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Detarou - Sofu Cafe Walkthrough

Detarou - Sofu Cafe

Detarou - Sofu Cafe Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Detarou. Gather items, solve some puzzles to escape this room. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Roberto via EG24 Chat]

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Detarou-Sofu Cafe Escape Walkthrough

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Could just do with a coffee...

ahh! a Detarou! In ~~

Already played this game. Very funny again :)
Not very difficult this time.
Btw. don't forget to save, you can die (if you do the pandas without giving them water).


black/white hint on middle cb, + - hint from sign on wall
Use both on man inside box

what this old man is doing on table ?is he going to die soon ..:0

Do the black/white buttons on the head of the man in the box backwards. Hi Raasti!

look at the arrow sign for hint ..which Nini gave

Opened cb with colors

i got something from the mouth of man lying on stool

Hehe I never resist to die to the Panda

I am stuck on how to get SD from man, what to do with teeth and how to open toilet.

shoot i click the panda ..& i died ....

EnJoy me too!

Solve the puzzle below the hippo (dolls heads is clue) and then you get a glass out of the hippo's **s

cupborad is opened by the clue on picture ...

I think I have a denture-cleaning tablet. Do we need a container for the water?

Lol, I warned you for dying Nini and Raasti :)

haha s-t never saw that puzzle thx!

Hotspot under center of hippo for arrow puzzle

Now theet are clean!

Need another key...

Haha use liquid from glass on panda!

From the cbox:

ceebee: oooooh.......... these are usually a little bizarre - fun, but odd LOL

PurpleLogic: All the game posting ppl here must be asleep, cuz not here yet
Roberto: Join us ceebee! 1 hour staring at a toilet!

PurpleLogic: Oh yes Funny and disturbing
small-tool: You have to solve the arrows below the hippo (with the dolls heads) first to progress. Bye.

PurpleLogic: back to hippo tush LOL

PurpleLogic: Missed that hotspot
Roberto: Ops! Never saw those arrows.

PurpleLogic: I do not know why, but I spilled leftover water on sleeping man
Roberto: Guess that poor hippo would prefer a suppository!
ceebee: LOL - still catching up

PurpleLogic: Stayed in the sleeping man scene and he woke up screamed and sat up
Roberto: finally got SD

PurpleLogic: Me too

PurpleLogic: Do you understand the shape wheel?

PurpleLogic: I mostly understand, but not sure where to line up the symbols... toop or on the left or right line?
Roberto: top
Roberto: You can put second disc inside frame, but stuck again

PurpleLogic: Yes I placed the red wheel there

PurpleLogic: I have not done the toilet yet
Roberto: put umbrella to bottom.
Roberto: Have to leave. Good luck! Back later.

PurpleLogic: TY again
Roberto: YW

ceebee: How did you get the 2nd disc?
ceebee: nvm..........have to run too ...........bye

PurpleLogic: Once you rotate the white disc per the code, remember to press button for each symbol when it is on the top, you can click to remove

Use the glass again (on man in bed).

ok im stuck with teeth & some round card hint ...what is next step ?

Made sleeppy man "pee" his pants...

Yes, I have the teeth cleaned, just poured water on man sleeping in bed... making progress

Give mask to man to get SD
Use SD on box on 1st scene for a wrench of some sort

where are dolls guys ?cant see them

Use wrench on cb u opened with colors/numbers and water will start flowing..

dolls in CB under man, right side

Botttom right cupboard on man sitting on cupboard.

raasti inside right cb on 2nd room
Got 2nd round disk

oops found them in one of cabinet ...Im slow today ..:()

Tried to solve code in restroom by leaving sun on top (frame in 1st room) but it didn't work..
Trying again!

Hmmm umbrella on the bottom.. got silver thingy

Stop water from flowing and use silver thingy where u inserted teeth

code on bathroom is not working for me ..

LCPH not working :(

raasti turn white disk till umbrella is on the bottom then close lid



lol.. explanaton?

Oh duh! for got to put red disk in place

ohh sorry i had a wrong ...i have to open that wheel thing from the hint ..

@ Nini where you used teeth

i dont understand i opened that wheel thing than i closed it but what i get after doing all this ..?

raasti second room

For stamp to get perfect end: look at dolls aagain

oh did not realize this was still live , will try to catch up but stuck on the black white clue already

ohh ok i remove that white disk & placed red one there ..told you im slow today LOL

Open all 3 cupboard doors and you see the black white hint is on an arrow pointing left, so use the hint backwards.

raasti u need to stop water from flowing to see the place where u onsert teeth...

oh i did that but nothing happened, did it open the door

now again placed white disk in frame to get bathroom code ..finally

On the guy in the box Bigtank, then use the + - hint from the picture on his, lol, nipples :)

The only thing better than a Detarou game, is a Detarou game live. But I'll settle for the game!

Bigtank, after that use the + - (from the picture) on his nipples :)

help ..i dont kno what im doing ..when i put white disk in frame than wht to do ..& still dont kno how to stop water ..?

& where to use that code 35PH ...

Raasti, you stop the water the same way as you turned it on. Go to that cupboard again and turn it off.
White disk in frame gives the code for the toilet (but put umbrella on the correct place).

raasti to make water flow u inserted the lever tihngy inside cb right? just turn it again :)

ok ..what is the correct place for umbrella ?

Raasti the hint for that is on that frame. The umbrella is at the bottom so turn the disk till the umbrella is at the bottom and then close it and see the colours

lol I guess s-t will take care of things here.. I'll be leaving then! bai bai everyone and good luck ~~

Oops, got go soon as well Nini :)
But I think all the hints are in the comments now.

ohh god ..i swear small tool i did this first but it wont opened ..now its work may be i put wrong symbols ..

Oops, got to go soon as well Nini :)
But I think all the hints are in the comments now.

finally ray of light ...thank you for all the help

these games are hard ...

Perfect end. go back and look at dolls in right cupboard and then visit the hippo again

Oops.. Nini already posted perfect end

Video walkthrough in case anyone needs to peek... I did!



Better *SAVE* the game before you attach the wrench!! It happened once that the small door closed but there was no lever!! Gladly I had a saved game (though saved way earlier) which prevented me from having to start over...

Out with best end.

Gee, that digi-code stuff left me totally dumbfounded!!

For everyone who can't make sense of the red disc:

Direction: counterclockwise (known from the hint inside one of the drawers)
You only need to consider the characters where the LIGHT IS WHITE.
Consequently, you will skip those where the light goes off.

("Light" = the small light source shining through a hole in the disc when a character is on the 12 o'clock position)

Looks like everyone might be gone already, but where is the white disk?

The white disk you get when turning on the water with the wrench like thing, so the switch (in the tube) opens the door (and also shows the order to push) in the view to the right of the hippo.

There's supposed to be 3 endings? I only saw 2.

robin - the 3ed is if u pour the glass of water in pandas face - they fall to the hole

robin - the 3ed is if u pour the glass of water in pandas face - they fall to the hole

Holy, this one's weirder than ever :)))

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