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Cute Island Escape Walkthrough

Cute Island Escape

EnaGames - Cute Island Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. this is a critical game where the boy has been trapped in the house, so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from this house,if you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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how to open cabinet? 4, 9 over 2, 20?

Just add it all up. I'm stuck. Built the ladder. Nothing left in my inventory

Use drill, cord and power converter over big rock in center

I found something that might be a shovel but I don't know where to use it

Bamboo on rope ladder. Have lever but still can't get into door above ladder

ok, used drill, and got switch arm for cliff wall door, put it in, and can't do anything. Have axe and hammer left.

Ok, finally clicked somewhere near the bamboo and could dig

Where did you find shovel junevg?

POP found it. Forgot to check that side of the cabinet.

POP, cutting bamboo on right after zooming in, and finding right pixel.

There is view of a boat down the cliff. Once you get the anchor built and have the rope, you use it to go down.

and out...

Out too, will stick around a minute for help if needed......not very often I can do that....lol

where u get somethin to cut bamboo??

have only a hammer left

got battery & power lead - what's missing?

aah - found drill behind barrels

drilling the rock gives some weird implement - can't do anything with it so far!

Good luck and have a lot of fun, people...

just saw mrtelcom's comment at 9.38 - weird thing is for door on cliff.

where is the axe though.....

just seen 3 digit code on the wheel on the wall - the sun was on my screen!!

gives wooden wheel which when attached to the winch gives axe...

cant figure this math thin g in the cliff

how to get rope to get to boat?

nvm found shovel left side of cabinet, dig up hammer and hammer handle to door over bridge.
out finally.
took a while to figure out anchor and rope attachment.

man this is gettin me mad cant figure this stupid math thing

Cut bamboo to make steps.

cant get math clue to cabinet inside... adding all up gives 27... doesn't work and multiplying before adding gives 76 which doesn't work either

hahaha ok so my maths is awful... get a different total if I add them all up correctly which works!

If I could find somewhere to dig that would help me a lot

great, my drill is stuck on the screen.....

I had trouble seeing the 3-digit code on my laptop too

spazmaz....dig over by the bamboo

God these games are so buggy. My drill got stuck in the middle of the screen and would not unstick.

Can't find the door lever or the power line to the drill (have converter and drill part) I have a crank but can't seem to use it anywhere, grr!

POP! it wasnt a crank, it was for the turtle shell on the wall!

can't see 3 digit code on wheel,any one spoil it please

for any one else following,it's the number of straps on the barrells

What am I supposed to do with the hammer? I've tried hitting everything in sight.

The 3-digit code is written on the wheel at the top.

Oh, I didn't realise that you have to TAKE every piece of the cut bamboo individually for it to then be attachable to the ladder.

how to attach anchor and rope

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