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August 1, 2013

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Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival Walkthrough

Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival

Harry Quantum Episode 3 - Cheese Carnival is another free online point and click adventure game and the sequel to Harry Quantum 2 - Unmasked from TurboNuke. Solve the mystery of the sinister Cheese Carnival and save the world! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Small-Tool via EG24 Chat]

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Good luck and have a lot of fun y'all...

Just went in. :-)

I have a camera, 2 PIPs (from file drawer and inside cheese shake) and a note from the electrical box which says 1103. Hole in the Battle Royale tent isn't big enough yet to take pictures but am trying to distract the shake lady in order to get that can-opener, to make the hole bigger.

Got a 2nd cheese shake and threw it into the electrical box - lights went out. Also grabbed the can-opener when the shake-lady's back was turned.

       Anonymous  8/1/13, 11:33 AM  

am I the only one still playing?

Took pictures through the bigger hole, then called the janitor away by dialing in the electrical box number. Took screwdriver & duct tape from the janitor's hut.

Took a picture of the janitor's keycard - trying to see how to use it to enter the back door of the Battle Royale tent.

stuck got as far as ragbert.....

Nope, adivawoman - I am playing too. :-)

I'm stuck there too. I finally peeked at the walkthrough which says to use the screwdriver on cheese slices in the workman's room, but I don't have cheese slices and earlier stages in the WT don't mention them. :/

Oh I have cheese slices, forgot to mention-- got them from the guy at the first booth. Aha! Use the screwdriver on the cheese slices to cut holes matching the keycard photo!

Dipped the cheese-card into the varnish to harden it, and am now inside the back door of the metal tent. Need to get a phone number from the phone on the right hand wall. (I'll never eat fair food again haha!)

Ragbert, thanks!

Took a photo of the phone number (BF the last cheese-covered digit as a 5), then went back outside and called the number at full volume. Kitchen guy fell to the floor after answering phone, and I walked into the next room where humans were being made into cheeseburgers. Note number code there: 9383. ROFL @ hey there big buns!

Dialing 9383 on the keypad outside got me a 3rd PIP. It says 3/22 PIPs, so this could end up being a really loooong game....

where can i get the missing star to complete the orion picture?

pop... put the stone on the anvil in chunderworld and hammer the star out of it...

You're way ahead of us, solitude01 - what did you do after leaving the kitchen?

btw, I got a 4th PIP from feeding a cheese shake to one of the hamburger-people.

I have 10 PIPs up to now, but now I can't enter this battle tent

aha, used duct tape to seal the holes in the first fair game, and got a white cow!

Is there anyone? Do you need some help? I'm still stuck, and wait for someone to come to the same stage.

I'm stuck now. I have 4 PIPs and one white cow. Not sure where else to go from here. (See how far I've gotten above.) All hints appreciated!

And out :)
Ragbert, you can paint your white cow with ketchup.

D'ohh! Thanks Gato - never thought to do that! Now I have the green cheese!

Stuck in the next area with cow, chunderworld, etc. Have a bucket of milk, but can't use it on the fire. Anybody?

I'm out, but only with 8 PIPs. Not sure I'll bother replaying to get more though.

where to get water from to put the fire out ?? .. the clues given are awful actually !!

bucket of water from the grey cloud

and the walkthrough is even worse !! from grey cloud ?? what grey cloud ?? all i can see is that inky black cloud cant get to coz of the fire !!

E-Addict its in the scene with the cow on the right side just under the robot i think

thanx smithers can see it now ! :-)

cyndee43, holding the bucket under the cow got you a PIP, but didn't fill the bucket. You can still hold it under the cloud to the right of the chute that goes down to Chunderworld. Then it will fill with water to use on the fire down below.

I played again quickly, managed to get 11 PIPs. Finito! :-)

Just FYI, there's a total of 22 PIPs you can get. Of course, I only know that because I looked at the walkthrough.

how did you get the volume turned up for the kitchen?

this sucks. I am following instructions but can't get volume up in kitchen and guy wont move. What am I doing wrong?

dont u have the paper with instructions on it evans ?? i think it was *#* then press 9 !!

buggy. had to restart. got through now stuck at maze. have paint in bucket and brush and hammered metal sheet but no idea what to do next

Stuck at the cheese mouth mountain face thing. How to pass through cheese? What to do with star key?

Found ink and painted it on cheese mouth.

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Need help with paint brush. Can't find it. :/

Paint brush is cows tail....

Is this one dead. Im stuck in the scene with the cow and the fairy weel

16 from 22!!! Not bad at all, right?

16 from 22!!! Not bad at all, right?

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