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Escape of Angry Tomato Walkthrough

Escape of Angry Tomato

Escape of Angry Tomato is average lenght point and click escape game created by Ainars. Explore locked house, search for various items like strawberries, tools, microchips and trophies in order to help Angry Tomato to unlock exit and escape. Good Luck!

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Where is everyone. I need one more of each type of switch, 3 more strawberries, one more goblet(collected in C3) and one more thing being collected in C1.

need 1 more strawberry and one more ed disk.

I need one more of each switch, 2 strawberries and a green square thing :(

Finished..not to hard

Found my last gold/green switch in C4 (after going round about 36 times).

It was easy after that.

Thanks, Bat E. C4 did reveal a couple more secrets.

Thanks Ainars.

in B2 there is strawberry on the chair ...

tool is on plant in C2

The last green cross was well hidden in D1!

What can I do with tool please ?

@ lotjmer there is hole on the wall ..i think in field B ..use it there ...

Thanks raasti

just in case .. two well hidden places in C4 !!

cant only find two in C4

still missing one of the last four safes !!

Have you used the tool E-Addict?

yeah clodagh !!

still missing one switch and the 9th strawberry

nowhere to be found !!

what's the combination for the arrows in A1, please?

just make the arrows face each other marijo !!

I'm missing the smallest green cross for the green triangle. I have everything else!

i give up .. i mean i looked everywhere !! but it's always a pleasure Ainars .. Thanx !!

I've looked all over D1 and can't find it

POP always works!!! It's there to right - middle of screen!

E-Addict, did you find b2 when you used the pink envelope safe? it opens on the "table".

nm @Joe .. was missing the same cross zoe was missing n yes was in D1 !! thanx anyway !!

Good morning all, Been looking and looking still need 2 strawberries, 1 switch of each and one green square thingy.

Found 2 arrow-switches (gold/green)in C (2), C4 (1) and D (2). Need one more...

@dabbeljuh ty for D switch I could not for the life of me find it. The last one you'
re lookng for is in B behind the pink envelope.

THX Laura - but where is pink envelope?

I'm nopt sure where I found it.

its covered by a grey piece on left side of page.

did you find it dabbeljuh?

Many thanks Laura! Missed that spot totally...

found the last two switches, two strawberries, tool and 4 crosses. Gongtats now! ;o))

YVW! Have a great day and out!

miss 1 microship and probably the last strawberry behind

(Pink envelope in D1)

missing 8th strawberry

red disk button under table!

The "tool" is a bit hard to see.

It's a CRANK.

once i knew where tool went i was ok as i was going round in circles,great one ainars

Escape of Angry Tomato WIWT

Note: strawberries are numbered by their position in your inventory with 1-6 being the top row and 7-12 being the bottom row.

A: STRAWBERRY #12 upper right
Open the cover of row 2 square 2 for RED DISK SAFE and RED DISK 1/10
A1 (Row 2 square 3): STRAWBERRY #7 (lower right corner)
Uncover arrow puzzle (top half of square) and solve arrow puzzle (put points together) for RED DISK 2/10
A2 (left of cube): GREEN LETTER KEY
A3 (right of cube): Uncover BLACK LETTER SAFE

B: Uncover PINK LETTER SAFE (left side of room)
Uncover RED DISK 3/10
Click picture for CROSS SAFE
B2: Uncover 3 STRAWBERRYs (2 on wall, 1 on chair) #1, 2, 8

Uncover 2 ARROW BUTTONs 1 and 2/6 (on wall)
Uncover 2 RED DISKs (on wall) 4 and 5/10
C1: TOOL (in plant)
Uncover SAFE
Uncover STRAWBERRY #10
C2: Uncover BLUE LETTER KEY (on wall)
Uncover GOLDEN TROPHY (on stand)
Uncover LOCK SAFE (on lamp cover)
In violet letter safe: YELLOW MICROCHIP
C4: Uncover RED DISK 7/10 (on wall--center)
Uncover ARROW BUTTON 3/6 (on wall—right)
Uncover GOLDEN TROPHY (on flower thing)

Uncover ARROW BUTTON 5/6 (bottom left of door)
D1: RED DISK 8/10 (below table between left 2 chairs)
Uncover PINK LETTER KEY (left side of wall)
Uncover RED LETTER SAFE (above right chair)
Uncover LOCK SAFE (above right chair)
Uncover GREEN LETTER SAFE (above middle chair)
In red letter safe: STRAWBERRY #6
In green letter safe STRAWBERRY #11

A1: In blue letter safe: RED DISK 9/10
A3: In black letter safe: BRONZE TROPHY

B: Use tool on small black hole in wall to uncover B1
Pink letter safe contains ARROW BUTTON 6/6
B1: Uncover LOCK SAFE (in square)
Uncover GREEN MICROCHIP (above square)

C3: In trophy safe: STRAWBERRY #5

D: In arrow button safe: GREEN MICROCHIP
and RED DISK 10/10

A: In red disk safe: STRAWBERRY #9

C1: In microchip safe: STRAWBERRY #4

D: Put strawberries in strawberry safe for LOCK KEY

Open Lock safes in D1, A2, B1, and C3 for CROSSes

Open cross safe in B3 (behind the picture) for the key to the exit door.

That was one angry tomato , I really thought it would make him smile I finished ...He was still angry.

Good game it had sneaky spots I liked . For anyone else my biggest hang up was *Not pushing a few buttons that were visible HaHa

Forgot to say

THANKS Ainars for entertaining us all :)

Don't make spaghetti sauce with our angry tomato (it wouldn't taste good)

Thank you Ainars for a great game. Just needed help with the last micro chip. Thank you too Lsquared for the walkthrough.

I played for 2nd time and still can't find 1 yellow and 1 red switch and still missing 2 strawberries. I quit!

Yay - did it without one peek at the hints! Managed to (finally) see everything even with my stupid dark screen!

Poor game

Oh, I think with angry tomatoes you can make a fine spaghetti sauce even LOL!
Think of Spaghetti all'arrabbiata - does it taste "angrily" enough? ;)

last cross is in c2 not c3

whats up with the picture on the wall???

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Thanks, Ainars M. Had fun with this, and escaped without help (for once).

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