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Tower Escape

Detarame Tower Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from Detarame Factory. In this game, you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Too much of a language issue for me to enjoy working on. Sorry.

ghost leg gives a bottle, take to 5th floor and put in front of the statue
answer 3 questions and he opens it

The bottle is used on the fish's eyes....lol

And...I'm stuck!

I lit the fire but can't find the fish....anyone here?

I BF 3 digit gives shovel 28?I think.. I also have fishing rod and hammer(hidden in plants)

POP! got a hammer from the bushes!

hiya leroy..I can't catch the fish...he left! LOL

298 or 299 got the shovel...TY leroy!

Think we need bait LOL at least fisshy has clear eyes now

Where to use the shovel, hammer and fishing rod!? LOL

I still have fire too

Stuck with you LOL I tried to dig up the plants smash the pyramid, hammer the blank sign tried to dig that up too

Can also fast travel LOL

Yep...And when I put the rod in the water,it just shows the rod with empty hook....we do need bait...where oh where to find it? LOL

Lang. barrier not impossible here....

You don't need to brute force nuttin

Got Happy End

use shovel in first scene

I have not found a place in ANY scene where the shovel works...@megi, the scene with the boy? help!

TY for all the help @guruone! LMAO!

Im gonna give up LOL exactly where to use the shovel????

Would someone please tell me how to make the shovel work? TY!

use shovel in first scene (with boy) on pile of something

Well......I am losing patience....so before I say something I'll regret...I'll just say Goodnight!

TY @megi, but I have no PILE anywhere! If I had a pile of anything I would certainly use my shovel there ! LOL

boil water, use it on plants, go to the tree - go to the scene with boy

no pile here either LOL

Clearly, I have missed too may steps...I lit the fire first thing! but...how to carry water? Is there even water in the pot? It does nothing when I click it!

nokra you have to clean fish eyes first

That tells me nothing LOL I quit!

the hammer worked on the highest floor.

OUT with a horse

hi there. still have hammer and torch and got a ferret (or somtething) cant go up to the final level. what do i have to do?

a. somhowe managed to use the hammer on the ground of the 11th floor and could go up. but im not sure what happend next. i fought a dragon end my ferret got a sad friend sitting on the floor and got a horse on the final floor...

now the boy stoppt crying but the old man looks kind of sad now... still got happy end :-)

Weird game. I got the happy end with the horse, but never used the fishing rod. After putting the boiled water on the plants, I got new floors. On 10, 3 wrong answers will get you a peach. On 11 use the hammer. On 12 you'll find a dragon. Go back to the boy and you should now have a pile to dig in with the shovel. Pull out the odd animal and feed it the peach. Then feed this animal to the dragon on 12. Go up one more floor and click on the peanut-looking thing. This will become a horse which you give to the boy.

Hi alls
lit fire but how take boiling water please??

I cant even figure out how to get water..lol

Anyone still here?

always stuck Lisa, wait for a hint but...

did u get water in pan

no, not found pan

I found pan where u lit fire but can figure out where to get water or clean fish eyes...lol..from hints above

not pan for me :(
got a sort of bottle, put it in front of statue on 5th floor, answered 3 questions and put bottle on fish eyes (in zoom)in hole 2nd floor

wow ok do u know left -right hint for chest?

For chest look at ghost leg on paper above

and retry and found !! take pot in 4th floor, fill water in 2nd floor (after cleaning fish eyes)
and return 4th floor and lit fire

thank u for all ur help

sorry fill pot in 1st floor not 2nd

in 8th on chest click to have a worm on chest to get a lever
put it on the right
go in 6th take money
go in 9th, give money at right cat to have a shrimp
return to fish in 1st, give fish to left cat = code cb (299) in 3rd and got shovel

Nokra if you come back LOL take the pot first then light the fire...

Well that was pot luck. Galloped away on a horse at the end. No idea what it all means.

Neither have I.

And it was quite easy except for the fact that you have to know that the tree on 10th floor does NOT block the way.
I thought that, and just in desperation clicked everywhere and ... I was in the 11th.

BTW, it must be noted that the last floor is the 12th. No Asian author would ever touch the 13th.

TY Leroy! I am surprised nobody took the time to do a WT! Guess I will! Whatever you do, DON'T light the fire before taking the pot! LOL

Click the boy, then dialog box until it gives you a torch

Enter castle, go to 4th floor and grab the pot

Go up to 6th and take fishing rod

Go up to 7th and find a hammer hidden in the bushes

Click 3F at right (transporter mode) and zoom ghostleg puzzle...use the L/R moves to open the chest, get a Crystal

Go to 5F and place it in front of statue
Click old man in inventory and then dialog box
There are 3 questions...answer them (you get as many tries as needed to get it right) and the laser eyes open the crystal, Take bottle

Go to 2F, look into hole, use bottle in each eye
Now, you can go to 1F and fill the pot with water!

Go to 4F, light fire, place pot, wait for it to boil and take pot! Go to 7F, use pot there ....

Go UP!!! There are more floors...
Go to 10F and answer the tree's question
Go to 11F and use hammer
Go to 12F and see a Dragon!!!!

On 8F solve chest for a handle for thing at right, use it for the removal of pyramid on 6F, open chest for a coin...
Give it to the cat on 9F for a shrimp...we go fishing now!

Tah Dah!! Take fish to other cat for a paper clue
Use it on closet on 3F for the shovel.(bf'ing the number takes you nowhere fast! lol)

Go to first scene, dig and find a squirrel?

Now, the only thing left to do is talk to the tree...answer wrong until you get a fruit from it
Feed it to the squirrel, he fights the dragon....

You may go to top floor now, grab a bag which contains a horse

Give horse to boy for HAPPY END!

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