawer...

Opened the painting (hint stars on window), have a spigot, placed it.

Clay in drawer?

... and the clay was ... where?

well..situation is like this...

Ha! The SD!
Play with the spinning chair... click it a bunch to wind it up, then let it go
Now have a 3-digit box and a clue.

Oh, you're WAY ahead of us, Lotte.

How did you enter the window numbers on the painting?

POP! Got it.

Using the clue, got a key and the clay from the hippos.

Key opened right cabinet, got paper and got it wet, got pipe from bed.

4 digit clue from chair

Chair clue opens safe in right cabinet

I can't make the clue work on the hippos. Is it 323312123?


got the clay out
got bird

Marakihellas - 32212

レンチ translates as wrench

Ah, put the wrench with the SD and removed a plate from the space behind the picture

Thanks Andrea, it was the lines, not the circles!

Climbed up but can't seem to get Mr Birdy

and out

for 700ml puzzle
1L to 600ml, then pure water in 1L to metal bottle
remove water in 600ml bottle
put clay in 1L bottle, then pure water in 600ml bottle,remove clay...and pure the 300ml into metal bottle

Ah. On the way up there's a clue to the box, which will help you get Mr Birdy.

Bottle opener but no bottle...

OK, put Mr Birdy in his proper place and I now have 600 and 1000 ml cans, need to open the 1000ml

no bottle! it opens can

so need I andrea

the coin does the work

Lottie, could you give clues for opening the can and getting the clay out?

Ah, thanks Marakihellas

Can't find 1000ml can or bottle opener... Any clues would be most welcome!

POP worked again!

welcome Andrea, can't make the 700 ml though! directions not clear lottie!

1000ml --> use coin
600ml --> can opener
useヘラto get the 100ml-size clay out

especially you get the birdy before you do the rest of the steps

Lottie please rewrite the way to make 700 ml. It;s early morning and maths are out of the question!

Got them both, thanks for the instructions on getting the 700 ml! Now stuck with a 4 letter safe with a rather limited set of letters to choose from.

Fill the 1L and pour it into the 600ml. You have 400 in the 1L. Pour it into the cylinder.
Then put the clay piece into the 1L. Fill it again and pour it into the 600 ml. Remove the clay. You now have 300ml in the 1L. Pour that into the cylinder and you have 700ml!

i simply can't get the hint for the hippos.. how do i work them with the lines & circles?

worked, UR an angel Andrea

count the lines only radhu

i tried all combos, Marakihellas :( .. like l,m,r,l,m .. & so on .. also 4,2,1,2.. what am i doing wrong?

ok, so we have the cylinder. where to use it?

press the buttons under the hippos in that order 32212 radhu

Thx Marakihellas.. that worked.. :)

Letter clue from chair. Take it out, the numbers are actually letters. Use them for happy coin.

kids have woken up. have to go! thanks all

Thanks, shir! Forgot all abou t the chair! Out

How do I get the cilnder?

Clay does not come out. Tried the screwdriver with the wrench attachment, and the prong thing that I used to get the birdie no joy. Help?

never mind. got it.

OK, found it. To remove the clay you use the tool found in the 1000 ml can in the left cupboard

And out. Another wonderful game from Tesshi-e. Thanks!

I can't open the safe from the right cabinet, I got the chair but there's 4 numbers and tried different combos but none worked, help please

How to open left drawer?

I think there's a bug. The safe in the right cabinet opened for me with a random code (something - 3 stars). Click the rectangel under the shapes.

nevermind got it

That's fantastic aridza. I'm very happy for you. Care to share with the rest of us HOW you got it?

Aridza, Do you mean the safe with the shapes? triangle is 3, circle is 0 etc.

I have a pole from bed...what do I do with it, please?
Apparently it does something to get key for left cabinet?
Or the 3 digit box??? where are the clues for that please?
And where is wrench, please?

The number of angles in each shape.

The pole from bed is used to get tool under bed

nokra, try taking aomething from under the bed using the pole.

I meant the box we got in the cabinet, not the shape one, but if you need a hint for the shapes, see the numbers on the chair and use the number of sides for the safe (exemple 3=triangle) and for the box we get, the clue is on the way to the bird attached to the ceiling

But what to do with slot in wall, that you get from new tool?

So how did you open box, aridza?

TY, @escapista! I thought I saw something there but wasn't sure...and there are no hints in game yet for English! LOL

       Anonymous  4/6/13, 11:59 PM  

Nokra, you need to open the code box for an attachment to the pole and get a tool to retrieve the birdie. The code is on the way to the bird.

I can't find the container in which to pour the water.

Escapista, put the chair in the slot.

Have placed chair in slot but cant get to bird

What do "on the way" mean???

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:01 AM  

Escapista, use the broken chair in the slot.

When the chair is in the slot, there is a red number on it.

I have, but this game is so buggy and pixelly, it's not worth my time. Thanks anyway.

TY, I had already forgotten about the chair...I was wondering what the slot was for! lol

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:06 AM  

When the chair is in the wall, hover your mouse above it. There will be an up arrow. Click this and you will see a pipe on the wall. The top of this has some red on it.

Have to defend this game.It's a great game. For me it wasn't buggy nor pixelly. maybe it has something to do with your computer.

I have no business being awake now...it is after 3 in the wee hours! Could not resist a TESSHI-e Game, though! :)

Yea...I got the triangle key ! :)

I finally understand @Lottie's hints! :)

@rimfire, I think the water container is what was behind the pic on the wall....I thought it was another pipe....lol

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:16 AM  

Odd, I didn't find anything there.

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:20 AM  

No wait, that was the spigot for the tap / faucet.

Well, as I said...it is wayyyy past my bedtime!
The safe with the green shapes in the right cabinet give the cylinder!
Goodnight! :)

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:31 AM  

Thanks and goodnight.

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 12:59 AM  

I have some kind of cylindric vase that I can fill in with water. I have also a can opener, but it's useless. In spite of previous comments, I don't know what to do with the coin and there is no key for the left cupboard.

How to take pole from bed?

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 1:02 AM  


I can zoom in on the bed from the view with door.

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 1:03 AM  

The hint for this is given by paper + water.

My only beef: I didn't SEE the wrench under the bed. I figured they just showed the under-the-bed view because everyone looks under the bed.

After that, I was good.

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 1:27 AM  


I don't think that the game is buggy, but I agree that it is very pixelly.

And no one seems to want to explain where is the darn key for the left cupboard...

Only have 1 thing to put water in, can't get clay out of drawer, can't find key for left cabinet. can't find use for can opener. opened 3-digit box, did the hippo puzzle, can't find anything else. I give up.

I'm really having problems with this game... Can't find the pole at the bed and I don't get how to use the starclue on window on the picture.

The starclue shows the order of corners to press at the picture. Begin with the corner with one star, then two and so forth. You will find the polen only after seeing the clue on the paper.
I am also looking for the key of the left cupboard. I can lift Mr. Birdys hat, no more.

Mr Birdy is placed on the nightstand, then you get can, key etc.

ok got the star clue by accident. can anyone tell me where i get the wrench from?

Thanks @Marakihellas for how to open the 1000ml can and @shir for the happy coin!

Quickest way to get the 700g:
(note that 1 ml = 1 g)
-Put clay in the 1000ml (1000-100=900)
-Fill pipe (1600g)
-Pour pipe into 1000ml pot
Pipe now has 1600g - 900g = 700g

i love you Tesshi-e !

@FuZzEL -- use pipe under bed (you have to get "water clue" and wet it first)

Oh, and then you combine it with the SD to get a handle

(PS, love the trapeze picture)

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 3:05 AM  


I'm with you, giving up too.

Can someone make a W.T please ?

Anyway, one of the best Tesshi-e did. After the break of 2 month.
There was never a buggy game in his history.Thank you Tesshi.E

Oke I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfNJ7qDFPQk

See pink cupboards
top is sink and scale
below need key, SD, and key

Turn left to see view and window with stars in corners
On far left is hippo box and chairs
Spin right chair until it comes off
Remove SD from chair base

Turn left
pick up CHAIR SEAT
Look at chair seat for 4-number clue
Use window clue on left picture
Note bolts

Left again
Take COIN from under couch cushion

Put faucet handle on sink
Use SD to open middle cb
Take 3-number box
See -o clue
Use -o clue on hippos
(-=mouth closed, o=mouth open)
Take green CLAY
remove SPADE KEY from clay
Use spade key on right cb
see shapes box and take "WATER" paper
Wet WATER paper
You can now zoom on head of bed
take pipe from head of bed
Use pipe under bed for WRENCH HEAD
Combine wrench head with SD for WRENCH
Use wrench on bolts to reveal slot
Put chair seat in slot
This opens upper view
Look at handle (lower left) for 3-digit number
Use to open number box for U-HOOK
Combine with pipe for LONG U-HOOK
Use this to get Mr Birdy from ceiling
Under his hat is an OPENER

Hang Mr Birdy on nightstand to get 600ml can
Open with opener for TRIANGLE KEY
Triangle key opens left cb for 1000 ml can
Open this with the coin for a TROWEL
Press clay into drawer of nightstand
Remove with trowel for 100gm BLOCK
Use 4# clue on shapes box for PIPE
Play with pipe and containers and clay to get 700g weight on scale
This reveals a 4-letter safe and a heart key

use heart key on door

Look again at the chair seat code
Upside down, it's a letter code
Enter in the scale to get HAPPY COIN
Use heart key on door

Thanks PuzzledinCA !

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 4:52 AM  

This game was unusually pixelly : for instance, I couldn't hang Mr Birdy on the nightstand because I was (logically) clicking the hook. And it worked when I clicked lower, between the hook and the box.
Thank you PuzzledinCA for the WT, this game was confusing.

Fantastic game - thanks Tesshi-e!!!

Five Stars ! Thanx !!

I agree - this is one of the bess Tesshie-e games! So sorry to see that some didn't like it, but it was not unusually "pixely" for a Tesshie-e game at ALL!!!

stuck trying to get the picture down :(

I click the top left corner once, bottom right corner twice, top right corner three times, bottom right corner four times, and bottom left corner 5 and 6 times.

doesn't work!!

I absolutely would stay locked up in that room with a view waiting for a handsome man to bring me cake and coffee <3
I Love Tesshi-e <3<3

1 3
5,6 2,4

@Callie, it's not the number of times to click the corners, but the ORDER.
Top Left, Bottom Right, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Left

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 9:43 PM  

Excellent game - best in weeks!

       Anonymous  4/7/13, 9:44 PM  

Excellent game - best in weeks!

Back to physics school for me!!

Tesshi.e totally got me in a head-lock with this beast!
How could I forget about putting that clay in!
My, my...
At least I had found a mathematical conclusion that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get exactly 700 ml with only a 1000 and a 600 can and nothing else.
But that really wins the author an Academy Award for finally re-vamping that old "fill problem" thing in puzzle games!

Thanks for the hints - I needed them!

This was definitely a trickier Tesshi-e again (after a couple easier ones)

I have to say this is not only my favorite game but favorite Tesh game as well. Breezed thru this all the way until measuring the water. What held me up was forgetting to get the pipe. I forgot about that code on the bottom of the chair. Definitely 5 stars. Wish I could give it more

No way, that hippos puzzle makes NO sense. I had to cheat and use the walkthrough. I keep staring at the hint in cabinet 3 but I cannot for the life of me get the clue!

Also giving up in frustration. What good is a Walkthrough without solutions? "Play with pipe and containers and clay to get 700g weight on scale"does not help. What pipe? The pipe under the bed is now attached to a handle and won't come apart. Also the lines for my hippo clue shows 32121 not 32212.

Like many games here I can find most of the clues, but sometimes need help over one spot so I can figure out the rest on my own. There used to be a few people on this sight who wrote great WT's that would allow us to get over the rough spots. Now it feels like you have to beg for a clue, and too often requests are answered with more vague clues.

Hey, hey...

Hold your horses, everyone...!

Puzzled EXPLICITLY did announce to do a 'Walkthrough without Solutions'.

So if you need one WITH solutions, just have a little patience.

Besides, some authors DEMAND that no full walkthrough be written for 2 or even 3 days.

I got stumbled at the same place with "pipe" but used a videowalkthrough. No reason to get frustrated.

       Anonymous  7/21/18, 6:49 AM  

caught this one for the replay
a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay!

btw, Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥

thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx Puzzled for the WT

Found the measuring somewhat easy. Fill the 1600 cup, pour 1000 into 1000 cup. Leaves 600 in large cup. Empty the 1000 cup into the sink. Put -100 clay in green 600 cup and pour that 600 remaining. That leaves 100 in the big 1600 cup. Pour the 100 remaining in the big 1600 cup into the now empty 1000 cup. Now refill the 1600 cup, remove the clay from the green cup and fill it from the 1600 cup. There is now 100 in the 1000 cup and 600 in the green cup. Empty the large 1600 cup into the sink and fill it with the 100 and 600 from the other two cups. Place on scale!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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