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Safari Escape Walkthrough

Safari Escape

Abroy - Safari Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Abroy. Some wild animals can be dangerous, so make your way out of this room fast. Good luck and have fun!

Play Safari Escape!

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Many games today!

we do our best to provide fun ;)

Typical Abroy game - fun though - thx

Sudoku Spoier:


Vases are hint for heights puzzle

giraffe's feet positioning are clue

giraffes hooves are the hint for the circles puzzle.

well, actually today I think good games are just 1 or 2...

I have 7 pieces and can't find where to use hammer...

I mooved a furniture, but wooden floor can't get broken. Nini are you still here?

ok, got it, I had to break the truck

key holes are on the big wall picture ....(only hint which i can post to contribute ;)

and out^^ do someone need help?

yes me, please cant do the circle puzzle, tried the zebras feet, cant do it and where is the 4 numbers

i mean the giraffes feet ,cant make it out

Maybe it's a little late, but circle puzzle is 2143, if 4 is the highest position.

Thanks @doris for the truck!

Numbers were on one of the pictures -- the one that didn't move, upper right

I still cant get the giraffes feet I tried 2143, dont work. what am i doing wrong

Sherry place the 1st circle at no.2 position, 2nd cirlce at the lowest position, 3rd circle at highest position and 4th circle below the highest position, ... 2143

@tishtosh thanks so much, finally I just couldnt do thank you and now I am finally out

@jess thank you too , sorry I didnt understand now it makes sense thanks

Needed the giraffe feet clue - thank you!

Good game like usual ;)
Not that hard.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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