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Room Escape: Attic Walkthrough

Room Escape: Attic

TimeFall - Room Escape: Attic is another point and click room escape game developed by Time Fall.  Use your escaping skill to find your way out and don't forget to close the door after you! Good luck and have fun!

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So far, got a key from changing picture, got a saw from below picture/ table, used saw on tv for hammer and got key from elephant (clue on chair) and used hammer on lamp :)

vases in 1st scene are a clue for the bar chart bit (can't think what it is called lol)

Cannons on the ship are clue for the sword puzzle. And found pliers behind cupboard in 1st scene

Clue for round puzzle on floor is off phone, got all the keys. And use the pliers/ cutter after using keys on the lock. And out lol :)

The height is the vases (4 different sizes).

Accidentally gave this 5 stars when opening it - sorry

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Hopefully it will meet your expectations then RSA ;)

Great game like allways, I love Timefall !

Somehow I managed to get the key out of the lantern with the bolt cutters, before I even found the hammer! (Went back and broke the lantern glass with the hammer after I had already removed the key, just to figure out what to do with it.)

Can't find the saw anywhere... Help?!

Got it... I swear I clicked that about twenty times!

Out... anyone stuck?

Saw? i have clicked everywhere is the pic puzzle scene.

the picture puzzle is the brown painting in the phone scene

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Cutters behind cabinet in first scene. Saw at foot of lamp thing next to picture
1.Sword puzzle at bottom of slatted shelves, clue is the way the cannons are facing on the ship
2.Circle puzzle near wheel in first scene, clue is on the phone
3. Picture puzzle
4. Numbers near elephant, clue is on chair back (in first scene)
5. Use saw on TV, get hammer, use hammer on yellow oil lamp
6. Size puzzle next to TV, clue is the vases in the first scene, zoom in on them to get height

Use 6 keys and wire cutters and out

Thanks Soozn for the walk through....did pretty good till I couldn't find the saw....a pixle hunt, but finally got it....good game

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The "saw" is actually an "angle grinder", with a metal cutting disc on it I suppose. I'm sort of a tool guy so I was excited to use an angle grinder in an escape game!

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