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Dont Escape

Dont Escape is a new point and click type room escape game developed by scriptwelder. Use mouse to interact with objects. Use the hourglass to finish the game when you think you are ready. Good luck and have fun!

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Got it on the fourth try...

Nice retro-looking backward escape game =)

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use axe on chairs and table, put planks to shut window
use key to shut the door and drag shelves on door

found root on barrel, put all ingredients on water on fireplace (lit fire
poured potion on meat , put meat on hook

Hi all, where did you find axe please??

axe outside the house near wood

aw thx. not used to just be allowed to leave the house..

Replayed it twice now, and can't get the potion ingredients right again...

don't forget chain on roof
and click on floor in view fireplace (to find meat and spices)

for potion don't forget mushroom outside

For potion use three ingredients, omitting the root.

Is 'A Calm Night' the ultimate outcome?

I haven't a clue what to do despite your clues. I have rope, a herb, a glass bottle, an axe, some logs and a key...

how to lit fire ?i hav key which is not unlocking chest where to use it ?

oh there is something on the floor where fireplace is ...

Now got a root too. How do you light up the fireplace scene? Where's the water? Where's the chain on the roof and the mushroom outside...
So many questions!

i got GOLDEN key from under the bed ..its for chest ..

Where did you click on the floor in front of the fireplace? All I'm getting is a broom I don't need and an empty fire place.

Thanks for the bed/key tip. Still struggling though.

its on rite side on floor ..@ smarties

i now lit a fire can close door & window ..& hav hammer & nails also

There are two keys in the window scene.
Chain, mushroom, firewood and axe are outside the front door.

chop table & chair with axe ...

where is recipe of that potion ...?

I blocked the window, locked the door and blocked it, meat with potion hanging at the hook - and now?

Recipe is under the message, but it's a bit confusing. Three ingedients, don't use the root.

And I tied myself with the rope? some kind of bondage here? :D

Thank you - now got all those things. Screen is very small and dark so just clicking away all over the place! Think I just need meat.

If you have the potion, pour it on the meat.

ok make a potion ...put mushroom ,root & herbs in pot ..then collect it in flask ..hooked meat & poured potion on meat ..

i poured it on the meat, but still have herbs and stuck

oh, not herbs, but spice - sorry

to lit fire there is a thing in a drawer

Herbs go in the mix =)

then what should i open door ?

After the meat is poisoned and you are tied and chained, click on the hourglass.

Logs have finally agreed to go in the fireplace! How do I light the fire?

raasti, put spices too (found in floor view fireplace)

@smarties to lit fire there is a something in a drawer

TY Seb - just seen your comment.

Is A Calm Night the best Ending?

hmm...so i missed to use spice in potion...replay?

yeah werewolf is free & also me i think ...:)..why there is boy hero ..why dont they make girl faces :)

I don't know Werner, thought I ve got bad end :(

click with hook and rope on head in inventory but don't know if it's a good thing for end...

oh no! I killed ppl in a frightful night!
Okay...replay WITH spices in potion *lol*

Ok, I'm doing abysmally on this game - where is the meat please?

Noone got hurt with the Calm Night scenario, seb, so I assume it's the best end...

But I have the root left, and it makes me wonder =)

@Emily got same bad end WITH spices so...

Meat is where you found the spices, smarties...

For Calm Night: spices, mushroom and herbs...

hmm...so what did i missed?
Just had bad end with spices too...

thanks Werner , probably the root (I put root in potion)

Thanks Werner.

Oh dear - forgot to lock the window and wiped out an entire village...
Thanks for the help anyway all of you!

oh there is more than 1 end ..i don't even care to read just thought wolf is free..game finished ,,:0

The Werewolf always escapes. But in order to achieve 0% (and a calm night), make sure the door is locked and blocked (with cabinet), windows are locked (with small hook on window) and barricaded with planks and nails, meat is soaked with potion and hung on the hook, and you are tied up with rope and chain...

If you want the werewolf to get killed.... simply don't do anything!
At the beginning of the game just use the hourglass; the werewolf will kill 10 people, eating some of them alive, but the rescue party will manage to kill the beast.

If you want the 0%, follow the instructions up here... but the werewolf will escape.

I thought I'd write a walkthrough, since there still seems to be some confusion.

Go outside
Get axe from stump
Get wood logs from ground near stump
Get mushroom from ground near fence post
Get chain near roof of cabin
Go back inside
Get rope from wall
Turn right
Get bottle from table
Read note on table
Click second page on left to read recipe
Click bottom of screen to exit note
Click darker floorboard at very bottom of screen
Click trap door to open
Get meat on wall below trap door
Get spice from bin
Click bottom of screen to exit trap door
Turn right
Open third drawer down in dresser
Get tinderbox
Click jacket to get key
Click under bed to get small key
Turn right
Use small key on chest
Click chest once to open
Click chest again to get hammer & nails
Get dried herb from hook
Use axe on table to make planks
Get planks
Turn right
Close door
Use key on door to lock it
Click on left side of shelf to block door
Turn right
Put mushroom, spice and herb in pot
Put wood logs in fireplace
Light fire with tinderbox
Use bottle on pot to take potion
Use potion on meat
Turn right
Close window
Lock window (click small latch)
Put planks on window
Use hammer & nails on planks
Turn right
Put meat on hook
Use rope on yourself (face in inventory)
Use chain on yourself
Click hourglass in inventory

Note: ignore the root sitting on the barrel. It's useless, and if you put it in the potion, the potion will not work and you won't get the best ending.

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