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Uncle Curry's Shelter Escape Walkthrough

Uncle Curry's Shelter Escape

Uncle Curry's Shelter Escape is another point and click type room escape game. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Uncle Curry's Shelter Escape

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Only have box with shapes to put in. Saw couple of hints but no idea for anything

circle panel and a box so far :P

Only have box too Urban

and circle go on box

Bed has one sneaky pixel to zoom in

Where are circle Pete ?

And also sneaky pixel around trash can

circle behind the bed

Pop !

Thanks Pete.

under bed some pliers or something i cant reach

Was there anything on the right side of sofa? Don't know why is there a view of nothing

Whe must have a stick of somthing ?

i think code in drawer by door are for drawers of cb

or not :(

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:33 AM  

You are right Barbu; got key now

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:34 AM  

And new paper now

Hm, for me the hint in drawer is not working

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:37 AM  

Barbu: You have to open and close the drawers in the order of the paper

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:37 AM  

In another room now

@blom: thanks, open and close everyone is the solution

Paper you get from table drawer has two sides. Trying to figure out the color hint (don't know for what could it be) and date hint (tried to open blue box)

you can look at the back of the stamp for another color hint...

thx Blom!

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:47 AM  

use colors from paper on your keyboard in combination with back of the stamp

Not getting the clue for the drawers can someone explain please

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:51 AM  

Escape girl: open and close first the upper drawer, then open and close the second drawer and so on..

Thanks again @blom.
@escape girl: follow the order in drawer. Open and close each drawer in cupboard,

anyone figured out the hint for the 4-digit code?

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:53 AM  

Where is sneaky pixel around trash can? I can look into the trashcan but thats all.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:55 AM  

Found star in toilet

Under trashcan for triangle

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 3:56 AM  

Have pliers and curry now, and stuck now

Use curry on blank paper and than toilet paper for some hint

Use the curry and a piece of toilet paper on the paper on the desk.

Thankyou Urban and Blom got it

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:01 AM  

hint for opening box with shapes


       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:03 AM  

Need screwdriver for two places

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:04 AM  

Clock is 15:52 , but that is not working on 4-digit-box

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:17 AM  

this is hard, real stuck now

Hi i am stuck to with curry and paper used on sheet....how to open this box ?

It looks like we have to click in certain order; but don't get the star = triangle - 125. Are there any other hints?

There is a clock on the side of the sofa.. (on your left)
I agree with the game's comment
"What the f*??"

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:25 AM  

And what about the wanted-poster? 37 and cucucurry, currycucurry, curry, curry, curry? AAB, BAB, B, B, B?

I tried 1552 etc on the box in toilet, but nope.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:27 AM  

Yes that clock on the sofa says 15:52 or 3:52 or 03:52 and it has the triangle on it.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:29 AM  

And – thinking out loud – 1552 has the same numerals as 125.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:31 AM  

there are also screws on the right side of the oven

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:32 AM  

i threw the remaining curry in the toilet. Nope. threw it in the trashcan. Nope :-)

Tried to subtract 125 (minutes) from 1552 = 1347 but doesn´t work either. Neither 1437...

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:38 AM  

And there is also the calendar with: June 8 2013

Calendar ? Where ?

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:40 AM  

1552-125=1427...but it doesn't work. 5star=??? perhaps=5. 1427+5=1432....but it doesn't work

I think the clock is more 15:47 than 15:52

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 4:42 AM  

Zazie: calendar is on the other side of the paper with the keyboard on it

Thx Blom, i did not see this.

I need a coffee, brb...

pls spoiler for keyboard with colours hint....my keyboard is for serbian and cant get it ,thx

Numbers on calendar are bigger from 1-9 and it should apply with the colors on the other side of the paper but I can't quite get it. >_<

Keyboard spoiler:

OMG! Thanks Urban!

thx Urban!

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:04 AM  

I give up for now; succes everybody!

bye Blom!

I believe 1,2,5 means that we have to press the shaped buttons in that order. So we know to press the triangle first, second and fifth time... we have to find in what order to press also the circle and the star. I guess.

Note that the clock shows alsways the system time of your compi....

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:10 AM  

thinking: on calendar is a red circle. on the clock is a red point. the shape box has triangle (?), circle (8) and star (5)

hi every one,tried subtracting 125 (from paper) from 1552 (from clock) and got 1427,don't know if that helps

It seems that tere is some sort of morse-code on the poster...

That's what I was about to say Dabbeljuh!
Hi kevaus, didn't work on the box in the bathroom :(

star triangle triangle star triangle circle star circle

For the clock, use 12h not 24h.
So clue for triangle is 3:52 (232 minutes)
then star is 232-125= 107 minutes --> 1:47
Now press star first, then triangle, again triangle etc...

Thanks @jean! But where is the hint?

hi angie,was thinking for triangle #

Ohh thx Jean, finally ! But how comes ?

thanks jean and patrice

triangle is on sofa 3h52
star is triangle (3h52 - 125min )1h47
and circle is the date 8 june (8 and 6)
So follox the order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
I hope i 'm clear ?

Ok thx Patrice !

Thanks Jean!
Used the SD in the kitchen, pushed button kaboom!
Huge Curry guy's head popped from the crack on the wall in first room. Seems you can move his head by clicking on him, but he doesn't like my curry dish.

a blom's comment made me on the way !!

Ohh now the face came out of the wall.

Okay, got screwdriver from shape box, used it right if sink, pressed button.
Some sort of earthquake shook the room. The crack in the living room is now open and shows same man as on poster. Feed him the curry and get up-down-left-right clue. Question is: where do we use that.

Very good Jean!

i tried to give his curry on the wall face... i'm not sure about the code ?

i kept clicking him and after 10 clicks he opens mouth and shuts eyes,but still doesn't want curry

used on th door ?

Now what ?

Code is L L L R D D U L D U

But no idea where to put

Watch the guys head, he moves it in specific directions, up down left and right. That looks like a code to me.

I can see : LLLRDDULDU open mouth.

I tried moving on the calendar that way, gave me 12th june, but 1206 or 0612 do not work on box.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:32 AM  

Greetings L&G!
- clock has fallen behind bed -> hint for 4-digit-box in toilet

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:33 AM  

Hey Guys try to turn your hint paper :)

Yes, got the box open.

Heureka! 4-Digit-Code is 7205!

Found a small displa left side of bed - near the left leg! Got green key!

But ldru code does not work on door :(

Thanks Premiere.
New puzzle on the door at the end of the corridor.
Oh boy >_<

stuck on door... Someone 's out ?

HA! I'll try the curry guy's code.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:36 AM  

it's the guy's L/R side...!

It seems, that singer at the end had too much curry LOL!

@premiere I tried that too, did not work either.

And of course: the second time it DID work

You have to change only left and right! Up and down not!

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:38 AM  

it should - reverse L/R in Zazie's spoiler at 4/11/13, 5:29 AM.

yeah ! premiere saved us !! lol

I am stuck on door as well. Thx premiere for clock hint.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:39 AM  

LOL Jean,
after you & Patrice saved me for the shape code...!

And out !!! Thx all for the help, this was hard but fun !

Now i can take a shower lol...

I'm glad I helped a bit !! First time for me... Thx all ^^

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:42 AM  

Forgot: also Dabbeljuh's door code spoiler at 4/11/13, 5:28 AM...
(just reverse L/R)

I have no understanding of how to open star,circle box, please some spoil how to push, the #'s are not cluing in with me.

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:49 AM  

I got confused and thought you had to leave out the ups and downs on the door code - but you put them in, but not reversed like the L & R.
(For anyone as dumb as me LOL)

       Anonymous  4/11/13, 5:51 AM  

Evans, see jean jeanne's post above -
star triangle triangle star triangle circle star circle

evans,jean jeanne comment at 5:27 star triangle triangle star triangle circle star circle

I'm a dumb one too MaryD

(I like the song btw they have in the end)

@evans as Jane wrote:
" Jean Jeanne 4/11/13, 5:17 AM
star triangle triangle star triangle circle star circle"
follow that order!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fun game - GREAT hints!!!!

one of the top games i played on this site !! finally a real talent .. Big Thanx to the developer !! and thanx Jean Jeanne and Patrice !!

If you wonder abut the strange synthesized "robotic" voice, this is VOCALOID, a PC software very popular in Japan.
There is even a "virtual pop star" now, called Hatsune Miku. "She" has now released a huge number of songs.

@E-Addict agree...this felt indeed like a slice of Gatamari :)

Not one person mentioned how to get the pliers???

@bellee76: use the stick

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