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Dilapidated House Escape Walkthrough

Dilapidated House Escape

EnaGames - Dilapidated House Escape is another point and click type room escape games by Ena Games. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck have fun!

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Persistent sound each time you enter main room.

Maybe this game isn´t working as it should.

hi Roberto

No kidding Roberto! (RE: persistent sound. Not so sure about the rest yet.)

found musical notes, head shower, beer? blue box and two numbers

maybe I need to broke something

Break the beer bottle on the bed.

break bottle on bed for key

Hi all! Guess notes should work on that door in reverse order but nop!
Got head shower, 4 cards used, paper clue from sink cb and a burning lamp.

Roberto where is the lamp. I have matches and shower head.

I'm with u Roberto...lol, my brain isn't working

Use SD on mirror in bathroom to get another key evans.

Yes, have used both keys, still no lamp.

bug, I have another key from bed in the meddle of my screen

Lost, revisited bed scene, and now a ghost key follows me everywhere.

You can switch tub faucet but nothing happens.

ok I gave up... come back later. Good time guys

Use key again in chest to get rid of it.lol

restarted and used keys in different locks. got lamp from chest but can't open sink cupboard for hint now.

What different locks? There are only 2 locks. Where did you use your keys?

there is a lock on the chest, on the cupboard under the stove in kitchen, on the cupboard inside music notes door, on the door to get out.
I am out finally. glitchy game

Did you all get out?

Finally opened musical notes door by try and error. Sequence makes no sense.

Where did you use the saw on?

Couldn´t find anything inside 4 colors room.

Roberto, did you get a hint for colour code?

use saw in bathroom. turn handle on left off and then cut pipe where leak was. in dark room use lamp and get 2 stars to open box on floor. then you need "jug" off shelf. drag it to screen, add pipe and shower head. get water for watering can you made from tub on right side bathroom floor to water cactus at exit door right side

I tried the musical notes in the given sequence and it failed. Tried again with the reverse order and didn't work, tried again the given order and worked...
I also tried using the ghost key on CB where Evans said and didn't work. :/

Me either, color code was, I think, in locked cupboard in area behind notes door

Ghost key DID work on the door on the back, behind notes door. LOL now I need a 4 digit code for that same door and key for CB.

Where's the saw?

Cant find the color code. Have a key from the cacti but doesnt work anywhere?

the saw is in the "dark" room on the left, after you pass the door with the music symbols

OK, POP. Got 2 stars from coins lying in dark room after putting lamp.
That opened a cabinet on the right down in that room. Got key and that key opened the cupboard in the room after the music notes and got color code for door on the right.
Now puzzled what to do there.

key goes into the middle door in the scene after you open the music symbols door

grab book bottom right shelf

Thnx Jen, was clicking like crazy on those books... after your comment I could take one...!!!

ok thanks for hints ..esp abt ghost key & for book JEn....

Hm, where are the matches?

Ohh, the blue box were the matches!

klicked somewhere - don't remember where - and a place for the musical notes opened. Placed the three I had there and they disappeared; now I can't find them again and the order in which I placed them doesn't work (tried to brute-force the 4th one, but no)

Gave this game just one star because of the music glitch which annoyed me.

I can only find 3 music notes: treble clef, single eighth note and 2 eighth notes. Where's the other?

POP--all of a sudden I could pick up the playing cards when I couldn't before! Maybe you can't be zoomed....

How do you open the blue box/book looking thing? I've clicked everywhere and can't find anything else to do. This is a very annoying game.

Okay I guess the blue thing was a box of matches. Put it on the lamp and now the lamp is lit. What to do now??? I can't get the door open with the six things that clickable, just inside the music notes door on the left.

Okay I give up. Stupid game, very annoying. Even looked up walkthroughou videos and they don't work. What a waste of time. Idk how anyone got through this game, and there aren't enough clues to figure it out.

I did it all with no help, except for getting the book at end. I was foiled by a bug, I moved top books, then when I clicked on bottom books, they were moved like top books, so I thought I was clicking on top books again, not bottom.

Other than that, I did it all.



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