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Find HQ Beach House Walkthrough

Find HQ Beach House

Find HQ Beach House is another point and click type room escape game by HoodaMath. Try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles.Good luck and have fun!

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Find HQ Beach House Walkthrough

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Hi hi! :D

LOL! How nostalgic! Buga Buga from Crash Bandicoot games!

Hi, going in :)

Hi all. I am stuck with 3 feathers and a scroll.

jen.. Me too but I also have fish.. can't use it anywhere

Same here, jen. Stuck with a fish and a scroll (used). Tried to grill fish, but it didn't work.

need one more feather

Oh! Click poles from lowest to highest number


did you need pole for fish?

Yup jen! Use it on mask scene

Thanks Nini. At first I thought you meant low to high in height. You meant low number to high number.

i cannot find pole..

jen, it's in the house under the anchor.

I mean "below" the anchor.

jen when you first enter house below anchor

lol right in front of my eyes!! ty


and out, like these games.

@Nini: I think you mean Aku-Aku.

Well.. Idk.. never really knew his name! haha

Thanks Nini for the pole clue, was trying shortest to highest. Love these games!

Need help with the # box please

Stupid. Figured it out.

Nice one, a little more involved than most of the earlier ones, yet not Asylum-level hard.

what to do with the fish

i loved the comments of game .favorite one 'you looked great"

Poles and numbers - devious

Love all Self Defiant games, but can't we have another Sneaky or Asylum one --please.

btw @ Nini thanks for your pole clue ..that was the only hint i needed..:)

I can't get the letter box HELP i get KIVI don't work

I can't get the letter box HELP i get KIVI don't work

It's KIWI, not KIVI!

I can't use the fish anywhere and I'm missing one feather.

Finally, it worked ! I clicked the poles from lower to higher number, but I had to try several times before it worked.

To get out, do the maths you see in the sky and use it on the box in the same screen :)

I did a nice job :)

Thanks HoodaMath for this great game !

have mave green and yellow feathers and a fish i cant bbq it,am i missing a feather if not i cant get fish in to the bbq

got the blue feather had to click bird on pole

place feathers on tikkis head new place to go and ya out.love these games

cant get the colored arrows ):


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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