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Cursed House Escape Walkthrough

Cursed House Escape

Esklavos - Cursed House Escape is another point and click adventure game developed by Esklavos. In this escape game, you try to escape the cursed house using the four colored keys. Good luck and have fun!

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So far 5/8 chess pieces, 1/5 papers, shovel handle and chest. Not sure how to play piano yet..

Next to the stairs is the grid you have to put on top of the portal outside, gives a blue thing.
In the girls room is a note how to play the piano, gives the blue key.

Two other papers behind the note for the piano.

shovel behind chair upstairs

correction - part of a shovel

Ok got blue key from piano... Need top of shovel

it seems you are as far as I am... how can we put the two shovel pieces together? and the symbols everywhere... have you seen that the shapes are changing on the picture above the piano, when you are touching the pots on the stairs?

The blue thing from grid is other part of the shovel. You can't join them. Give them to the guy outside to make a shovel.

rest of shovel from grid pattern

Oh yes thank small, didn't notice them other bits of paper :)

and we need to repair it

oh... I gave the shovel parts to the man outside...he repairs it... :)

now I have all chess pieces and 4/5 papers

Is the grid picture the one downstairs? Thinking the puzzle above piano is the pic upstairs...

Click the pots to make shapes (rotate the shapes) and make the picture as on the wall in the girls room. Gives yellow key and 5th paper.

Never mind, the grid pic wasn't working at first but did once i asked lol. (yes the one downstairs)

ok... I should shut up... I realized small-tool is way ahead from me... as always... it only needs a bit until I notice it ;-) :P

Put 5 papers in chest and give to girl, gives white key.

Put chess pieces on board (on places according to piano note and the pics in other views) and that gives the red key.
After that you can go out.

ha... but with the pots you were behind me ;-)
the game with the chess pieces gave the red key... combine sybols of the paper and everywhere from the house

Can everybody spoil the Piano solution? I cant read the notes :-(

And out, thanks for the help! :) Was it just me or the chess pieces were kind of already in the right order? Lol

The most left key is the c key,
So the keys are like this c-d-e-f-g-a-b

And the order to click is:

finally made that picture work - I'm real bad at puzzles where you have to hold an image in your head. For those like me, the white shapes at top and bottom is what you're making - it needs the large trapezoid at UL and LR, attached to the spiky shape at UR and LL

Jiha... thanks a lot @ small-tool

I'm missing the last piece of paper. I have the two from the piano/chess note, the one from the picture above the piano, and the one from the sandpit outside. It's a safe bet that it's obvious but I can't find it. Could someone help? Thanks!

Top left on the wall above the stairs.

Of course POP, the picture above the stairs which I have clicked a thousand times...

There is a paper in piano view on the picture frame, have you got that one @ meritneith?

Thank you small-tool. I suggest next time you all wait five minutes before answering until I confirm my cry for help.

I was about to say how slow I am, but was only a minute slower lol

Thank you too Jo.C, I'm out now.

Lol think I will just leave small-tool to it, he is quicker than everyone! ;)

how to make a picture ?I kno hint in on bedroom ,I hav shapes also by clicking pots ,how to get shape I dont understand .

same here Raasti, need help with the pot picture

You can't only click the pots, you can also rotate the pics when clicking on them.

i know this small-tool, but i can't make a shape like the picture in the bedroom

any hint to play the piano. Saw the notes in the girls room. But I'm not a musician.

picture. look at shapes clear spots are outside and dark spots direct to the middle.

Look above, explained the piano notes already.

For the pictures click like this:

Top left 2x, 1x
Top right 0x, 1x
Bottom left 0x, 3x
Bottome right 2x, 3x

First x is on the pot, second x is on the pic.

got it

Oops, I guess my hint only works from the start, but you probably all clicked and rotated before asking and when zooming out it won't reset.
So first put them all back in the original position (dog head like shapes looking to the right), before you use my click pattern.

thank you small-tool. I'm finally out with your help.

ty meritneith for the hint on the picture!!! i couldnt figure that out for the life of me! lol

thanks for the help on the wall puzzle i couldn't figure that one out at all

Somehow everybody else can see it but me...

But that grid thing for the shovel head, is it the picture above the piano, or the grate thing above the chess board? I can't seem to find it.

Neither. It is far left on the middle of your screen (on the wall above the first part of the stairs).

The double U thing? I clicked on it, but, as the saying goes on another game, "there's no doubtful point"

The double U thing is only the hint. The puzzle to solve with that hint is above the gate where the 4 keys go.

Thanks, S_T. I hate it when everyone else can see it but me :(

You don't take the double U thing. You reproduce it.

That was tricky

these games are getting better and better. I got stuck with 4 of 5 letters and 6 of 8 pieces, but thanks to Sabine, after repairing sovel, everything was easy! I just couldn 't think of giving him sovel for repair...

Please, can someone do a screenshot of the grid thing that is supposed to match the pic over the bed? Thanks!!! I can't "see" it at all!

hello nokra ...you kno i still not finish the game b/c of this pic ..:)

Doesn't it help what I posted?

First put them all back in the original position (dog head like shapes looking to the right).


Top left 2x vase, 1x pic
Top right 0x vase, 1x pic
Bottom left 0x vase 3x pic
Bottom right 2x vase 3x pic

Hmmmmm...the puzzle over the gateway is solved by the pic in the stairs, not the one over the bed....I was really worried about how that N shape could ever work there...LMAO!

jeesh! didn't notice the pots changed the picture!

finally got the pic ,,just in bed room if you see the light colors make dog picture up & down ...

top rite & bottom left are dog faces

top left & bottom rite are triangles ...just rotate them join them ...

if you are getting confuse just ignore my post ..

I got that one now easily..TY anyway for the help, S-t!...I hadn't even tried it because I was focused on the grid one outside! LOL

It was hard to find the grid. I was looking inside. Thx for the help. The picture above the bed go above the piano. Thx

cant get the grid puzzle done .. the double U !!

POP ?!!! done !!!!

Piano 7-5-3-1-2-2-4-4

missing the last chess piece :(

found it, and out :~)

another nice gane from esklavos. Very romantic !!

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Federico ☺

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