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Fantasy Room Escape Walkthrough

Fantasy Room Escape

SmileClicker - Fantasy Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. Use the clues in the appropriate places to get the main key for escaping. Good luck and have fun!

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ok my last flower was in ceiling light..

out ..in second room click every thing ...

mmm cant figure out the small colored boxes puzzle

got it, didn't realize you could move them to the different groups

i clicked and i smiled. nice game, thanks shuchun!

Grr I can't figure out the colored boxes. Is there a clue somewherre that I am missing??

I was hoping for a POP but no such luck!

I haven't got the colors either.

I figured it out. Move the dots so the crosses are each a single color. I didn't realize you could move the dots from cross to cross.

Ah! Razorboy thank you!! I didn't realize that either!

Just swap them until each consists of just 1 color

OK now I'm trying to figure out the number code in the second room...Stuck with 7 pieces of wood a hammer and a knife.

YAY POP worked this time!

silly game

In the second room, I'm missing a board, and I don't know where to use the knife. And I can't see a hint for the 4 colour digit code.

And a hammer.

use knife on seat cover .....4 digit code is inside that white seat ...


Thank you, I missed that hotspot !

where do I use the hammer???

POP..I had enough boards, just didn't realize it because there seemed to be an extra space in my inventory...out!

Fun game!

Zoe....after placing last board, use hammer on pegs to release the crate....boom, out lol

I'm dumb today. Can't find last flower, need three more buttons for clock or somewhere to put the time, and I haven't got a key for the centre/right drawer.

@ marine i played game 2/3 days back ..so dont rem clearly ...may you will get 1 key from the vase on table ..

Thanks raasti, that was it!

WALK THRU (as im getting bore so i decided to do it ..hope it will help someone :)

code on lamp ...to get key (777)

used key on left drawer to get flower

code on back lamp ..push button to see code (444)get another flower

key in rite vase ,used on rite drawer to get flower

flower from the painting

flower from ceiling light

flower from back drawer

button from sliding puzzle (make them of same color)

3 buttons for clock by placing flowers

key from clock after placing button

use key on door

next room

click the thing on table to get knife

used knife on seat cover at left to get 4 digit code (9889) to get plank

click drawer to get hammer

click drum like thing to get plank

plank from drawer at left

plank from ceiling light

from roof

keys from the back wall ...use them to get planks

place planks on the wood ,hammer the pegs ...box will break door ..


great game out with no help makes a change


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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