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Lovely House Escape Walkthrough

Lovely House Escape

Lovely House Escape is another Chinese point and click type room escape games by Qihuanyiyang. In this game, you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Found 3 papers and nothing else.

Henrique- Which do you have?

hi HenriqueGomez,i have 2 placed,looks like there is 1 behind picture,but i can't get it

meant 3 placed

Keep clicking! If you get number puzzle, let me know. Too obtuse for me!

The paper behind the picture on the lower left is pixely... keep trying you will get it... stuck after all four papers are placed.
Hot spot on blue wall lamp on right but so far I cannot figure out why...

Thought the shapes on wall was the clue for blue box, but tried:
1541, 1451, 0541, 0451, and no joy!

Something blue in view door on left side, but cant get it.

Anyone else here? I have 3 pieces of paper placed in empty picture frame. I can see the last piece under the other picture but can't get it. Can't figure anything else out...feeling silly :-(. Is the shapes clue anything to do with the number box? If so the number of sides doesn't seem to work.

thanks fed up,got it

Cant find 4th paper.

WTH is the clue when the 4 papers are placed...and yes the 4th piece is very pixelly

Cant find last paper even using tab.

Picture code looks like multiplication or subtraction puzzle, but makes no sense. I think when you click the lamp, the puzzle piece appears by the rug. Not sure this one is worth the hassle.

So what does anyone make of the clue after placing the four pcs of paper?

Has anyone found a sd? or a key to the box next to the tree on the right?

There was something wrong with my game. Restarted and found the missing paper on the table. It was not there b4.

got me stumped,can't figure out 4 digit code,can't find key or SD

I've tried all sorts of things with the shapes clue to get numbers for the box...the position of the circle, square and star (from under the grille) in the line (6236) but that didn't work, the number of circles, stars etc and that didn't work. I'm giving up lol

oh and I tried the number of fruit on the top of each dessert 1512...no go

Can't blame language on this one , I need some tools!! my clicking finger is getting sore now

Well.. 0450 isn't working as code..

hi clee,think this 1 has everyone stuck

Hello Kevaus
I know between you and Nini you'll have us rolling very soon :)

Don't be so sure about me Clee lol because I'll be leaving very soon

lol,not likely,haven't got a clue

LOL I got the 4 dig code

hi nini,the digit code has every stumped


Wow,nini how ????

This comment has been removed by the author.

still don't get it,please spoil no. code..plzzzz

SPOILER: (a more scientific soln'.... LOL)

98765432 * 9

This comment has been removed by the author.

U owe me, Nini :P.......... ROFLMAO

Well that's Guru with the explanation :)

888888888 ??????

Kevaus square= 8

Match the symbols below screwed vent to their respective number from the equation

thanks,got it :)

I love the smart people on here <3 Thanks for the escape even though it was anticlimactic after the number lol

thanks for code :)

If you guys still want to be challenged, try thi one:


I think it was never posted on EG24. It's a YouYouWin exclusive from March 01, 2013.

I still cant do the code, can you just give the 4 numbers pleas

Sherry - The convoluted picture puzzle gives formula:

Square = 8, star = 7, circle is 4 etc...

Translate code from vent using above - easy after that.

Thank you Hence and Soapy, got it thanks

your right it was easy there after. I cant believe how easy it was, except for the code.

Really missing Poopo games! Wonder why we don't see new Poopo games anymore. They are awesome games! I just replayed some, but many are no longer on this site as playable. Anyone know why?

Dfine "not anymore": The last was Attic Escape in November 2012, which is not so awfully long ago :) Probably Poopo got a new one in the works...

Oh! Where can I play old ones? Many on this site lead to a Japanese page and I can't play them. I found some at puxupo.com. Thanks, arbeitslooser!

Sorry to players! This chat should have been on cbox, but my old pc doesn't co-operate.

I understand how you knew the equation was 98765432X9?
Also, what to do with knife?

Ah--finally cut the pillow

I understand how you knew the equation was 98765432X9?
Also, what to do with knife?

Love the translation E-male LOL

Yes! In times where women occupy lawyers' desks with complaints about getting discriminated because of their gender, we should also introduce E-female so that there are no complaints! =P

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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