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Strange House 2 Walkthrough

Strange House 2

Gotmail - Strange House 2  is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. If you are not a member of Gotmail, please register at Gotmail.jp to play this game. Good luck and have fun!

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Strange House 2 Walkthrough
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Am I the first? Oops, I'm not that smart to get out on my own!!

Anybody else out there? What is this SNS Gotmail? What am I supposed to do?

Use thise to log into

Login: fgngotmail@gmail.com
Password: pwdgotmail

Login: fgngotmail@gmail.com
PW pwdgotmail

only 1 end
P.S. i'm out about an hour ago, stay here and try to give some help LOL

im in. but its only in japanese...

Okay, so far have marbles with numbers on them and a colorful tile. Opened a book with all Japanese characters, don't know how crucial it is.

hy. i have 3 marbles, tongs, 3 tiles and affrica? have no idea wath to do next.

I'm in the other room upstairs. Before you can do that you have to find three tiles with China, USA and Russia (pictures) on it. I bruteforced the order...

@sandakada: there are more books then one you can look at.

3 pictures, tongue, 3 marbles with numbers, piece of earth. Used pictures in gate and now I can go upstairs.

@ Tijuna, Anja Thank you so much!

I'm assuming the third picture is the one of Mt. Fuji? How do you get that out of the wall?

Got eyeball by BFing the animal statues from first floor.

The World Standard time is...
Use the English Prime meridian as the standard

Spring is Dawn
Summer is night
Autumn is sunset
Winter is snow

snake: Use poison to control animals on earth
lion: King of the living thing on earth
hawk: Dance in the sky, eat the living thing without legs

The weak to the left
The Strong to the right

Arrange with a larger population

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

i got another continent end put the two in globe upstairs and got som babi/monkey.. i managed the puzzles with the seasons and got an eyeball witch i put in roman statue. need another eye now.

Where is the Africa shape?

Thanks for translations, lottie.

How to use the telephone? Is it the numbers from the marbles?

ah got the second eye.. i just klickt sometimes on the three animal statues downstairs...

Order for the animal statues is


and got a second monkey. have managed the wather puzzles in the bathroom and have a clockhand now. still have tongs and marbels.

Watch this WT if you need
Time for dinner and I have to go...
Good luck for all fighting to get out of this house!

i would prefere to escape without the video wt...
any hints for the phone upstairs? or how i can get the tile on the wall ore where i can use my tongs or the clockhand? so many questions sorry

is anyone still around? i dident get any further

Tijuna: I watched the videoWT a bit, and it seems that you need to read the hints in the bookcase for the telephone, but then you can use a number you have seen there!


But you have to use the


plz refer to the book
must go....so hungry

Tijuna, I'm out, and I hang around for a while in case you need more help. :-)

thancs escapism. im a bit further now got a yellow morbel and nedd a place to put them.

Have you got the other marbles? And all three monkeys?

yes. paced the monkes and have 4 marbles now

Then you should be out...

ah got it now. im out now.

i thought that i need the tile with the mounten for the square on the door and i couldent get it.

Ok, so I can leave... :-)

I'm stuck - I have 2 monkeys, 4 marbles & 2 clock hands. I know where to put the monkeys, but can't place the clock hands anywhere or the marbles. Can anyone give me a clue please ?

how do you do the water puzzle?

For the water puzzle you have to end up with 4 dl in the 5dl jar before it will let you pour it into the 4dl box - trying to remember how I did that ...

I cant figure it out ? ;)

ive done it woo hoo xx

start with both jars empty.
fill 3dl jar & pour into 5dl jar.
fill 3dl jar & pour into 5dl jar again (1dl now left in 3dl jar)
empty 5dl jar down plug hole
pour contents of 3dl jar into 5dl jar (this is only 1dl)
fill 3dl jar & pour into 5dl jar.
now you should have 4dl in the 5dl jar & you can pour it into the box

yeh I cant figure out the clock hands either x

5 beaker full, fill it in 3 beaker,
empty 3 beaker, fill the rest of 2dl of 5 in 3 beaker
fill 5 beaker full and fill 1dl in 3dl beaker.
rest in 5 beaker is 4dl !!

what is floor drain in bathroom and how to get it and what is blue hose for?
I am stuck!

also, I put 135 in phone and nothing happened and now I can't do anything else or put more #'s in

so far I have 2 monkeys and 1 clock hand, where is third monkey and second clock hand. I have the hand from the bathtub tab and the monkeys from statue and globe

someone please tell me what to do with the four marbles. I have all monkeys placed now.

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Well this game just sucks!. I have had to restart 3 times to get things to work and now I can't finish. I watched the walkthrough. I have done everything, have monkeys placed, have all four marbles but can't get panel in door to open to input code.
Fix the stupid game people!!!! I give up.

I can't find the third tile

have russia and USA

the login and password aren't working for me. Maybe they disabled it? Who needs Gotmail, anyway?

@IrishEyes, there's one under the pillow on chair, one in the mouth of the animal on wall, and one in a book.

The whole game is in japanese, but the ending is French "Fin"...lol!!

Excellent game!

it worked for me in FF.

Missing the 3rf monkey and 2nd clock hand, only marbles left in inv.

where to place 4 marbles

What to do with the 4 marbles

One clock hand in front of the clock at the mantle, other clock hand on the faucet of the bath tub.

You don't place the marbles anywhere. They have numbers on them to use for the exit code.

i dont know where to place the code- spot on door doesnt open for me

Square on the door opens after placing the 3 monkeys.
If you placed them correctly you can't take a monkey back.
I think the order was a bit messed up. To me it looked like: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil (instead of see, hear, speak).

that was it! Thx small-tool---OUT!

thanks small tool, I thought the same thing for this order

super de luxe game!

why does this game take so long to load?

hi Ger....big flash games take longer to load because they are more complicated. It is the price to pay for quality....

i cant take the clock hand from the clock at the mantle because its on the clock not in front of it...i watched the video wk twice but there is no way i can take that handle...dont want to refresh now,maybe tomorrow :(

This was ... SPLENDID.

Just great. Thanks so much for the video WT, it was a bit more than tricky that there was an interconnection between the beakers and the faucet pipe (changing position as if moved by an invisible force)

Whilst the "get 4 dl with a 3dl and a 5 dl beaker" problem was rather a cookie-cutter one, the objects were hidden VERY well this time.

Ah yes, and another very mean blocker: if you forgot to "read" the japanese poem-kind-of-thing on the BOTTOM side where the animal statues are, said statues won't budge an inch.

Clock hands: there is only ONE way to assemble them. If nothing happens, try using the other hand first.

And the phone is a red herring?! :)

I was able to open the doors below the phone WITHOUT typing in the numbers, just with the pair of tongs alone.

im tired of gotmail in japanese!!

FINALLY I got in (after everyone else is done, lol). I had to clear my cookies and then the email address and password worked.

I found and put Africa on the globe...anyone know where to find North America?

OK...watched the video...it was from doing the water thingies! LOL

I also had the problem with the monkey order...TY @small-tool for clearing that up...@Evans...you can finish it now, too! :)

Managed to get out with the hints and the walkthrough (thank you everyone), but I don't think I'll play again until they can do an English translation, it makes it too hard. Also the buggy puzzle of the monkeys which should be see, hear and speak...and weren't was rather annoying. I couldn't figure out what had happened (as the caption was in Japanese) until I read the comments above and saw the monkeys were wrong.

I could never get the hand from the mantle clock. It was attached to the clock. Was there a way to remove it?

Good game, but nearly impossible without a translation, because so many hints are in Japanese, and sometimes you couldn't even tell if you got something right, because there was no sound or change in the image, except for Japanese text.

Can anyone helpe I cant seem to move the lion snake and eagle I have tried everything x

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