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[REPLAY] Departure Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this game, your aim is to escape from this place by finding and using items and hints for solving all the puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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stuck with the 16-grid puzzle
(almost end...)

email and password plz

Lottie, help with the safe?
I don't get the number clue above the safe, or the 8341 memo

any one can give me email for playing plz

Salwa, you need to register.
Either that, or scour the website for other gotmail games.. i think they used to share the id and password in the past but I have no idea what those are as I have my own account.

ok if you can give me your account if you ever ca tread for me

I can not register

sorry mhtyhr I just finished the other 2...

emm...which safe you need for help?

for the 8341 memo, you need to get the switch-like thing first in order to get the shape hint for box inside upper cupboard

For people who need account,
register one for yourself


No worries Lottie, I just got out :p

It was rubbing the candle on the stuck cupboard door that threw me off... It didn't seem to work when I tried it before putting candle on the candlestand

Waiting for someone to solve the 16-grid stuff
while I'm playing the Dream...

Oh.. the 16-grid thing.. you just need to put the tiles in the right place.. when you move the tiles, you can see the number below it.

A bit like the wooden puzzle game where you need to free the Jack :D

yes...but I'm super not good at this kind of puzzle...

OMG!! This is the 3rd Gotmail game Ive tried to play this morning and cant finish any of them! Im as far as the candle and dont know what to do next! Plz help!

Here's the sequence of the number to click:

1 - 2 - 11 - 8
3 - 4 - 8 - 11
7 - 10 - 11 - 7
6 - 5 - 9 - 13
14 - 15

That should do it

Is anyone still here that could help me please?

Thank you very much mhtyhr!!!!
Finally out!

To all those that are "out", thanks so much for the help!

Not quite walkthrough walkthrough:

- Scene with door
Take PURPLE CLOTH from the potted plant

- Scene with scroll

- Scene with Orange
Move oranges and take MEMO (8341)

- Scene with Scroll
Drape purple cloth on the lever, pull
Take back the purple cloth

- Scene with Round Window
The floor is now open. Take CROWBAR
Use crowbar to dig in the pot. Click the card.. the new page that opens up say "Season goes from Winter to Spring"
Once you opened that page, you can now turn the painting, and get KENDAMA toy

- Scene with door
Look up (above the flower)
Use crowbar to take CUTTER

Look closely at the bamboo below the clock. Something's stuck inside
You can now use cutter on the kendama toy to get the RED BALL
Throw red ball into the bamboo, get a jar
Pour water from little jar into the bowl
Wrap the jar with purple cloth, smash with crowbar
Take KEY

- Scene with Scroll
Look at the stuck closet.
Use candle to wax it. Open , take winder

- Scene with Door
Use winder on clock. Press the black button to see corresponding shapes for 8341

- Scene with Scroll
Use the shapes from clock to open the box. Get matchstick

Use the bottom part of the Kendama toy on the slot thingy.. push, and a shelf moves down. Take the candlestand

Put candle on the stand, light it

Use lighted candle on bottom part of the scroll. Note the dotted line.. Use cutter to get the CUT OUT

- Scene with Round window
use key to open the lock
look at the numbers above safe
look at the CUT OUT. Use the cutter to cut holes, then put the cut out on the numbers to get the password for safe

Open safe, get DIRTY TILE 16

Wash the tile in the bowl of water

- Scene with Painting
Open the closet door, put down candle, use crowbar to pry open the loose floorboard
Solve the puzzle (see solution in one of my comments). Put in tile 16, and voila, you're out.

If I missed out anything, my apologies :)

Thank you so much mhtyhr!!! I appreciate the help so much!!

       Anonymous  4/18/13, 6:39 AM  

"Drape purple cloth on the lever, pull"

Well, the problem is that there is no lever...

Where is the lever, please?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/18/13, 6:49 AM  

@Siobhán Long's sister,

Like you, I was looking for a missing lever on the floor, but there is a lever much higher, on the left.

Thanks, pdgph.

       Anonymous  4/18/13, 6:54 AM  

But "Scene with door
Look up (above the flower)
Use crowbar to take CUTTER"
doesn't make sense for me, since there is nothing above the flower, zoomed or not zoomed.
I'm giving up this one, I can't find anything by myself, and even with the WT !

pdgph the same here, where to click above the flower ?

Got it ! Click a very small spot on the wood frame (which is around the white wall over flower. Click exactly the down left wood corner.

Now i cannot wax the closed cb in scroll scene, where is the exact spot please ?

Finally out.

Thanks Zazie for the "cutter-spot"!
Now THAT was sneaky!!

For the others, it's very easy to find provided you know which view you need. You can only reach that spot from the view with both the flower *AND* the clock.
Hope this helps...

By the way (since I always like to decipher Katakana names to figure out about typical things in Japanese culture) what you can read once you've put the candle where it belongs is


...Rōsoku, which is less likely to stand for a candle from anywhere, but rather for a typical Japanese kind of candle.
As I found out, they also have a loan word for a run-of-the-mill candle which need not necessarily be a Japanese one:

キャンドル (k[y]a-n-do-ru), which, if you read the -ru as -lu, comes very close to 'ca-nd-le'.


This was a VERY good game, however, also some that took some REAL persistence to solve.

I'd probably have looked up to this minute for that $%&# cutter...

Thanks Mhtyhr

That was the best slider puzzle I've ever played with your kind help :)

Hello! I want to register buy I dont understand the language

Nevermind, I managed thanks to Babylon 10

Login: fgngotmail@gmail.com
Password: pwdgotmail

I can't seem to turn the painting even though I've dug up the card in the pot and clicked on it. What am I doing wrong?

OH--wrong painting!

       Anonymous  7/31/18, 11:21 PM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay
a Gotmail is always worth a replay - enjoy!

btw, you don't have to register or use a login & PW anymore

thx for all your creations, Gotmail ☺
& thx mhtyhr for the WT

Has anyone replayed this? I can't get the symbol box to open. I even watched a video walkthrough and I've got it right but when I click where the walkthrough showed all I get is a zoom view of the buttons again. :(

Hi NotYou. I did replayed it and mine worked.
Make sure you have the correct symbols in

Black square, white star, white diamond and white triangle

zoom out and click on symbol box again it should open. If it doesn't keep clicking on different parts of the box. I hope it helps

Oh, it doesn't work if you don't actually take the paper with the number clue!

NotYou Yes, I forgot about that very important detailed lol. You need to click on the clue first and then put the symbols in.

Glad it finally worked for you.

Thank you Not You and Gika. I was having exactly the same problem.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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