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CoolEscapers - Escape 0713 Walkthrough

CoolEscapers - Escape 0713

Cool Escapers - Escape 0713 is another free online point and click room escape game from CoolEscapers. In this game, find items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun! [Submitted by Roberto]

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Thx Roberto and jon! I needed one of these

Nini help! I find nothing, no clue!

Made pattern on red/yellow buttons (hint: clock), got paper

Nini ?

Use paper on painting to get clue for red/green/blue buttons, got another paper

Trying to find all 5 hotspots that 2nd paper shows..

But clock is 3x3 and yellow grid is 5x5, how did you do?

Well.. but u can see black surrounding the 3x3 grid right? think black as yellow.. and do the middle of the 5x5 grid red as clock shows

can u explain please? how to use color patern


turn clock (mentally) so 12 is on top
then make pattern in the center 9 squares

Ohh, thanks Nini! :D

Can't find last hotspot.. and I don't wanna bf lol

mmmm...where is the last hotspot from the paper clue?


smurf blue
leaf green
berry red

Hi Nini! Out yet?

I tried to BF it, it seems you can't

bf doesn´t work!! lol

lol jon! same here

I was thinking that maybe the red dots would gives a clue also to the 2x2 grid but no

Ha!! Inventory!

Book gives hint for 2x2 grid

@Just1: thank you too!

That was smart, Nini!

i push 4 times red 7 times green and 8 times blue and nothing, please help

push the colours in the order given by the note Jonatan

Push them in order accoring to the numbers.

Great find Nini, thanks :)

not getting the note to match up with painting right. could someone spoil the BRG please?

can anyone spoil the colors code please ??

I have BGRBRBGGR but that does not seem to work. Help?

sorry i dont have the note! and cant make te 5x5 pattern any help?


Gosh my Chrome crashed! But I'm back now lol

use newsletter for corners box... now stuck w/ number clue

So.. 5-4-8-2-6.. Clock? Pic? 5-symbol code? Nothing is active anymore.. stuck!

I'm trying to find where to use the 5-digit hint.

small tool that does not work for me either.

Jonatan i tried to begin with the painting first as well .. tried every possible combination .. that was tricky !! good to have some smarter people playing around to tell us to start withe clock !!

Oh - just click numbers on pic

jonaton for the pattern I started upper left and worked diagonally to lower right, leaving a rim of yellow all around.

LOL just1! I tried that sooo many times hahaha

i need screenshot cant understand how to use clock figure on 5x5 yellow pattern, please help

use 5-4-8-2-6 on the pic -click on the numbers-

5x5 grid spoiler: http://i.imgur.com/46oGJPb.png

But I was clicking the images

did anyone find which wall the 5th symbol clue in on?


not working @small-tool !!

Finally, for the 20x, apply it on the last cabinet, out!

thnx jon

maryling between second and third inventory slots

then click the last closed door the said number of times...nice little game

lol I was knocking 20x on the door

Click x20 on last closed small doors.

just realized i have to stick the note on the painting for it to work. DUH

Thanks for excellent game!

red dots in seconds paper show hide shapes on room

Lol, I was clicking the images too with the 5-digit hint, not the numbers. Out now. Thanks for the help.

Thanks all of you for playing!

Thank You Nini - that's what you meant before! I thought you just had something I hadden't gotten to yet

Nice and challenging Roberto as always :)

what does second paper mean with all the red dots. I am not finding anything in those places.

Oops, very sorry if my colour order didn't work, That was what I had in my notes. No idea if it's different every game, but no time to replay now (way too late here).
Great game Roberto :)

That was clever! Thanks, Roberto!

it is a bit of a pixel hunt Evans...keep clicking

@Evans: red dots are hotspots, take note of the shapes in order.

evans some have arrows on them - those you get from the closeups
the rest are unzoomed

Colors doesn´t work till you use the note on painting!

still can't get the first red dot hot spot. what is it under?

momentito...have to open game again to find out

finally got all the red dots but what do I do with the booklet? What is it a hint for?

@Evans: it's a hint for the 2x2 grid. What does each page tell you (show you)?

I still do not understand red dots.....??

@Sky: look at the clock hint, the red dots pattern is rotated (#12 is your 'north'). Then go to your 5x5 grid and reproduce it using only the central 3x3 buttons.

red dots is the hiden `place of shapes, find de dot in the panel it show ( last shap is in inventory, final door knock 20 times to get key.

thnx and bye

can't figure out 2x2 grid. Does it go by position of the squares on each page? That is what I am doing but it does not work.

Have already done that one. I meant the paper with 5 red dots :)

Where is the last red dot? I cant find 3 squares in a row.

Yes Evans, check again because that should work.

wow this game is driving me bananas, finally got the 2x2 grid. but nothing opened up. what now?

Unknown that is the squares of your inventory!

I must be having a brain fart because I have no idea where to find those red dots!!!!

Each area of the 5 red dots hint is an area of the room (think of it as a small blueprint).
@Unknown: that last dot is what Nini posted at 3:55 PM.

Those red dots are very pixelly. some you find in close up and some in regular view. Lots and lots of clicking in spots shown to get symbols for rotating wall puzzle.

what do you do after you get the 2x2 grid green?

Sky, you're not supposed to see red dots in the room, just click about where the paper says until you find something.

I am just giving up this is not a great game. too pixelly and buggy

ok so many posts telling us the red dots r hotspots around , now can anyone spoil all 5 hotspots ?? can only find 3 !!

I got the dots thx. Now what happens after the 2x2?

@Evans, look inside the opened doors, *inside* the cabinet. (You're not getting an inventory item this time.)

@evans - Where did you find a bug?!

Nope, not fair Evans. This is a great game. Certainly not buggy. And in fact nopt pixely too. You just have to interpret the clues correctly to see where the hotspots to click are.

I still can't find any of them because I have no idea where to even start clicking. There are 4 walls which one??? I give up on this one. Thanx for help though.

E-addict. Look at the paper you have with the dots. They are all different areas of the rooms. Click in the room where the dot is indicated on the paper


i dont understand the red dots clue at all. like at ALL. and the only hotspot i can find is the one in the inventory.

I'm preparing it, E-Addict, lol, I'm just slow!

OMG so i JUST noticed the very faint pictures on the red dot clue. okay this should help

@Verito - I'm stuck. Got that last clue but no idea where to use it.

Finally: see if this helps you, guys: http://i.imgur.com/drjfSv2.jpg

@Steve: which one? the 5-digit hint?

Yes indeed

Have done the 2X2 grid over and over according to the positions on the booklet and nothing happens, finally giving up in frustration. Enjoyed layout of game but red dots were nearly impossible to find, had to zoom page a few times, and didn't like having one placed in inventory outside of game box. Would like to see more like this but needs work.

thanx @verito but those r just two .. n two of the three i already got !!

for the 2x2 grid: you have to consider each page of the instruction booklet as a 2x2 grid and press buttons according to their position.


1 - Left side of 3 colors door.
2 - Between clock and 2x2 grid
3 - Zoom in 5x5 grid and click above it.
4 - Zoom in 2x2 grid and click under the arrow.
5 - Between 2nd and 3rd slots of inventory.

@Steve: go back to the picture with the strawberries and leaves and whatyoucall the blue guys, click the *numbers* -ignore the images- that you were given in the 5-digit clue.

Thanks Verito. I thought I had tried that, but I clicked the pics not the numbers.

Thanx @Roberto and Verito .. out now !! cool game as usual from cool CoolEscapers .. unfortunately some people arent as cool .. just pathetic enough !!

And now 3rd and 4th hotspots: http://oi40.tinypic.com/5lx4wj.jpg

hope this helps!

Thank you Roberto. I loved this game very very much. Took me a minute to notice the pale blue on the red dot clue paper, and straight out cheated about the x20 because i was looking for a place to input 54826x20..hahahhaha (oh i cheated off Nini's hint for the final red-spot too)

Evans, truly this game is NOT pixely. You just have to interpret the clues correctly, and you will click the correct spot. I recommend you give it another try. It's really very engaging.

Thanks again Roberto...keep making them please.

well didnt know CoolEscapers is actually Roberto !! lol .. ur games are actually among the rare well balanced games posted on this site .. and enjoyable ! the hot spots werent pixelly at all , it's just that the hot shots were ignoring me !! lol i clicked there many and many times but once u posted the spoiler .. Done ! thanx and keep it going !!

Thanks for the hints, I'm out!

would help if the inv clue show 4 squares rather than 3 :(
finally got the 2x2 grid, was looking at each double-page of the book, rather than each page individually :)
still got two cupboard to openand not sure how, unsure what the 5 digit code does

finally got the 5 digit code, was clicking the pictures rather than the actual numbers.
OUT!! :~)
thanks for the inv hint, wouldn't have managed without that one

Good luck and have a lot of fun y'all...

HAHA the last one was a bit silly ... (knocking madly 20 times like a braindead)

Good game.

Yes, thanks from me too for the inv hint. I was walking around in circles all the time, but found no three "square buttons" ;)

Thanks to the developer for inhibiting the BF method. Yes, escaping is hard work, just as making these games! :)

Can't get Red Blue Green puzzle. I got the same solution as small tool posted, but it doesn't work. Reloaded, it still doesn't work. :(

i am playing game rite now ..@ q for blue green red puzzle place paper on picture ....press acc buttons accto colors ..

smurf is blue

leaf is green

strawberry is red

@ Johnthewatch ..thanx for screen shot it was needed for me to start game..

if anyone here after finding all the red spot ...where to use shape clues ..I dont get it ..:(

read almost every comment...but how you people get 54826 ..it has something to do with that shapes ..cant get it ..

ohh LOL embrasse....i got it there is shape puzzle ..

@ Jools 2 x 2 grid open pannel under 3 coloured dot puzzle give you 5 digits

& after clicking digits on picture open pannel under the first grid ...

thanx for all the help ...after reading comment of E-Addict 8/4/13, 7:59 PM...I come to kno ROBERTO is cool escaper ....great games Roberto ...all your games are cool :)

I don't understand the hint 20x, what I need to do with it

i got it... and out!
Thanks for all the hints

Wow this was a great game. i just finished it with some help from the comments. Thx Roberto !!!!! Can´t wait for your next one :-) 5 stars from me !

Very good game. I could not solve without the hotspot locations from Verito though. I could not see any of the "very faint pictures" on the red dot clue, even though I magnified the image more than 200%. I am using FF for a browser.
Thanks Roberto. Great Game.

Thanks Verito for the picture of where the 5th red spot was.....was driving me nuts trying to find 3 boxes.....and I agree, this wasn't pixly at all, once you figure out that there are shapes on the paper next to the red dots....good game Roberto

Nice game - thanks for all the hints

When will game makers learn, that escape games are about finding clues and solving puzzles. Not about clicking madly to find some stupid pixel. Annoying.

Coolescapers' logic is still on a completely different track than mine. If i had a hundered year just for that, I wouldn't have made the logical leap to make sense of the clock hint, for example...

Most Coolescapers games are just nonsense to me :( I'm not saying they are bad games - just not for my brain, I guess.


Cool!!!! Good game!!! Great job. hard for me, need help and read all twice.

Cool!!!! Good game!!! Great job. hard for me, need help and read all twice.

TY TY @jools!!!!!!!
I was not getting the 4X4 positions either...wasn't looking at single page. Finally got it from your comment!!!!

TY especially to @Roberto for your games!!!!!!

Of course, I meant 2X2 buttons....LOL

And...what do I do with the 20X? I clicked the door 20 times....right? what did I miss?
POP wrong door! :D

That is what I call an AMAZING game!! (exept the madly-clicking-on-the-wall part) wrong door, me 2!

Working link: https://escape-0713.agame.me/play/

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