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Kidnapped Boy Escape Walkthrough

Kidnapped Boy Escape

Games2world - Kidnapped Boy Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games2World. A Boy was kidnapped and locked inside a house, help the boy to escape from the house by finding the items and clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Stuck woth 4 logs, shovel (used once), spider, and lit match

give the spider to fish

spider goes in the fishbowl. No idea what to do with the 4 logs.

Nini there are 2 ropes near ceiling

Heather I tried that many times already

Hi Megi , I knw I've seen them can't use my logs there
(btw.. POP got 3rd gem! )

Gosh! I click 100 times and nothing .. suddenly I have ropes in my inv

i can only find 2 logs....

opps found them!

brin3m after u remove them, click one at a time to pick them up

Out! ...Terrible game lol

Finally! Use the shovel on the middle drawer.

Got the powder in the fireplace. How do we use the match?

I swear I tried many times to strike the match on the side of the box. NOW it works!

Stuck with logs tied together and the watering can.

Peggy, you have to drag the match box down from inventory to get a zoomed in view - then you can get a match

drag the matches into the middle of the screen click to open the match box. Click to get the match. Then drag the box down again and drag the match onto the box to light it. Click on the lit match to get it and then you can use it.

Peggy: click and drag matchbox to the middle of the screen, use match on box to light it, get powder from second drawer (use shovel), put powder on fireplace, use lit match there, use shovel again , get diamond

use the watering can on the vase on the table.

SunshineRR4 use watering can on flower vase, table scene


I think that you have to place the diamonds to make things happen.

I held the diamond in inventory, and could not use the watering can. Then after placing the diamond the watering can worked.

Coincidence or design? :)

What do we do with the tied logs?

Nope.....strike that last comment. Am replaying and everything is working fine now, even without placing the diamonds. Bit of pixel hunt is all.

Peggy u only use them after ur out of the house..
How many diamonds do u have?

I only have 3 diamonds. One from vase, one from fish, one from fireplace.

Peggy use shovel where u got the logs :)

Thank you Nini. I thought I had tried everything there. Apparently not.

Have logs tied together and four diamonds.

Oh, duh, never mind.

Well, that was odd.

That was pixely and annoying - I hate it when things aren't picked up on the first click so you think it can't be picked up (e.g. ropes!)

This made sense.......if you're high on meth.

Terrible! Pixely, illogical, and somebody needs to learn how to put decent, non-annoying looped music into a game... Yeesh!

page with virus

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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