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Hidden Objects Escape Walkthrough

Hidden Objects Escape

Hidden Objects Escape is point and click escape/hidden object game created by Ainars and sponsored by HiddenObjects. Examine all house locations, search for different items and clues to solve various puzzles. Obtain and use exit key to escape. Good Luck!

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dItto yay ..!!

on sink keep changing shapes direction to get STAR ..A1

then hint for the sink is on the counter to the right of the sink. very faint.

missing one wizard (teddy bear) switch, one star and have a blue lady bug left

POP! gotta love POP!

check the C1 ..carefully ..

I;m out now, will stick around if anyone needs help

blue ladybug is in the stove view - top left ish

Blue ladybug - toaster view - wall to the left of toaster, there's a pane.

Jo-Ann, did you find the black ladybug?

missing two teddy bears and a penguin

@ aitch black lady bug is in B2

im out now ..:)

yes, aitch, I am out now, will go back in to see if I can find where it was

Missing the middle flower (yellow).

Tks, JoAnn. I think it must be in the statue head.

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I found it. In b2 next to the vase.

This comment has been removed by the author.

also check C - very carefully! I was stuck for ages.

A Very Good Game - took some thinking! - exceptionally nice graphics!!!!!!

Missing one teddy bear, one penguin, one butterfly and two stars. Can anyone help?

POP! Got them all...

That wall in the shells/Moai scene...Very tricky!!!!!

Am I too late to join?

@kaminari, never too late. I'm missing one teddy bear.

POP, of course!

Fun as ever.

@Me2 Same here. Did you find the slot for blue bug?

Oh found it...kitchen

Sorry for sounding stupid but when you put in all the stars there's a sound but what happens?

And out! Nice game...typically Ainars!

found a bug. put the last star into the star safe without zooming in and got stuck in star view. not restarting

There's a gray box next to the painting in D1, that won't open for me. Anyone know what that is?

LOVE Ainars!!! Excellent game!!

I am missing two bears and a penguin, looked everywhere, I am close to give up.

Grey box is not opening for me either.

not sure if anyone is still around

2 teddies
1 penguin
2 stars
2 butterflies
and have strange key like thingy....

key thing probably for door - of course

aah - key for the padlock in B/B1!

ok - that gave me another butterfly but nothing else....

I am exactly where you are Souless, so stuck !

and the grey box in D1 won't open....


Thank you Ainars was looking forward for your games, thank you

ok - clicked everywhere

had a good look back through the posts - lots of POP's and not a lot of clues.

trying C/C1 again & the shells wall


A x2 (left skirting board & teddy safe)
A2 - blue safe
B - right wall
C1 - behind plant
C3 - purple safe
C4 - above left head
D1 - bottom left corner of painting


B - pink safe
C - above chair
C4 - between middle & right heads
D x 2- left of door & next to penguin safe

Grey box in D1 is not a box to open. That was the lid on the picture hiding the teddy to click.

thanks small tool : )

yay - finally found another teddy & the last penguin in C - hotspots very very well hidden above the chair

gives last teddy button & last butterfly in D

and medal for moon safes

which give coloured shapes

and then key


LNS - you were right about C being tricky ; )

after putting all stars in, click on safe to get orb.

thanx @souless minion for c hotspots !!daaamn !! :-)

im stuck missing brown item i have coin left cant find it and it looks like i not got black bug to open a3 field

found what i needed and im out

Keep them coming . . . . .



A ..teddy bear on wall

pannel for teddy bear

STAR on top


STAR ...from solving puzzle ..hint on rite of sink


blue ladybug puzzle on tiles

middle stove circle puzzle



BLAck lady bug puzzle


Green lady bug

PINK lady bug puzzle

lock pad need key

TEDDY BEAR on rite wall


STAR 1 & 2 on wall

star 3 near vase

BLACK BUG near vase




purple bug

penguin 1

penguin 2

teddy bear ..all on back wall


KEY on plant

butterfly puzzle on plant




field C2

STAR on flower

cicle puzzle

field C3





teddy bear on wall

PENGUIN b/w 2nd & third statue

flower puzzle


penguin on wall

another PENGUIN


also stars puzzle

field D1

GREEN BUG puzzle

on pic TEDDY BEAR ..press green button

pink bug under tV

circle puzzle

now take a round again ..

blue bug in A2 ...GIV TEDDY BEAR

black bug in A3 giv FLOWER

pink puzzle giv B penguin

use key on lock now you are in

field B1


circle puzzle

in C3 PURPLE bug ..giv butterfly & teddy bear

field D

check penguin safe to get BUTTERFLY & TEDDY BEAR

go to teddy bear safe in A to get star


green bug giv STAR

red bug giv STAR

now you hav 4 butterflies

go to C1 ...& get another star

use flowers in C4 to get star

place STARS in puzzle ..

click the safe again to

get circle disc

again use it in A2 ,C2 , B1,D1

get puzzle pieces for puzzle in field B3......get key .go out


I wonder why this is under "Hidden Objects"? Looks and plays like a typical Ainar's game.
Anyway, thanks Ainars.

Excellent, just back from a bike rally and the brain needed the exercise

I need green butterfly. 2 more teddies, pink thing to open they box to a ladybird

Too late for help I fear but I've got all 4 butterflies but no place to put them. Can see a square on the plant but nothing happens when I click it. Anyone still out there?

Good old pop. The butterflies stick to the plant around the box. Once placed, get last star. (Probably my dark screen causing problems again...)

Oh no - somehow missing one star...

In the black skirting board behind the vase in B2...

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