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Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 Walkthrough

Bart Simpson Saw Game 2

Bart Simpson Saw 2 is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. Pigsaw is back and has kidnapped Bart again. Help him before it's too late! Good luck and have fun!

Play Bart Simpson Saw 2!

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Stuck in the room with Medusa and can't do anything with Scorpion King. Any help?

How can you get the cat?

Easy, Use the hammer to fix the ramp and use the skateboard to get the cat

Thank you Rokas!

for the cat, you need to get the wheels for your skateboard and the hammer, fix the ramp...then use the skateboard

I hate the bees!!!!

Karo - how did you get past the scorpion?

I didn't yet... I opened the door at Willy's room with the code from the Mind reader I stole from Prof. Frink... Now I'm trying to come back to the scorpion and medusa...

My paper only shows 4 dots...

I assumed you needed the glasses by Medusa to read it.

Ah, use Millhouse's glasses on paper.

I will have to start over.. I can't go back... U have to pass medusa and Scorpion before the bees, or you will get stuck.. Unless there is a way to go back I haven't discovered...

Pop the balloon with the nail in order to scare the bees to go back.

How do you buy a balloon, Matthew?

Take the cell phone charger in Skinner's office and sell it to him.

done the scorpion... Get the glasses, wear them and shout at Medusa, and quickly run into the scorpion's room... Grab the mirror and quickly run back into the first room placing the mirror on the red X...

Hey guys, can someone tell me how to get the t-rex to turn around please x

Cazzy - you need to use the trampoline on the previous screen to get the lowest item, then use that item to get the next lowest, and so on, until you get the donut.

how to pass the bees?

Cazzyshire - get all the items from the previous room using trampoline, then ladder, then ladder + rake, including the bush. Place bush, hide behind it, roll out donut.

right. Great. Thank you Mill x

How did you get the glasses?

Verde - you need the jet pack... and patience, and luck.

mill, can you tell me how pass the scorpion king?

I haven't figured it out yet, verde. I'm right there with ya.

because i don´t know what object put in the X

use the fishing rod to get Medusa"s glasses...

I wish I had an insecticide for those bees....

Use fishing rod to get glasses.
Wear them and talk to medusa.
Go to scorpion room.
Pick up mirror and leave.
Put mirror on X.

Now to Samara... (the girl from The Ring?)

I can't get Medusa's glasses with the fishing rod... I have a rope with a hook. Do I have to combine them with something else?

So the Sideshow Bob was the last one.

Karo - use the saw on the rake.

I'm at Michael Myers now.

Nevermind, got it!

whitch rake do you mean??

cant make a fishing rod `cause i have no "Rake" and dont know what a rake is :( and where to find

A rake is a garden tool - you get it in Willy's brain.

It seems I am missing the saw to cut the rake...did anyone say where it is please?

I really hated the Michael Myers bit lol

how can i go back in willys brain ? im out of it without a rake ....i only made the dino small and pass away ..

How do you pass Sideshow Bob? Stuck with a Monkey and an invisible banana peel

how to get past T Rex...got bush and am hiding and rolled doughnut...what next, can't seem to do anything now

thanks for the help guys. I'm out xx

Put the Monkey on the Window at Wardrobe's room, go to Sideshow Bob's room, throw the banana peel at him and wait...

Karo - put the monkey in the window to distract Bob and then go in the room and throw the banana peel x

@Kashe...you need a get small pill and the slingshot

Kashe, combine the slingshot with the pill and throw it to the dinosaur. Then take paper with code for Willy's door

Kashe - use the shirnking pill with your slingshot and aim at t-rex x

Where is the saw please?

How do i get down the monkey?

oh I may have to start over cause I cant come out from bush or i die every time

oh I went back to ladder area and found items...thanks guys

Is there any body there?

Kashe use the trampolin to get the ladder, then use the ladder to get the rake, then go down get the ladder again and use it to get the donut, when u dont reach use the rake

Am I invisible?

got past t rex thnx

I am here norka but haven't gotten very far yet


Is there a saw?...haven't found it yet

Saw is in the room with balloon guy. After passing the bees.

Ya just now trying to pass bees.....frustrating, thanks Peke

How do I get the monkey?

the saw is in the room with Mr. Bumblebee Man

You have to put the banana on the floor, so the monkey comes down.

Hello guys.. I got past the bees but didn't get banana and now I can't seem to go back because jetpack is out of fuel and gone from my inventory!

nvm! got balloon :D

to get past Samara, place black hole in front of tv screen....must say, they could have done a little bit better on the proof-reading

How to get past the abyss?

you need the vine to tie to the light and the magnetic boots


ok i'm giving up, can't figure out how to get past the michael meyers clones :P

Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 Walkthrough Video Available Here! http://youtu.be/xMH5ueKqP9U

Anybody still here? I have cat but no saw or anything. Can't get the jetpack without that no glasses I believe. Stuck!

I see, you have to talk to Prof. Fink, then you get the jetpack.

Friwi you have to find the cat for the prof. Then he gives you the jetpack. Be carefull with the ramp. It's broken!

Finally did the bee thing. Best is to move across the ceiling and pass through the last 2 in the middle.


howto pass the dinosour?

video walkthrough:


if anyone is having trouble flying through the bee room, just literally flying over them is the easiest method ... go to the tippy top of the room and go straight across, just wait for the last bee to give you enough room to fly by

how do we get pass the abyss tried vine and magnetic boots but didnt wrk

i tried so mny times but still didnt wrk

couldn't have done it without WT.
The bees and Myers rooms were :P

@Isabella: You have to select the boots and click on the ceiling rather than on Bart. Then Bart will automatically wear the boots and invert and you'll be able to walk along the ceiling.

I put the green glasses on and then went to talk to medusa and she pulled them off and turned me to stone...can't figure out how to do this part...

Got it with the WT. Thanks!

Game froze just as I stepped to the last square of the green/yellow gird. Not restarting.

dont have to pass medusa and scorpion first before passing the bee stage.

give the phone charger to teacher skinner

anyone get past mike myers room?

how to kill bees ?

How do get past Alien Girl and the scorpion

Don't know what to do after myers room

Yay, finished

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