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August 4, 2018

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Old Room: Escape From Book Walkthrough

Old Room: Escape From Book

[MOBILE] [REPLAY] Old Room: Escape From Book is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by IzumiArtisan. In this game, you were absorbed by an old mysterious book while reading it: suddenly you find yourself in a room with ageing furniture. Your aim is now to escape the place by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Note:  As this game is no longer available for playing in browsers, we added the links to play on your favourite mobile device.

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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slooooow loooaaadddiiinnngg!

Hi evans....loading, loading...

open curtain over desk in close up view and then click window, there is code outside but I can't make it work in desk drawer

found lots of stuff. paper in cupboard, poker right of fire place, candle. key, opened door with key, moved chair used poker on ceiling and put candle and lit with magnifier from chair. now paper and candle light fire.
and ????

Need something to keep chain down.

Don´t understand what´s written on book. Language barrier?

Code outside is to open book.

took wire from violin

I also just lit the wood in the chimeney..stuck now

what book? and how to use, is it 01213 or 0/2/3?

read it as letters, not numbers.

Use candle on bucket.

SA on bucket. What did you use to take wire from violin?

highlight candle and check bucket for letters

not sure, maybe candle or poker, just was clicking.

Roberto, please spoil code for book, I have no idea what letter a 0 would be.

also have paper from garbage can by door,

Code for book:


Thanks roberto, using that code, I opened box next to book for key to chest on desk

Click the signs from book on the box to get a key.

Key opens chest on desk for a photo.

What to do with cat photo?

Stuck again, what to do with string ?

turn cat photo over with magnifier highlighted for code for desk drawer.
still no use for wire, but opened another room now

drawer code on cat pic.

new room gives rest of map, glass to get water and put fire out, two more letters. I think the word for the chest in new room is escape but have to see the PE for it to work.

ok opened new room. got cup and CA hint. filled cup from bucket and put out fire got E hint. stuck now.

I can see only "E" in fireplace. SA from bucket and CA from board.

Can´t find that place marked on map.

R on street

place marked on map is chest behind blackboard with CA on. I can't find the PE anywhere either.

There is something outside the window. Either 12 or R

Code outside has changed.

CA is north position, use NEWS hint

tried escape and casaer both failed

I put fire out, but can´t see anything ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

of course i spelled it wrong the first try lol

Zazie, use the poker

out fith not used second picture "escape failure" normal end

have to go. will check back later to see if someone solved it. good game

normal end. not sure how to get good ending. second picture is mystery

Ahh the poker lol, thx RSA !

CA is north, the fireplace is east, the bucket is west and the window is south.

Render unto ....

What to do with block from trunk after using wire on it?

T+O+3 on door?

Jen, the chain by the bucket

hang it on chain in room with bucket.

Search the book again with the new word.

Where to use wire ?

Chain? New word? I don't see anything new after examining new photo of book.

combine wire and weight from chest.

Zazie use wire on block from chest.

Hmm i don´t have any block lol, will look...

Chain is there now. For no reason apparently.

Forget it. Don't know what to do next. Game is taking way too long.

The new word is not what I thought
T + (O + 3) = ?

Can somebody please spoil chest code ? My brain is not working today :-(

Searching the SPOIORBLER book with SPOICAESARLER will show you something.

Chain is there since the beginning. You can see it from outside view of room but not from inside.



Thx again RSA, feeling very stupid...

Thanks Pellia.
Now what to do with that?

How do you get the string from violin please?

Ok bookcase moved, shall i go out ? lol

Still trying to figure that out, RSA.

nokra, just wild clicking.....

It's Sunday, Zazie, you are supposed to feel a bit slow or you aren't doing Sunday properly :)

Enter CAESAR in chest to get the weight....put weight on chain and bookcase will move.

I had a hard night yesterday, people were here until 6 in the morning, so.....

I highlighted the poker...that was what was needed. TY!

@nokra - I think it was the string on the right - just keep clicking on it

I went out and got "escape failure" with normal end. I saved the game before going out. So any idea for a happy end ?

I never did see the R outside...but got normal end ...Thanks for all the good and helpful comments @everyone!

U can search "news" in ze book ;)

the abcdef code in the book may be a caesar cipher?

According to the book, T=R, so T+(O+3) should be R03.
R=12, so the new code could be 1203, but where to input this?

I'm going to take my failed escape and be happy with it. I cannot figure out what to do with that code

lol rsa.. how can it be a failed escape if you are out in the street?? right

Why R = 12 ?

Too true :) If you are on the street, you have escaped.


Outside the window, there was a 12 which translated to an R in the Caesar clue

Ahh ok, i saw this....but i don´t understand the T+(O+3) code.

I cheated :
Look at the right side of the wall before escaping from the hidden passage.

Look up "CAESAR" in the dictionary.

The first alphabet is "T". "○" means "ORB". Slide "O", "R", and "B" each three alphabets.
It turns out to be the word "TRUE".

Look up "TRUE" in the dictionary. Put the newly found photo on the page.
(Select the photo before you look up the dictionary.)



For a reason, T + (O+3) gives a word which is the final clue for a "true" escape, not a failure one

WOW Cool annaby and stella !! Finally i am truely out :-) Thank you both !

Oh what clever people :) Glad to know it was possible to escape

where is clue outside window?cant see it ..

All OK except for the T+O+3 which had me stumped. Thanks for sharing solution :)

I can't get any wire from the violin.How do I get it?

when you light fireplace it heats violin causing bad string to pop when you touch it.

for window clue I think you have to move chair in closet to open skylight to throw light on street?

This game was excellent! Five stars! More, please. Would play a LOT more of these!!

I still don't understand the explanation for the final code (T03 thing), but finally done. I prefer to run out the door than just click on a book anway!

How do you light the fire? or the candle?

open skylight in closet. Put candle in holder and light with magnifying glass. take lit candle with you.

put newspaper on logs in fireplace.


This is an old game for android,and walkthrough is here from almost a year ago:

one of the smartest games ive played in a very long time ... had to use tour brain for this one

       Anonymous  7/31/18, 8:51 PM  

caught this one for the replay - unfortunately only possible on a mobile device now, as browser game link was broken & I didn't find an alternative...
enjoy anyway!

thx for all your creations, Izumi ☺

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