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Messi and CR7 Saw Game Walkthrough

Messi and CR7 Saw Game

InkaGames - Messi & CR7 Saw Game is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. Help Messi and CR7 to retrieve the World Cup from the hands of Pigsaw. Good luck and have fun!

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Already stuck...

I have a million different items and have defeated the giant football beast. (For clues you can click on items and the footballer might give some advice)

And now I'm stuck...

Amy, I can try and help...how far did you get?

going in

i do have the referee suit and yellow card, but get killed anyway, and the atomic gun doesn't work, I would think we have to resize the ramp

Yup, as Ronaldo you need to enlarge the ramp. There's a code on a piece of paper to change it into an enlargement gun. But you need to remotely trick the beast into punching the ball whilst you're not in the room.

put the holographic thing in the big ball room, then the ramp. Enlarge the ramp then use the remote

i need help with the "lady" ball. Messi says i have to put something on it.. (put wig and lipstick on it already)

can't figure out the order of the enlarge thing

After, with a little help from termite friends you can pass in the next room ! ^^

I assume we need a red card rather than a yellow one. Any luck on that front?

The order is the number of dots next to the colours :)

yes, figured it out, but now the challenge to beat the pigsaw robot, or to find a red card or something...

What can we do with the white pen ?

i love to play this games, but it is not easy, how to beat the green monster, i hsve no idea, please help

when ronaldo is on the red table in the second room he can shoot in the next room in order to open hulk's door... But he's killed then !!

i have the referee suit and the yellow card, but now what and Ronaldo stuck too :-(

I need help changing the colors to make the soccer ball small. I don´t understand the clue. Changing the colors from smallest time to bigger time doesn´t work

And why can Ronaldo turn the lights off and stand on the table hmmmm

There are two shades of green.

Lot of questions for us guys !! lol

The hulk still kills him when the lights are off :(

Use the ball on the table.

Calm the Hulk.

Ah i got it... u need to use the shoes when u kick trough the *window*...

Wear the boots whilst on the table to press the white switch instead of the green one.

I thought that white crayon had to do whith the soccerfield marks, but...

And the strawberries solve the problem of the yellow card.

now with the infrared glasses on, only the number doesn't work on the keypad...

my Ronaldo wan't shoot with the enlarger gun, what's wrong

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Gabi, does the gun say 'enlarger' on it?

Messi has to draw a goal with the pen in frankenstein creature's room and fill ball with nitro

what to do at the end? I have the world cup and I think I need messi and ronaldo in next room for 100kg switch. but how?

Wow mariakaroline I am just meeting you at this point. I'm guessing that the lady ball needs eyes.

@Hotzenplotz use the plate to block the door...

what does the ball with the wig and lipstick need?

you take the plank again

yes but where are these eyes ?

Draw the eyes.

with what??

The gun will tell you when you have the correct colours. I can give a spoiler to what my colours where if anyone needs it (but not sure if the same in each game yet).

eyes found !

there's a marker in the room with video game

where are the eyes jean jeanne?

amy, you need a marker to draw eyes

thanks sabine

I found the color:

See the order number

Has someone messi and ronaldo together ?

still can't find the marker

ronaldo i guess find a black marker in a room and then you can draw on the girl ball !! ^^

If I remember, you will find the marker when you score a goal.

Ok I think I am well behind, have you all beaten the hulk then? And the other green monster as Messi?

If I remember well..

And how to score a goal?

Yes ! And you where are you Jo ?

You find a coin after using the scissors on the net.

Put heavy shoes to the doll and shoot

I can't figure out the third goal in the video game. It's driving me mad!

you have to begin with the second ball from the left If i can remember well

Someone has found how to make 100 kg ?
(I don't speak about eating pizza, lol)

Sorry, you find the marker when you finish the minigame..

Ok finally managed to put the football boots on while on the table! Had tried but only just worked... so shoot the ball onto the white switch which will open the door to get strawberries (which you grind to turn yellow card red) then show that to green monster to make him cry lol

bravo jo ^^

Nah, start by kicking the furthest right ball into place to guide the third ball, then all the rest are easy! *Sigh of relief*

Then get relaxing music cd and put it by the grate to make hulk fall asleep, then you can press green button to go in his room

finally out guys !!! YES...

Lol i'm getting there! once you get the glasses turn the lights off and get code, then go back to messi and put the keypad on door...

I enjoyed playing with you guys !


(I know most people have competed what I am doing, but I am typing as I go in case anyone needs help later)

Now to beat Frankenstein...

Ok, put the heavy boots on pigsaw robot and shoot in the top right corner so he can't make it

Then get syringe and fill with nitroglycerin then fill football. Draw goal post in Frankenstein room and put ball in middle and blow the whistle so he kicks it

(or you can watch the video walkthrough lol, thanks gabi) :)

Hahaha made the 'sexy ball' lol

I really enjoyed this :)

And finally out! Good game :)

I love these.

need the code to shrink please, brain not working

Going on to write the walkthrough, but I don't get the number puzzle with the infrared glass.

My one looks like this: http://www.qpic.ws/?v=screnshot.png and could be "6771" but this is not correct. Any help is appreciated.


In case anyone had the problem that I did with the shrinking code, the code is just the colors in increasing order of the times. If that order happens to be the same as the enlarge code like mine was then you have to restart. :(

@juslokin: just sort the colors upwards by the hours shown on the watches (like 1 o'clock, 4 o'clock 6,9,11...)

@bernd, looks like 6774

Thanks, works. But how to write an explanation in the WT? Leave a segment here and put it there?


had to restart, codes the same

You may have passed this, but it looks like it could be 6774. The 4 runs into the 7 before it. (Confusing that the 7's all have a 'slash' through them, but the 1 wouldn't...so it's a 4).

Messi CR7 Saw Game Text Walkthrough Part 1

Nice games with cute puzzles. Not too hard and funny.

As Messie: Get items on table and the remote control from the cupboard, go east.

Pick "special football boots" from the lower left side and "ramp" from upper left side.

As Ronaldo: Get atomic gun and holographic projektor from cupboard and paper from the floor. Go east.

Pickup termite and a paper, go south. Pick referee suit there (you'll get a yellow card too).

Look on the orange paper. Write down the colors ordered by number of points, use atomic gun, select colors in order. (eg. red, yellow, light green, blue, dark green). If everything is fine, the gun shows "enlarger gun".

Use holographic projektor on cross near next room, then ramp on cross. Use atomic (enlarger) gun on ramp, then use remote control. Watch cut scene, use termine on ramp, go east. Pickup orange paper from floor, same game as before but now with clock times. Adjust the gun to get a shrinker gun, use gun on giant football, pick up football, go east.

HINT (thanks to jbg): It may can happen that the code for enlarging is the same as shrinking. In this case you have to restart the game unfortunately to get new codes.

Pick up crayon from the upper right corner, then go back to the red table (west, west, north). Click on table (Ronaldo will climb up), put ball on table then use "special football boot" on ball. Climb down, go east.

Pick up ball, strawberry basket, CD player. Put strawberries in bowl, use grinder on bowl, use yellow card on bowl to get a red card.

As Messie: use referee suit, show red card to alien. Pickup CD from the lower right corner of the room.

As Ronaldo: put CD in player, put player left to the upper door (you may look through the hole to check if hulk is sleeping). Go east, press green button, door opens. Go west, then north. Pick green glasses ("infrared glasses"), then "a keypad". Go back west, use switch on wall to turn the lights off. Use infrared glasses to find a strange painting which looks like 4 ancient 8 segment LED number displays. You have to separate the left two numbers and the right two numbers (as I said: ancient 8 segment displays).

As Messie: use keypad on keypad hole next to the door. Enter number seen by infrared glasses there. Open door, go east. Pick up whistle in the upper left corner. Click on statue head to get a wig. Go south, pick up "pair of heavy boots" from the upper left corner.

Messi CR7 Saw Game Text Walkthrough Part 2

As Ronaldo: go back to the Pigsaw robot (south, east, east). Put pair of heavy boots on robot, put ball on white point, shoot into one of the corners. You win, door opens. Go east. Get syringe from upper left corner. Use syringe with nitroglycerine, use syringe with football.

As Messie: Put explosive ball in the middle, use referee suit, use white crayon on left wall, use whistle on Frankensteins creature. Go east. Pick lipstick from the lower right corner, go east. Pickup voley ball and scissors.

As Ronaldo: go west again, use scissors on football net, get net and a coin. Go east again, use coin on machine, click on machine. You have to put each ball into a goal. Solution for the puzzle: kick the 4th ball north then the 2nd ball west then north into goal 3. Then 1st ball into goal 1, 2nd ball into goal 2, last ball east, north, east, north. After the game ends, pick up "a marker" from the upper right corner, then go east. You'll be switched to Messi then.

As Messie: Use wig, marker and lipstick on voley ball to get a sexy ball. Then go east, look through hole, use "sexy ball" on red cross then catch the ball with the net. Go back and grab the ball. East, north again to the machine. Use ball on machine, solve the puzzle (easy one). Go east. Pick bow, metal plank, "a paper".

Put metal plank below Ronaldo. Look on paper to get a 4 digit number, then click on the right door, then solve the puzzle. After this, quickly go east, pick arrow, combine arrow with bow, shoot Ronaldo. Go east on red "carpet", switch to Messie, pick the World Cup. Then go east with both persons. Put one on the red carpet, the other places the metal bar below the door to keep it open. Move both on the "100kg" table.

Thanks for the escapegames24 forum for the help.

In game games were much more reasonable this time. I think Inka Games are learning what people enjoy and what they detest. I liked this game and only needed a tiny bit of help with the kicking of the ball idea from the table.

Bernd thank you for your walk thru .....


cant understand the numbers on the wall???

can't understand the numbers on the wall???

how do i get the shrinker gun

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