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Szeklerland Room Escape Walkthrough

Szeklerland Room Escape

Szeklerland Room Escape is point and click escape the room game created by Ainars and sponsored by NewEscapeGames. Search all rooms for various clues and items, collect 3 golden cups and password hint to unlock door lock and get outside. Obtain additional hint to solve gray squares puzzle to get car keys and escape. Good Luck!

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says internal error when i try open page ?? oh well i'll keep trying

got in !!

easy in and out :)

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First put the four corner stars/pointers with the same point in the same colour as the the colour of the little circle next to it. And after that you can do the other colour code there.

first rotate the stars that the colors of dot and star are the same. then you can use the clue.

what about light-grey squares?

Where do you use the 7 number clue that's on a piece of paper?

Where is the square clue?

oh boy got in and stuck already with puzzle and this isn't even my language :(

Dont forget to click the red arrows at the down left side of the screen ;)

The light grey squares you do in the very end, when you've been outside to get the hint.

Puzzle with all signs ... look per row, see whats above or under the same sign

Hm, still missing pink shield, one lever and one golden cup....

Pink shield is outside.

The wall picture ;
set the points of the stars the same as the colors they are pointing to

But I dont get the 1234 color code ?

The hints for those colours are in different places.
1=Blue, 2=Red, 3=Black and 4=Green

I have a paper with a number code, but I don't know where to use it.

I mean the box on the table, not the wall picture for the stars and 1234 color code, sorry

Thanks small-tool ;)

Got matches after color code on box, light candle to get code

Oops i put the violet shield medal in and the text stays no matter what room I go to; strange

THe number code you use on the door, after you placed the 3 cups in.

I love the car puzzle although i still see the shield text :)

For the box on the table, consider columns and not rows.

Anyway, I'm missing the smallest of the 3 "codeboxes", on the left of the flag.

Love Ainars! One posted for the younger folks, and then another more challenging one! Fantastic!!!

Sorry, the puzzle I meant, not the puzzle on the table, but the puzzle on one of the maps.

This was a great game, thank you very much small-tool and Ainars for the challenging game ... Love it !

Missing a cup and run out of things to use

Loved the car puzzle! Funny!

The last cup you get from putting the 3 guys on the map.
The last guy to put on that map you get from putting the 3 code boxes/barrels next to the flag.
The last code box/barrel you get from turning all 4 levers/switches.

I'm giving up there is only so many times you can go round in circles

This was a great game!!! Thanks so much Ainars!

last switch - well hidden, bottom right below map - red room

i'm with you escape girl,lost lol

Gone around a bunch of times. Did all puzzles except gray corners and only found 1 barrel, 1 piece for mad and 1 cup

*map.....I am stuck.

am missing an arrow switch

missing 2 codeboxes and 1 arrow switch... where are those code boxes?!

I lit candle and got nothing. Where is paper with # code exactly?

found a barrel in the speaker of boom box

evans,i think it was from green switch safe,not sure now

Ok, went around whole thing twice and suddenly there is paper above candle. Bit of a glitchy game.

thanks cmj !
just missing the last one then

ahhh,arrow switch above stereo player

gave last cup

completely stuck and missing so much !!! Help us! If you got out help us. Need help with puzzle on wall with pink and blue. The coloured symbols on map? Where are all the power switches?

green switch I missed to the right of the boom box

and finally......gongats!

G'day DoziCowGurl,fellow aussie here

left to right,spider looking thing,mid carrot type thing,right red flash

could someone explain the map/symbol solution please please please

Haha kevaus! This is a hard game from Ainars, usually they're good games but this one is driving me nuts lol But then I am a DoziCowGurl or just blonde !

what about light-grey squares?

if i can get out, you should be able too !

ok..I did

did you get out kahh ?

Thanks kevaus! Soon as I got the map puzzle I was able to get everything and out!

gongates ..good game ..

gongats dozi :)

@ Alice ..just look for the symbol under or above that question mark in a row ..

hmm change at the end of game no rain of code papers & gems ..just a music ..:)

Thanks CMJ, that helped a lot! Map puzzle clue: Find what symbol is missing from each column.

thanks for the NEW game, Ainars!

Couldn't have gotten out w/o all the clues, thanks! This game was buggy or something, took three tries to not get "internal error" and actually load game, and puzzles were not very clear how to solve. Instead of "analyze puzzle", how about "discover missing symbols".


Thank you for the switch in the red room.

But I don't find the last arrow, the last figurine. I'm giving up (I often give up Ainars games).

Thanks everyone - really needed those hints this time!

Thanks Ainars! Fun game.

For anyone stuck on the map puzzle, think of the shape of an up arrow or down arrow (whichever way you look at it) and you should see the pattern.

If anyone is still here, I need the map figurines. I have 2, just need one more!

im stuck missing 1 barrel,figure for the map,dont understand puzzle above strereo,got piece of paper with numbers on

figured map thingy got me last barrel

and out

So tired of games linking back here for "Walkthroughs" when all I get are random clues and "OUT!" If you give a link for a walkthrough, it should be a TRUE walkthrough. If the people playing won't put one up, then the maker of the game should do it.

All well except for forgetting box on the table.

Sort of agree Maggie. I like the comments that fly around on here but can see it must be irritating if you're expecting a 'walkthrough'. Perhaps they should have 2 links - one for a straightforward walkthrough and one for those who like to meander and comment as they go.

You are THE Puzzle Master

too hard :(

Smarties, it is frustrating when some of us come here a long time after the game has gone live and no one is around to help. Not all of us playing are geniuses. I like your idea, but the full walkthrough should come from the creator. Leaving it up to players is just asking for it NOT to happen.

switch in red room, bottom right corner was key to my finishing escape.

Thank you! Once I got the switch in the red room, the rest fell into place!

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