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Obama Van Helsing Walkthrough

Obama Van Helsing

InkaGames - Obama van Helsing is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inka Games. The evil Dracula is trying to pull together an army of vampires, help Obama stop him. Good luck and have fun!

Play Obama Van Helsing
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Anyone know how to kill swamp monster?
I killed dracular helper now

how to kill draculas helper in front of castle, can´t place battery

need help with swamp monster and dracula helper

hey how did you defeat the helper im stuck :(

Put somniferus in soda and place it on the table wearing bush costume, place heater dan battery. VOILA
Any thoughts on the swamp monster?
Obama won't throw heavy boot

thanks marc

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My note:
1.you can combine rope and cage
2.you can use golden horseshoe to a statue inthe town

Swamp monster is getting on my nerves....

How to defeat the towns grave digger???

I think we sould clear mummy problem first
there says 'Green is safe'(in the wall)

Got it, silly me! ;-)

to defeat grave keeper use door then use loaded spiderman glove on him

youcan make cross using
saw,hammer,nail,table(inthe town)

spiderman glove+swamptree=?

Swamp Monster:

Tree Exlixr on branch
Load SpiederGlove with Spiderweb
Shoot Web at branch
Use heavy Boot on branch/web

I'm surprised at the low rating. I'll have a go anyway.

Hi there. Just starting and have lots of things. But some of you mention a glove, cage, costume battery. I don't have that yet. Can't go to transylvania. Need something to put strawberries is and get the cat.

defeatet the werewolves and get some figures and a cup ... dont know how to get into the castle ... any idea?

I'm where you are Ankn

I ment 'to put strawberries IN' and not 'is'. Sorry.

How did you defeat the werewolves? Have chicken and antidote, son't know what to do now!

place the trap on the tree and shot it with the arrow if werewolves eat the chicken

i also dont know how to get the strawberries

u need a basket for the strawberries
but first u have to solve other problems

First try to get the cat

where can i find the basket?

Cannot figure out the mummy

Indeed where is the basket?

Can't get the boat across the river..... have I missed something?

got an paddle chris?

You need an Oar

I'm stuck, can't find the river you guys are talking about, I got the cat, I made a cross but can't swap that fly because it's too high, don't have a basket, in Rome, the pope is a hotstop but can't do anything to him

im out sorry no time good luck all

how to get past the mummy inside the castle? :s
It says I need to be more slippery...

Magno you have to stay on the green fields or look to come as fast as possible on the again!


How did you get IN the castle in the first place?

@Noa: thx. But I need a glove for the gravekeeper door as Lefteris said above. Can't find it (silly me)

Aridza to get the fly put honey with spoon on red cross!

Can get past the mummy on the green but stuck in the room with it...

MindRiot you need the stuff from the werewolve scene before you can open the dorrs in mummy scene!

*doors*, sorry!

Anybody? Please bring me up to speed how to get into the castle?

how can i get holy water ?

i have to give it to the pope , i have the golden cup but can´t get water from the swamp.

Can so tell me how to defeat Igor, please??

Noa, put horseshoe on statue in town, water starts flowing out of the fountain.

how to enter the castle, please help ???

thx habers

Armi do you mean the castle in Paris? Look at the arrows above the door!

heavy boot @sunclaud

I have the werewolf things

@armi65, for the dracula castle, read the post of marc habers in the beginning of the comments

Thanks Noa! MindRiot you have to place tem all in the mummy room!

Can anyone please tell me where to get the basket for the strawberries?

i have problems withe mike myers, i have the strawberries + the automatic hand on X.
but what to do now ?

just figured that out a minute or so

@Magno; i killed the dracula helper, but then stuck, cant pull the lever or do anything else more

@Noa - How did you get the strawberries?

I can't pull the lever as well. Is that a Bug or should I do something first? Please help me get into the dracula castle? Please please pretty please?

marieza, I think the basket was in the room after defeating Igor... .But I'm not sure.

nice finish :)

@noah- put the strawberries into the hole which opens in wall and then ush the red button which open myers'door.

really screwed now..knocked out igor cannot figure out what to do next

Help with lady vampire, please? Have boots and necklace, but he says I'm missing sth!

@sunclaud- do you have cotton boots?do you draw thesymbol to the floor?

MindRiot: you have the dead fly from the Town?
Sunclaud: You have the Crayon?

Thanx a lot sunclaud

I have the fly

MindRiot then use flat ston left besides door, and place fly

Yes, I have the symbol and the boots, of course. And the cross and the slingshot. But how to kill her?

for the lady vampire I made a slingshot with the Y shaped branch, the rubber and with the cross, but I keep getting killed

Cool found the slot to put stone in by door..thanks

sunclaud: throw neclace from outside and also shoot from outside

Wear the cotton boots, go into see ms vampire (she may not be married), draw the symbol with the crayon on the x , go back out and look through window, throw the necklace at the symbol (not afka prince) and then use the cross soaked in holly water combined with slingshot on her

Ok killed the lady vampire, you just need to get out of the room and look thru the window, throw the necklace from there and then the cross

Aaaah, got it, have to do things from window, not IN the room!

Is it so hard to tell me how to enter the castle? :(

marc which castle?the one with the helper outside?

Yup thats the one

Finally found Dracula, but what to do next?

marc first you have combine somnifeus and soda.yhen weaar the bush costume and put the soda in the table.put the battery and the heater to x. go back from the line,remove the bush costume and wait.

im back but stuck on the dracula castle cant go inside and lever doesnt do anything

Marc, you said the helper is already killed?? I thought I just pulled the lever and the door opened! But maybe I'm worng if you say you can't pull the lever... .

So seems to be a bug, sorry, Marc.

How to kill dracula? I can put the hulk (I think it is) on the red cross but don't know what to do next

i reload the game and startet new but cant pull the lever

Aridza how did you get into the room with dracula???

Got it...

how do i defeat dracula ?

oil the cabinet then use piece of paper on map, then look at and 'talk' to the stone where the arrow points

you need to click on the stone right next to the sun with the arrow, it says something and once Obama says it, the door opens

Well I must be way behind, can't got to Transylvania yet... Not sure what else to do. Can't swat fly, need to do something I assume to get to Transylvania

(sorry need to push the cabinet too)

Lefteris, did you find out what to do with dracula???

no just know you need to use the guy and cilinder

All I can do with dracula is to put the hulk on the red cross, I have the spiderman glove loaded but can't use it and I keep getting killed

OK I put the honey on spoon and put it on cross to get fly, thought I had tried that...

If you try to throw the cilinder at dracula, Obama says the cilinder alone won't do it, so what are we missing???

use the cylinder on the lathe in rome, then go in to see drac, put lou ferigno (mini man) on the x then throw the spike at drac, after that throw the stone acid at the other x and voila

Thanks Diccon, totally forgot the lathe!

I got it, I threw the silver thing at dracula, didn't work but then I threw the bottle of acid, it made a hole in the wall at the red cross, the werewolf woke up and fought with dracula and won

for the cilinder you go to rome and you the lathe.then in dracula room you use the man,then with this you take from the silinder trow it to the dracula nad then you throw the stone posion vial to the x spot.

Finally out! Thanks all for helping!

Nearly there..... can't figure out how to open dracs door?

chris there is an arrow who saw you the tile.click in the tile and then to the mouth obama say sth and the door opens

Finally out, with help from some people here. Thanks! Will stay around for a while but hope I remember where I found things.
Jo.C. still around?

Thanks Chris out now )

comments are not in English ..cannot understand ...where is glove which is needed for web to use on coffin ?

POP ..i hav glove in my inventaory ..may be i got it after giving antidote to MR hyde

Hi raasti! I'm trying to make a WT. Hope it's finished before midnight lol.

What Bush costume? It sounds like that's what I need next.

Divinyl: it's in transylvania. Right side of Dracula's helper near the tree.

im in the room with the red table, i have formed a red cross. how can i get the fly?
i have tried glove + honey on spoon– no result!

@Divinyl it's not "Bush" it's just a bush. :) I can't remember which scene, but there's a bush you can take and use to hide with.

Awesome, thanks catqueen :)

marie jolie - honey on spoon on red cross on the wall, then use the fly swatter.

where is the swamp. cant go any further.
transsylvania still closed

oh thank you!
now i know my mistake. i had put the honey on the red wood cross not he cross on the wall

where is bush costume ?

oops its in front of my eyes near tree in crocodile scene ..

This is a first part of a WT. Hope it helpes a little. Forgive me for my English.

Go to Rome. Get Heater, paper roll, and spoon. Go left and take book, jar with honey, dropper, syringe, hydrofluoric acid, boric acid, acid for stones, mixer, spider web and torch. Torch is needed to light the logs.

Got to Paris. Take boat and heavy shoe behind the clocks. Set clocks according to the arrows above the door. Go inside but don’t take the stuff yet. Mr. Hyde is waiting. Read the book and make the potion using dropper, mixer and then put it in syringe. Use this on Hyde. Take glove, horseshow, fly swatter and soda.

Go to town and talk to the villager. He has lost his cat. Take the coffin door. Go right and see a cat with key, strawberry bush and graveyard keeper. Combine web with glove. Use door on coffin and use the loaded glove. Take cemetery soil and cat with key.

Give cat to villager and talk to him to get tools. Put horseshoe on statue. The fountain in now working. Use say on Y shaped branch. Use key to get into the house. Use saw on table leg and use it again to get 2 wooden pieces. Combine nail and hammer and make a cross. Use spoon on honey and put it on the red X. Use swatter to get fly. Transylvania is now open.

Transylvania : get tree grow accelerator, ladder. Spider web and cage. Go right and get somniferous, heater. Use somniferous on branch, then use the loaded glove and quickly throw the booth.

Go left and use bush. Combine somniferous and soda and put it on the table. Put battery and heater on X. Bye bye Dracula’s helper. Take the bow, the oar and pull the lever.

Go right and use boat and oar to go to the other side. Take flask, arrow, chicken chunk, flake of monster. Fill flask with swamp water. Teleport to Rome. Make the potion according to the book and put it in the flask.

Back to Transylvania. Go right and take booth. Use ladder on red X. Combine rope and cage and put it up the tree. Combine bow and arrow. Put the chicken on the red X and hide behind the bush. When the werewolf comes, shoot the branch with cage and then use the flask (potion) on him.
Take the little guy and the golden cup and symbols on the right side. Go all the way left to the door where you knocked out Dracula’s helper.

hello @ catqueen just read your comment ...do walk thru ..these games are difficult ..

Sorry hi Catqueen, I still have the page open but started doing other bits lol.

I am not out yet, but will be soon thanks to your walkthrough! Thank you! :)

how to get rid swamp monster ..i cant go thru baot & oar

How do t get pass the door in the mummy's room ? Help plx .

I can't pull the lever to get into the castle. Has anyone else got the same problem? I couldn't pull it the first time after drugging Dracula's helper and I still can't get into the castle.

Mark Rosentreter hint is not working ...

what branch i should hit with glove ?

first use tree accelerate potion on branch then glove & heavy boot

gtg but Im stuck in a mummy scene ...the next door is not open for me wht to do ? leave hint or walk thru @ Catqueen :)

RaastI; Step on green parts. On the right side wall there is a hole. Put yellow star in it but don't get caught. Do the same with the other symbols. The pop when you placed the first one.

finde kein gummi um schleuder zu machen,hmm

Part two:

From Dracula’s helper go up. Mummytime! Step on the green parts, they are safe. You need to put the symbols in the wall. After every symbol a new spot appears and also the floor will change. Game auto safes after every symbol.

Go right and throw the big boot at Igor. In your inventory is a flat stone. Use it near the door and put the dead fly on it. Take the new spider web and use it on the glove. Use glove to get 2x4 wood. Put it over the gap and take the remote from Igor. You get a free mechanical arm too !

Go right and finally there is a basket and lots of other things. Take it all. Don’t forget the chalk on the right side corner.

Teleport to town and get strawberries. You can always take some more. Now you’re here you can use the golden cup on the fountain. To be prepared go to Rome and ask the Pope to bless it. Go 2 screen to the right and use cylinder on lathe machine. Better be prepared.

Back to Transylvania and go down. A room with 3 doors and 2 buttons. Put hand on floor on the red X. (left) Push the left red button and go to the middle section. Use remote for left button and then push the button in the middle. Take the boots from the right side and walk back. Put the strawberries in the hole. Use the remote again for left button and quickly push the middle button. Walk to the left and push the left button to go out.

Look at the window on the right side. Vampire woman is there. Use the cotton boots and go right. Use the chalk on the red X and go left. Combine holy water with cross. Combine Y shape with rubber band. Now combine the cross and the Y shape. Look through the window and throw the necklace. When she’s on the symbol, shoot her with the cross.

I'm only able to saw one leg of the table. How do you saw the 2nd leg? Anyone?

big foot werfen geht nicht bug????

Part three, the final:

Go right to the room with desk and painting. Use the oilcan near the desk and move it. Take a look at the paper roll, push the button and get piece of paper. Put that in the lower left corner of the painting. There is a peeping hole and you see Dracula and green Hulk. Zoom back.

Near the arrow there is a tile. Talk to it. (yes, sounds crazy but it works) Now hurry. Get in and put tiny man in X on floor. Use the silver pin on Dracula and then the acid on the X on the wall left from Hulk.

I hope this doesn’t have to many mistakes and helps you all to get out.

Jules, use saw again on the part you already have.

Marita: werf das auf kopf von Igor. Throw it on Igor's head.

I forgot to thank all the other players who are already out and helped with their comments. :)))

@marita, kannst Du Dir vorstellen, wie nervig es ist, Deine Posts hier im englischen Forum zu lesen? Mal abgesehen davon, dass es Leute gibt, die kein Deutsch sprechen und darum auch die Antworten auf Deine Posts nicht lesen können. Versuch es doch einmal mit einem Wörterbuch. Einfach stur weiter zu posten finde ich ganz schön rücksichtslos.

@marita, can you imagine how impolite it is to post in German in an English forum? There are actually people who do not speak German at all and therefore cannot read the german answers to your posts. It's really annoying. Why don't try it with a dictionary, LEO for example?!

Ah...catqueen, thank you.

And out! Thanks for the walkthrough Catqueen, it really helped at the end! :D

I'm happy for you Jo! Hopefully Jules will manage too.

Catqueen.. thanx :)

@ ainao Im a german too like marita and its sometimes very difficult for us to read the comments in english because there are so many "special" words that you can`t translate with school english. So be fair .. it doesnt hurt someone when she write some sentences in german or? ;)

There are several people who do speak German, Dutch and English (like I do), you can always ask in English for some help and maybe even translate it for you when the 'translators' on Google aren't sufficient...


Thanks Catqueen.

In marita's defense, she tries quite often to ask and make comments in English, and has said that her English is not that good, but at least she tries! She has said she is trying to get better at it and I appreciate her efforts! It is clear to me that she is an avid gamer, and likes this site, so I hope she does not become discouraged.

Catqueen: I would never be able to get through these games without a WT - your's is excellent!! Thanks for taking the time and effort!

I started again and still can't pull the lever outside the castle.

Strange first scene. Obama walks over is desk in oval office, refuses to pick up the paper on the ground, and when you use the teleporter, you can't go back to the oval office...

Where is the basket to put strawberries in, and where can I find the oar?

How do you put the symbols in the wall?
So many questions...and no answers. I'll have to find it myself. :-)

Just started! Can't even enter castle in paris

where is the basket for strawberrys and why cant i move the lever help!!

Castle in Paris was putting the clocks in such a way they look the same as the two arrows pointing to each other.

The basket is in Transylvania.
After you did the symbols in the room with the mummy, you go right and then kill that guy (with the boot), use the spider glove to get the board and go over the gap and then the next room to the right.

started over when getting rid of draculas helper move lever first then pick up the rest of the things

I used Chrome instead of Firefox and the lever worked fine - I also didn't have Adblock running.

I'm glad I persevered because it was a great game.

after placing the mechanical hand i went back and used the remote... and now i can't move anymore. maybe a bug?

A castle in Paris? I tought it was the Notre-Dame... :-)

The game doesn't open for me (using firefox), not even when I try it directly from the Inkagames website. All of the other Obama games are no problem!?

I am to late I can see. ANyone still playing?

where is necklace?

Thank you catqueen for the WT ! great job !
and everyone else for the useful comments!

Talk to the tile isn't working (bug fixed?). Now you need to use the torch on the tile, read the tile and then talk to the tile (to read the inscription) to get the door to dracula open.

Is the tree growth accelerator the tree elixir and is the Y shaped branch the branch people are talking about because ive tried combing them and I got nothing

how do we talk to the wall?

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how do u make the holy water?

how to get rid of the evil spirit in the masters bedroom?

how do you kill ignor

when i try to saw the table in town second time, it doesn't work. help me!

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