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Room Escape - Apartment Walkthrough

Room Escape - Apartment

[REPLAY] TimeFall - Room Escape: Apartment is another point and click room escape game developed by Time Fall. Do you have it what it takes to escape the apartment locked with six different keys? And guess what - you don't have any of them! Good luck and have fun!

Play Room Escape - Apartment

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Buttons on sofa are clues for TV puzzle.

Hmmm - thought hammer would open coconut.

Well hidden puzzle between dining chairs to right of sofa.

"Guess I need to follow some pattern I've already seen." But where have I seen such a pattern?

I thought the same thing smartie!

it's the vases - had to back and look for the clue

I am stuck with some pincers and the Rome clue for the numbers

one key to go....

Doh - that wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be!

Use the pincers on the plant...

I meant the cake table clue - but got it now. Also one key to go.

actually I may be giving you the wrong info

it's vases for the cooker puzzle

it's the chessboard for the table puzzle

the settee studs for the tv puzzle

and the hot plate for the puzzle between the chairs...

tv puzzle hint on sofa seat ...

No worries!
I'm out now - I'd missed another dining chair hotspot.

I think our comments crossed : )

I thought I had tried all the plants but now found the hotspot

and out

What was the Rome clue??? I don't get it!

Even when you think the game is easy...please leave clues for all of it for us dummies....please?

Thanks to jon in cbox....under the sofa cushion are the clippers! now I know the Rome answer! :)

I have no idea why I missed those cushions....weird!

rome clue = use scissors to cut plant roman numerals behind it.

Missed the chessboard clue 1st time. Too easy

where to use the knife...?

never mind. it's a dining room chair...out

How to see the inventory? Mine has disappeared to one side.

found it - doesn't show the items.

Enjoyed the game - different types of puzzles. Didn't like the inventory, though.

would have got the table puzzle sooner if I'd realised one square was stuck on white, was looking everywhere for yellow clues LOL

Now that I got the answer for the Roman numerals, I can't find the spot to put them anymore...:-(

Found the spot back, have all keys now,except 1. Must be in the seat cushion...But where is the knife?

The knife is behind the painting above the tv. Just keep clicking the painting.

Thank you, small-tool. I didn't notice there are two different paintings...

Lol! I thought this was a new game and when I got stuck I checked the walkthrough to see I've left clues myself!

The thing is, I'm stuck on the cake again but not having a pop this time. Why didn't I leave better clues???

dont get chess clue where to use hammer and knife

Oh, it's just the chessboard. As I said months ago - not as complicated as I thought it would be. Just wish I'd said why. :-D

Shaz - use knife on one of the dining chairs. The hammer works with a chisel to open the coconut. Can't remember where the chisel was - sorry.

The dining table board just needs to be alternate black and white, like a chess board.

Hammer and chisel are used on the coconut (knife on the table chair) and cake/table is just the chessboard pattern.

it ok solved it and out

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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