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Apartment #102 - Study Room Escape Walkthrough

Apartment #102 - Study Room Escape

Apartment #102 - Study Room Escape is another point and click type room escape games by Kuroneko. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two endings.Good luck and have fun!.

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 Apartment #102 Study Room Escape walkthrough
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This is gonna be a good one

Lots of clues, not sure how to connect them.

Key on back of armchair

blue circle right of bookshelf

blue circle can be stood up and fits in wall shapes as square or as round depends on how you have it when you put it away

have found three #'s so far, 57,83 and 61

nice find evans

where is 83?

just1, it's on the left side of the desk.

Arrr, slow slow loading

open center drawer top of desk and click again for red book mark. put it in diary on desk to get heart/club clue which gives up/down clue for right side door at bottom. Keep seeing the word cat on books but it does not open left side door.

that leaves 24 or 42 for the one we haven't found

drat, that doesn't work on the 4-corner box

Just 1, it may work but maybe we have to find the other # first. There is a cat visible in open panel at bottom of door with something under it's tail.

Tried using the number pairs (6,1 8,3, 5,7 and 2,4) as corner indicators for the 4 number switch, but hasn't worked so far. And also tried CAT at door, but not right either.

There is a key on lid of the pencil up/down box.
When I went back to the cat it moved it's tail to reveil 492
Key in that box opens desk drawer

+key in square code box

there's letters in that block puzzle in the book - trying to work them out

knob was in round box which opens arrow painting

key from pencil box, opens round canister on shelf above gives knob for b/w triangle painting (insert right side of name) Now have another panel and my cat has not moved its tail.

cat finally moved and opened 4 square box for desk key now stuck with clues in 2 drawers and 4# box in bottom one. no idea about any of it or wall panel

yep the box won't work till you see the cat move his tail - still don't know what made him move though

Flip cards in key drawer are clue for 4-digit box. Insert a black bar in the middle of each design for numbers.

I think I see an F in the middle of the block puzzle in the book and a T in the bottom right. Can't make out the third letter!

Great find Larue! How does 4 square box work? I have the numbers.

285? can't see 4th #

click the squares on the box in numerical order after you piece together the #'s according to the boxes they are in.
61 83
57 492


@sareljo, I tried IFT, AFT, OFT, no go

thanks evans - now I see it!

nor HFT

bottom drawer can be taken out !!

can't figure out letters or wall puzzle at all

use it on book in middle drawer for 3 letters code !!

triangle or square


PUt the green card into the book in the middle drawer.

use the green paper i mean .. in new room now !!

HFT but you have to find the little thing that fits on the maze first.

now HFT works - new room! thx E-Addict

ah! new room yay!

just found out 'kuroneko' means black cat

new room gives cup (click to remove handle) and paper clue and wall clue and sooooo stuck!

click the cup several times and the handle goes away - fits in wall as circle

Cup can be turned and put into circle space in the wall of the first room.

Coffee cup fits in the slot between doors

Also blue circle can be a flipped to be a square and yellow square can be flipped to be a triangle to fit in the wall.

red dot on paper clue is one of the chair legs - click several times to get to it - open wall for switch

switch made 4th shape appear!
got handle or something from wall

put cup, blue and yellow things in wall panel, went in new room and pulled handle and came back and checked outside and now have grey square "handle"?

OK, the map with the red dot points to the far back leg of the chair in the first room (by the round table). Click left side of chair. Button

which chair? desk, new room, chair below triangle picture????

new puzzle in bedroom!

chair below triangle pic - go to the '61', then click left

thanx andrea !! been looking for that dot for 10 min maybe !!

Thanks andrea, now panel in new room open and working on color order

So the new bedroom puzzle obviously has to do with the pictures on the opposite wall, but not seeing it yet...

got the colors right to left blue,pink,red,green,yellow,purple now cat and book in first room and another clue to figure out.

can u please explain evans ??

thos colors aren't working for me right to left or left to right... :/

That color order isn't working for me (entered right to left.)

start at right side and enter blue,pink,leave next red, then green, yellow and purple and click button below, then go out and look in first room, cat is in front of other door and when you click him there is a book

This comment has been removed by the author.

well it's getting weird .. back to the shapes safe n found the red shape in its place !! got what looks like a knob !!

I'm having a hard time opening this game. When I refresh it goes back to where it was before I reloaded but doesn't continue loading. Buggy? It sounds like it is a good game and I'd really like to play it, but it won't let me!

In case there are differences between gameplays, my wall pictures are from top left to bottom right:
red quarter circle
pink 4 arrows in a circle
2 blue, 2 white circles
2 white circles vertically aligned in purple circle, white backgrnd
4 white "petals" on yellow background
2 green circles on white, with green background

evans I'll swear that didn't work until your last post - then it worked

wow, that worked, thanks evans!

Andrea pics are same in my game. since arrows are pointing left on wall puzzle, I started right side with top row r to l and then same with bottom row and when I clicked the button the colors stayed

Don't thank me yet guys, I have no idea what cat's book clue is for or what grey know is for.

order in book is red-orange-purple-pink-green-blue.
Most look like clock times but the last one..?

colors not working on my panel !! yet the cat is out !!

hm I think they refer to the squares on the wall panel above the chair

What am I missing. I have handle for something and have yet to get in third room

I have to get to bed. I am saving my game and leaving it til morning. hope someone figures it out so I can finish it.
Good gaming guys. See you

g'night evans - nice playing w/ you

@ektaylor try closing it and clicking the link from eg24's page again. Mine took a long time to load

Im up with you all! Thanks for all the clues

Been playing along. Would not be anywhere with out all the above comments. Thanks.
Stuck with white knob thing and can't figure out cat book.
Good night Evens ... sweet dreams.

Seems we can open bedside table but am clueless how.

Had to step away for a moment.
Evans, thanks for the info. It's weird, my buttons just reset back to red but I got the cat & book. I can still click the buttons...
Still can't do anything with the panel over the armchair.

I am thinking that the cat book and the color buttons, maybe with arrow clue all work together, going to give it a closer look.

Oh, good night, evans, and thanks.
Adiva, the bedside cabinet is still locked for me. A mystery.

the book is the clue actually for the colors order .. cant figure it out though !! cant understand what the black/white square at the end has to do with the b/w circles order !!

It is curious the color buttons sstill work.

and i wonder where Nini is !!

Since there are 5 arrows and 6 colors, IMO think the arrows are for the other door.

yeah i think so andrea .. giving up as well !!

I'm done. Too tired to think. Going to bed, maybe I'll meet evans in dreamland and we will figure it out. Good night all and good luck.

no way to get to that door's code panel! Only the book

f'in A, I got it.
It's the size (area) of the image on the right.
order from right to left (large to small):
red, pink, green, blue, yellow, purple
(I may have blue & yellow switched)

I have a cube

what should i do with the white panel in 1st room?
[with cat stand in front of the door]

Holy crap a very complicated cube... red white & blue like some kind of patriotic rubik's cube

tried to tell u this Andrea but how did u fit the b/w square ?? first ?? last ??

OK, we have to figure out which colors correspond on the panel over the armchair.

brilliant Andrea! odd object turns on cube

it worked anyway .. use the handle on it !!

got coin from where cat were !!

@Lottie you have to find 3 shapes to fit into it - 1st one is to the right of the bookshelf (and you can turn it to fit 2 different ways)

It's mostly about the size of the grey area. I just estimated it visually.

use it on wall machine n pull the lever for another clue !!

just need to change the red dot to blue or just leave that...

thanks just1
but im talking about the panel with some white dot on it :)

e-addict, super, and that is the clue to open the bedside cabinet (bottom to top)

@Lottie - oh, That... well, when you find the cube, it'll light up, but I don't know what to do about it yet

and now what ??

the cube is a clue to open the puzzle safe above couch !!

yeah... got that cube and a triangle with weird base

I just tried to write down all the faces of the cube - now more confused than ever

Left to Right, Top to bottom
1st column: W
2nd column: B RR WB
3rd: WB
4th: RW


finding another ending

dont forget to combine number withe the clue from bookcase !!

tyvm Lottie, I think I'd have had to make a 3-d model to get it right

well lottie what r we supposed to do with pink n green buttons anyway ??

not working - if all cubes are different this'll take me hours

Lottie pls tell me which face of the cube was far left

hey just .. make sure u going left to right as lottie said .. all r the same i guess !!

lol thx E-Addict I had the WB in the 3rd column switched (top to bottom, after all)

I have 92584 doesn't work? can you spoil for me PLease

i love the game it's great like the first one . I got on though without waiting a day

Last b/w puzzle
bbwb (and click the bottom right black button)

My god, my spatial orientation is all worn out now

clee, it was 84529

Clee combine the number with clue from bookcase !

Thanks fellow gamers that was tough for me LOL

ANYONE can explain the pink and green buttons puzzle ???

and Clee it's not over yet !!

well out .. was a pleasure playing with you guys .. maybe i'll wait for a walkthrough for an explanation !!

dont know how to get another end...
can out without using the cat coin[or simply just leave it behind, will disappear after opened the door]

b/w puzzle is from painting in bedroom (upside down & backwards), but how did you get the pink/green?

will back at night after some work
see if anyone post the method of getting the 2nd end :)
good luck for everyone~
bye yeah~ :)

Pressing the buttons at random shows you bits and pieces at a time. If you screenshot each button press and reassemble, you'll get 2 pictures of 8 panels in two different patterns. One is the green and pink buttons to press (e.g. bottom right green). The other is a black line on a white background which forms an arrow; this arrow indicates the order of the squares (each with its corresponding green or pink button) to press.

Anyone found a second ending?

I'll take that one ending and I LOVED IT!! I saved I'll try some more to find it . Thanks for the help always fun playing with you all :-)

I thought that getting the red triangle/upside down U would be a second ending, but I can't open up that panel again. So I'm wondering if there was a bug with pressing the button behind the armchair, and the upside down U simply appeared. Maybe we actually weren't supposed to be able to open that panel until we got the red triangle, but I'm so worn out from this I can't remember the event sequence, if that would be possible.

Thanks for the help everyone, it was a great game!

I think I needed to save before getting the shapes key, I still have the red Triangle and that can be the last shape on that puzzle. Anyone save before getting that key?

Yeah, I still have it too. I saved just prior to opening the door into the exit hallway, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to restart from the beginning to see when we get that red triangle. And I don't think I'm doing that tonight.

I'm pretty sure we got the red shape in the wall panel when we first pulled the lever in the bedroom, without the cat coin. Don't know if that was supposed to happen! We carried that cube-piece around for quite a while.

You can open door and go back, but I can't find anything to do

be sure and click on 'apartment for rent' in the closing screen

I'm with the rest of you - want to replay but I have to sleep

Good night and thanks for an excellent game

it takes forever to load...

Too bad the game doesn't load anymore.

so after i did the colors with 3 shapes in the slots i got a silver/greyish handle/knob looking piece. not quite sure what to do with it. any help plz??

Brandon, how did you get in the game, mine still doesn't load.

im running windows exp 9 and just clicked the link from this site to the kuroneko site


I'm stuck at the same point where Anita was at 8:29 PM... I have the red bookmark (put in the diary on the desk), the blue square/cercle and I can't see any cat.

Wow, that was fantastic! I only got out because Andrea figured out the color sequence in room 2 from the cat book, and Lottie spoiled the cube and the pink/green puzzles for us. The cube especially - I drew diagrams of the cube itself, and of the corresponding wall puzzle, but could not see how to know for sure which colors were which, or which square corresponded to which cube face. (Plus my head was spinning from going back & forth from room to room to check.) By the time I got to the 3rd room, I just used the spoiler for the pink/green buttons. The final black/white puzzle was easy after the previous two!

Thanks to Andrea, Lottie and everyone who provided tips and discoveries. Amazing game. (Are you listening, Abroy? THIS was a "game for smart people"!)

pdgph, after placing the red bookmark in the diary, don't close the diary yet, but tilt your head to the right and look at the portion sticking out just to the right of the bookmark. It represents the top edges of hearts and clubs, which gives the order to open that little box on top of the desk (just to the right of the diary).


Thank you, I couldn't figure out what it meant !

To all the people out there that might have a problem with the first colors: you have actually to set the red color button to red, don't just LEAVE it red.

Now I can see some kind of pattern that was hidden behind a panel, above the armchair. Doesn't make much sense for me, I'm afraid, in spite of comments.

I play second time which no cat comes out (no cat book). This leads to the second end (showing room 102). But I cannot figure out why this time no cat comes.

You're welcome, pdgph!

The pattern on the wall above the armchair (which looks like an unfolded or flattened cube, if you ever did those puzzles in school) won't do anything until you have solved the color puzzle in room #2, which gives you a gray cube, AND you also have received a small gray square peg from the cabinet next to the bed in room #2.

That small peg goes into the tiny round hole on the bottom of the gray cube (hahaha square peg into a round hole!), which makes the cube light up red, white & blue.

Only *then* can you do anything with the flattened cube puzzle in room #1. (And I still couldn't see the relationship between the cube itself and the puzzle.)

Hope that helped a little!

Thanks alls but stuck :(
tried colors code as Evans says (thanks) but no cat for me in 1st room, what's wrong please?

very slow to load... I can do a spaghetti dish while this game load :-o


It was lunch time, I'm back. Thank you for your explanations, they are very clear. My problem is that I'm still in the first room, I can only see the bottom of the cat in the other room (-:

lunch time also for me... in Italy are 13:32... I go see u later :)
Still loading... it's impossible :'(

@seb: have you seen my post from 2:19? I had the same problem too.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes escapism, I see your post but always nothing

tried from right to left, blue, pink, red, green, yellow, purple and no cat

Oh, weird, I thought that it was the red button that had to be set, not just left red. That did the trick for me.

@ seb I had the same, try few times set colors and then look for the cat

Ok, thanks re re re try :)

all I have is a bookmark, circle/square and a key without of any use...
I can't find this cat under a door...?
more than stuck... but I feel this game must be good...

uh... finally remembered with the POP the book on the desk... now I found some numbers =)

and there is the cat =D

The game won't start. It's loading for a half an hour!

The game won't start. It's loading for a half an hour!

Hi Sabine, i am stuck too.
Where is the last shape for wall panel and where is grey handle everybody is talking about ?

No problem. If you haven't gotten into room #2 yet, then just ignore the puzzle behind the armchair for now. You have a long way to go before it will be active.

Sorry I can't stay any longer, but the work day is just starting here and I'm headed off. There is a lot of good help in here, you'll make it. :-)

Beginning of Walkthrough:
(I won't have time to finish it;) )

Note that in this game you have to see all clues before something works, even if you figure it out.

There are red-herring views all over the place. There are also very sneaky ones. Keep clicking!

Looks like tautau found a 2nd ending which starts somewhere in the middle. This walkthrough is for the first (or the one we found last night)

!st Scene: 4-# box in bottom drawer; book with strange picture in 2nd drawer; top drawer locked. Look left to middle desk drawer. Open and then click agan; you should find a red bookmark. Then open the drawer on the left and note the number 57 and its position (lower left).
On top of the desk is a locked dary and a 2-button box w/ hearts and clubs.
On the shelf above is a locked round box.
There are views to the right of the desk and under it, but I haven't found anything to do with them. Look to the left of the desk to find another clue; 83, upper right.

Turn left and look at bookshelf. Click almost anywhere in it and you will find a clue paper; it's for a number order, much later in the game.
Redherring view to the left; but to the right if you click near the floor you'll find a BLUE CIRCLE. By clicking near the bottom of it, you discover it can also be a square.

To your left are 2 doors. The right-hand one has a cat door with an up-down code on it, and a 5-# lock. The left one needs 3 letters. In between them is an odd panel which you can remove to put your BLUE CIRCLE in as either a circle or a square. (Actually, it will need to be a square.)

Left again, there's a chair. Click twice to the right to find a SMALL KEY taped to its back. Click then to the left to find another number clue: 61, upper left.
Note picture with the hole in Kuroneko (means 'black cat', btw). Note 4-cornered box. You need one more clue to solve it.

Go to the diary and use your SMALL KEY, see weird column of numbers. Put your bookmark on it and read clue for the hearts/clubs box.
Inside the box, behind the eraser is an arrow; follow the pencils left to right as an up-down clue for the cat door. Opening it, you see the rear end of a cat with his tail obscuring your clue.

To be continued...

Zazie: grey handle might be the one in the cabinet next to bed. You need the coin to get the hint for that cabinet. And I think you get the last shape after you solved the cube-puzzle.

Oh, and another important hint: make a sketch of the black and white painting in the second room. I didn't do that and had to cheat in the end (Thanks for that solution, Andrea, and for all the other ones- that game was to hard for me, I must admit)

hi Zahie =) sorry, I'm so stuck, I forgot to come back here ;-)
the last shape appears by its own, when you clicked the switch behind the chair in room 1... look at the left side of the chair, where you found a number, then click left above at the wall, another view with a panel, that openes and a red switch appears... then look at panel with the shapes, the last one is placed and you'll find the "handle"

oh... oooopps... meanwhile there are a lot of other answers ;-)

I have trouble with the cube above the chair with blue, red and white colors...

Me too Sabine, Lotties spoiler doesn´t work for me :-(
I found the red shape in cb by bed, but the shape panel won´t open anymore.

yes, now I used Lotties spoiler and it worked... use it in columns... the first, then the second, from left to right... and so on...
but now I don't know what to do with the 5-dig-number... doesn't work at the door

Sabine, use the hint with the arrows from the bookcase together with the number.

uh... I remembered the note from the book shelf... that works now... door open =)

lol... thanks escapism... POP was faster this time ;-)

I tried Lotties spoiler a million times top to bottom, left to right but nothing :-(

And the columns in Lotties spoiler refer to the column of big squares. Took me a while to understand that. So the first column is just the leftmost square, then the column with three of those big squares, then two other columns with only one square.

aiiii... not sure if I want to continue... I don't trust my brain any more after looking in pink and green lights... :P

Zazie, I was a bit troubled by that hint too. Keep in mind that it is left to right before up to down (as far as I can remember it).

POP got it open now, for me the 3rd column was BW, not WB.

I can't go back @Zazie... crap... look at the unfolded cube, begin at the left square, thats the first column of the spoiler... then continue at the upper square, go down, thats the second column, then one more right is the third column, and the last on the right square is the fourth column

eh... finally... great Zazie... now come to me to the madness of pink and green

I can't find the Coin

Nice beginning, Just1, thank you !

This game is awfully difficult, IMHO. No hint for the letters code, no hint for the numbers codes... desperating.

LOL, I can understand what you mean, Sabine. I was so tired after solving a lot of those puzzles, I couldn't do the pink green thing anymore. Even if it was not that complicated.

came back and finished thanks to Andrea. NEVER would have got it myself. thanks all. Never did open cabinet by bed.

Walkthrough continued:

Now go back to the heart/club box, open it and click upward to get the KEY you missed the first time! Use it on the small round box, get a handle. Put handle in triangle picture to reveal an incomprehensible puzzle on the wall.

Doing this apparently disturbed the cat. He has moved his tail, and you can use the clue revealed, with those you already have, to open the 4-cornered box.


click the corners in the number sequence, get SILVER KEY which is for the desk drawer.

Open desk drawer, get WEIRD DEVICE: Notice the black bar on the front. As you click through, imagine the black bar in the middle of each shape; you should get 4 numbers for the box in the bottom drawer.


Get YELLOW TRIANGLE which can also be a square.

Now you discover that the drawer with the number box in it can be taken out; click just below the box. (This wouldn't work earlier.) Look in and fnd a green card, click on it to make holes. Use card to cover picture in book from middle drawer. Read HFT (it didn't work earlier, even if you could see it, enter in the left door, and get new room!

Have to make breakfast - will continue later (or someone else can take it up)

chrissi: the coin is where the cat was (look through the little door)

Finally i am out ! What a great game.
Thx everybody for the helpful hints, never would have made it alone !!

Great job, just1, go get your morning coffee and release us... ;-)

ROFL... escapism... that gives me a lot of hope ;-)
and my boy is standing behind me forcing to go swimming... its hot...
you persuaded me to continue later :D


Zazie, you are out? wow... gongtats... I'm not that patient any longer ;-)

For pink and green buttons i used Lotties spoiler again, but i don´t understand, where the numbers came from ?

btw, in the new room, there's a lever on the wall; Everyone has pulled this lever, but I'm going to try to play through NOT pulling it, until I have the coin to go in the slot. It may be a bug in the game, that the lever makes the red shape appear too soon (in the wall panel in first room).

Go swimming, Sabine, thank god there is the helpful save-button. And your head will be cooled down for the final contest. ;-)

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