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Crazy Asylum

Crazy Asylum is a new Room Escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Your nightmares of the asylum have haunted you for years. Now it's time to face your fears! Do you have what it takes to make it through the crazy asylum? Good luck and have fun!

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Oops, a new selfdefiant game. And I'm not very good at those, but who cares, lets go in...

This is a very different style. Not stuck yet and on room 3.


Loading another SD game!!!

You are right, fairy, it is different. Stuck at 'argosy' too? Thought it would be the date of the first issue, but no...

Yes, way different!!

For Argosy click above the magazine title and you should get a multiplication question

Thanks fairy!!!

It's above the "A", above space between G and O and above the Y.
I'm stuck in a room with a shape box.

fairy, look right above the chair, on the wall, there are numbers there...

reminds me of ainars in a way.

I'm stuck in the room with the 6 colored pictures and the door slamming...

I don't know what to do with them. I've tried clicking the shapes 5 times then the next one 3 and so on.

Oh wait got it. Silly me.

I'm stuck at the triangle box. From "he who falls asleep will rise to the west. She who is right will always be left up" I thought the order must be left-right-left-up. Didn't work. Any hints?

fairy, are you talking about the box where you can change the symbols from circle to triangle/star/square? If yes: look at the number and count the corners (e.g. star=5) on the symbols on the box.

HorstR, there are directions hidden in that hint. The solution is


       Anonymous  5/7/13, 5:58 AM  

6 color pictures is on order of rainbow + violet.

Yes with the picture room the doll at the door is violet.

where are the numbers for the shapes box?

there is a hot spot upper right and when I click it the comments say "strange..."

zoe there is a word on the wall that might be upside down

i'm stuck on the three colored dials. found all the hints but can't translate...

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:04 AM  

Do not knopw the word in room with paper ash-nut.
it is not sunhat.

Oh...it's so dark I didn't realize it was a word!

Oh yes, different indeed. Stuck in room 3 with roman numbers. Have 6947 but won't work on safe. Any hint ?

Thanks escapism :-)

oh dear....left, right, past, not right, not left, wow how confusing is that?

Stuck with right-left clue. Help, please!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Domzodom - There is another word that is much more appropriate to the setting. Try an anagram solver.

Emmes - thats the number I used - 6947. Not sure why it wont work.

Jamie - think of the dials as clocks.

I'm stuck in room 16 I think. I have a comode and a safe. I need to find a number clue for the safe.

Thx fairy, tried a couple of times and then in worked. Don't know why it did not work the first time.

Xaxa: left right clue


Still stuck with the colors, can't get the rainbow+violet thing

fairy i never clicked on the 9...

now in the room with the safe. i always stink at these puzzles

Thx escapism!

Left right - click each corridor in order.


POP, seems that I haven't hit the violet door at the right time...

It is


       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:12 AM  

don't know what to do in room with avoid serpents?

If you turn the light on in the room with the safe there are red numbers.

escapism - the doll behind the door is violet.

I tried your solution above for the rlrrlrlrrl, but that didn't work for me.

I'm clicking the right and left hallways. Is that what I'm supposed to do?

domzodom - the serpents are the green heads, so avoid them on the wheel

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:14 AM  

serpents was all red but not the 4 with snakes.

i got the number hint mikers but i can't pass the safe.

Woohoo just loading!! :)

Pop...it finally worked.

Got the hint "Come in Light Empower All Near Sanity Eternally and whole" after window click. What's the answer?

I was never good at opening combination locks like the one on the safe. Does anyone know which directions you have to turn the dial and how many times?

What am I supposed to do in the room with the six colored frames? Is the way the door opens and closes a code?

SD has gone "dotty" LOL

POP. Left-right-left for the combination once you have the numbers.

Ok....so now I'm feeling holy. Or is that holey. OR maybe wholely...

Hmmm feeling a bit silly, on the 'Argosy' level I can see the question... but where do I insert the answer lol?

Room with candles is trial and error, but you have to get them all lit. If one goes out, start over.

keep toughing the holy water and then click on different parts of the room to light the room up.

oops im late ....going in dark asylam

Hmmm 4 digit number from Argosy magazine???

Jo c bang a hole in the leftside wall below pic LOL

Stuck in the "spot the differences" room. Think I'm up to 7 so far.

Finally got ARGOSY level, there is a hot spot on the wall which you keep clicking to find the box lol

oh god im stuck in second room ..how many buttons have to find ?i found 3

pic = window (sorry)

Leroy..see where the'x' is above the title? Click to the far left and far right of that for numbers to multiply.

Jo C - Click the wall on the bottom left and it pulls away paper.

Anyone stuck in the funny chapel thing? I think its like spot the difference - make both sides the same and I've click a few things but am now stuck.

I'm stuck with a crowbar and can only find 4 buttons to press...

NVM ..i found last button ..

oops, I mean three buttons to push, not four yet.

Hi, i am stuck at the 5 shape box, where is a hint for this ?

At least 4 Raasti

Zoe - did you get the one on the right hand side?

Fairy - Still stuck in the chapel. Can't seem to find any more.

ok..found three buttons on the left beside the cupboards, and then one on the lower right of the screen.

POP found it on the wall.

Hmmmm, can't wait to dive in ---- thanks, SD!

TY Zoe

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:28 AM  

Mikers, my last difference was very little in the back in the middle.

LOL thanks for the Argosy level I finally found it... kept missing that hot spot!! Found it, and was so frustrated i could make a hole in the wall with my bare hands lol ;)

near the top right there is a word on the wall when reversed becomes numbers. It's very dark. I had to move my monitor around to see it.

where is hint for arrow door ..?

ohh NVM ..i again found it ....:D

Hello I'm stuck in room trying to use crowbar. How many red buttons are there?

domzodom - finally got it. that was brutal

I'm still stuck with the annoying puppet behind the door and the coloured frames. What do I have to do here?

I managed to find all the differences by scanning my mouse over the whole room. My last was in the middle on the ceiling somewhere.

Now in a room with stained glass windows and some coloured dials. Can't make out which number each is trying to represent.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:33 AM  

Daphne, 3 left, 1 right.

Last room, you must flip dials to other side as hint.

Clock dials arent 10 9 9???

Got the other one on the right

Where is the hint for the left/right safe in the room with the green curtains and lone chair?

Daphne 3 to the left 1 to the right.

Now for the suitcases

pop...there's a button to push under the lamp. Small button

Just keep clicking in the room with cases and find eyes!

Zoe - turn the lamp on.

How many buttons i have to push with crowbar, i only found 3.

Still not sure which numbers the stained glass is representing.

Wow, it's been a while since I quit on a Selfdefiant game, but today's the day. Not much fun in a spot-the-difference if it's too dark to even see anything. I'm pretty sure I moved my cursor over every pixel a dozen times, but no luck.

wht to do in coloured frame rooms ?

now stuck in the room with 6 dials. these dials are a problem for me today.

POP again found last button on the right wall.

I'm still stuck with these stupid colour dials. I've flipped so if it looks like the colour is at 4 I've set it to 8. Can anyone post where they could be set at?

Hint on 3 dials?

I'm just not sure if the colors are meant to be flipped up and down or left and right.. and what numbers they even are on the windows!

@ zazzie help ..wht to do in coloured frame room ...that doll behind door is getting on my nerves ...

@Mikers there's a arrow on the wall telling you to flip the stained glass. Look at it like a clock, a 6 would become 12

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:42 AM  

Mikers, try a bit with the diagonals, look how close to 3 or 9, but do other side, if window is 2 than dial is 8.

POP! It's the rainbow colours! SPOILERSredPOIorangeLERyellowSPgreenOIblueLEindigoRviolet

I'm with you Mikers. And flipping them is causing me more problems.

Green looks like 8
Blue 2
Red 4
Yellow 10
Purple 12
Pink 6

so flipping gives me...
4, 10, 8, 2,12, 6 which doesn't work.

@raasti: click each frame in the order of the rainbow ROY... etc. Then click the face when the door opens

Holly cow, that spot the differences thing was hard, managed to get out there by scanning too! My last one was on the ceiling left up, a 'circle'-kind of thing texture that was different.

Thanks domzodom - I finally got it. If it helps anyone else all the numbers are even numbers and set them opposite where they are on the glass window.

I'm out so can help out :-)

Fairy, 2 would become 8, 10 would become 4 etc.

This game is nice, but I'm kind of in agreement with Marni. I can't find all the spot the difference places, and it's so dark that it's become a "find the hot spot" game and not the differences...

The 3 dials ?
Blue 6, Green 9, red 10

Luke - 3 dials. Make sure you click the blue number on the wall. Ten treat dials as clock faces.


Colours have to be done with timing?

Finally got that worked out. But when an arrow says flip I don't instantly assume it means diagonally!

Only 3 stars for an SD game? I'm just loading so I'll see what I think.

Thanks SD for a different kind of game - it was fun to play.

escapeism - that was it spot the differences - upper left, a circle kind of spot!!

Erm, HorsR, that is what I wrote at 6:12... ;-)

Out. Phew!

Thanx Selfdefiant for that new type of game, enjoyed it a lot!!

I can't find safe in room with green curtains please

raasti- the doll's face is meant to be violet, the 7th color. so if you click the 6 frames in order and wait for the door to open, quickly click the doll's head

Nvm finally worked and then rapidly blessed myself oput of another room..

@Raasti - the face in the door represents the last colour

Daphne, the safe is to the left of one of the green curtains on the left-hand side towards the floor.

Rasti - You have to assume the doll behind the door is violet. Then click each colour in rainbow order



Thank you Mikers

I made the leaderboard for a minute!

What time zone is this forum? Just realised that people are posting at 6.51am then looks at the sunny afternoon out the window and realised I have some gardening to take care of.

I'm in eastern Canada, and the time is three hours behind me. Right now it is 9:54 am for me.

Therefore, the time zone must be California time, or western US time

Serpents was easy...

Wow i am out !
This was a great game SD ! Love the different style a lot :-)

There are 10 orbs.

11.31pm here LOL

I'm liking this concept, but some of the images are too dark to see the clues without pixel hunting. In the room with the blue chair, I couldn't even see the numbers when I knew where they were. Had to use Photoshop to lighten the image!

I fear i missed the sneaky coin LOL....

Sighs ... goes back and plays the danged game again and finishes it ... grumble grumble. :D There was a lot of zooming in and trying to lighten things up just to make out the clues, but I persevered.

can't get the 6 color dials...Spoiler PLEASE!

Yes,there was the "too dark" issue. Since the puzzles were so interesting and fun and varied, it's still 5 stars for me. Maybe the type of puzzle would mean brightening up the room, or something.

im stuck in the room with a box on a bed. can not find the clue to the word.

I am still stuck in the room with the cross. Can't figure out the password

DPotts, there is a hotspot at the radiator which gives a peace of paper with a word which is an anagram.

Room with cross - its the initial letters

Cord use all the CAP letters

anyone spoiler on the 6 dials

I cant find last difference LOL Im getting very frustrated....

Has anyone got a clue for the safe? I see the roman numbers on the wall after turning on the light. But I have no idea how to use them with the safe.

thank you!

POP turn 180 degrees

I enjoyed that for a change. Something to get me thinking.

Any1 still around. Need help:

crowbar room - only find 3 buttons to press - cant get rid of crowbar, no door and no hotspot all

ARGOSY level

After 15 Minutes of searching I give up

what is the number???

Maybe SD could put rings around found differences in future?

EG click above the letters of ARGOSY

math is 6 * 1432


Help with cerowbar room - how many buttons do i need
feel stupid here :)


Thank you very very much!!!!

Unknown 4 I think.. upper left? lower left? lower right? and forget 4th one..

now stuck in the candle room

Someone please spoil the solution for the six colored dials.

@unknown: there are 4 buttons to press.

LoL Leroy...got those 3

got it

finally middle left...maybe was too fast with my mouse

Finally LOL out...

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 7:34 AM  

A very dark pixel hunt. No thanks.

Rank 42 LOL my bad....

There were 4 buttons, 3 on the left wall and 1 on the right wall.

FINALLY!!!! Color dials spoiler: think of numbers as they are on a clock!

Yellow- 4
Pink- 12
Purple- 6
Red- 10
Green- 2
Blue- 8

Sou brasileira... comecei hoje...

Estou presa na sala que tem caixa com letras...

I don't speak english... Sorry...

For the colored dials, you have to flip the positions. (according to msg in hotspot in middle back of room)

Alguém pode me ajudar, por favor ?


I liked it!

@Unknown,try right bottom for the fourth button

This is different -- nice to have a change!

liked playing, but too much of a pixel hunt and too dark. Probably won't play a similar type again

Can anyone help with the suitcases?I found three pair of eyes and I can't do anything else.

Not a patch on Ainars

understand the left right clue however can't find the hotspot to use it......

I got through it with the help of team hints in a few places, but this one is not my favorite. I much prefer a smattering of a story line and free movement throughout the building. In general, I avoid the leveled escape games, but, as a loyal SD player, I persevered this time. :-)

ham giving up as although I understand the which way is right? clue can't find anywhere to use it : (

I think there were 5 sets of eyes. Have you got the red ones too?

clicked the left & right doors as per the clue about a million times - finally it worked. will try one more level. this isn't as much fun as the usual games!

i think i need a little help...when i press buttons on the triangles box from thr room with "he who falls asleep will rise to the west. She who is right will always be left up" but it says nothing happend as a metter a fact i cant press them and i read every comment but nothing

Yes Daphne,I got the red up left and two purple down.Then what?
Souless Minion,try the paths rlrrlrlrrl

sorry SD - not exiting!

Sorry, SD, but having tried everything I can and still not being able to see the hint for the shape box, I'm going to have to pass on the rest of it.

PeteBarbu,the arrows are down,up,left,right,left,up

@LLM the hint for the shape box is just a little right up from that chair

ITs spoiler53045spoiler,but from rigth to left!

@ roula!

@roula thx,i find it at last :P

what to do in "falls asleep will rise" room. All I can do is read message.

Robin,look at my post at 8.47

8.54 not 8.47

Help with 4 digti from argosy

stuck in the room with three dials...

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