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Obama Crazy Escape Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape

InkaGames - Omama Crazy Escape is another point and click mini escape game from Inka Games. Obama is trapped inside a dangerous and strange place. Help him escape before it's too late! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Angektutbil and Mosh via EG24 Chat]

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Good luck and have a lot of fun y'all...

Played it already. I'll stay around in case I can help somebody.

Played it too and it was fun and tricky indeed. Already made a WT but it's too early to post. Glad escapism is here to help. I'll give some help in garage game.

hello ..its lunch time here ..will play later on ..catqueen post walkthru after 15 comments ok ..;)

@ Mark Cardone - found or made? you copy links to your WT everywhere you can... maybe you should firts let people play and have a fun

Hi catqueen, yes, I'll hold the line here... I've seen your greetings in the chat, but wasn't able to answer- must have forgotten my chat-name. ;-)

Besides people having fun by playing and making comments without being spoiled by a video wt. There's also the fact this site runs on comments. If every game has not that many comments because of a video wt or too early posted WT's then EG24 can't excist anymore, because it's getting too expensive.

Just loading... :)

Good point, small-tool, haven't thought of that before (and I don't like video-wts anyway, because they spoil the fun of posting and reading comments)

Got Zazie and Roberto out of the garage :)
Agrees with Jed and S-T. It's much more fun to play a game together.
Hi JO!

Yep Escapism and another fact with vid-wt's is, you can't easily go to the part where you are stuck without being spoiled with all the other things in the game. While with a written walkthrough you can just browse to the part where you are stuck and need a little hint.

Lol Catqueen, yes you saved us from garage and now i am stuck here rofl

And video-wts lack the humour some people put in here (like for example just1 in his very good wt for 'Appartment #102). So much more entertaining to read.

So everybody that is posting here already played the game. And now we are waiting till Raasti finished her lunch. LOL

And everybody is eager to help Zazie! Zazie, do you need help? ;-)

Zazie: lots of helpers here. Just ask.

I agree with Small-Tool. Video walkthroughs offered when a game is new kills the comments. It is fun to play as a team...leave lots of comments....

Hi sorry had phone call... NOW I'm joining you all lol :D

A phonecall is NOT an excuse to leave us hahahaha

Catqueens phone call comment: ROFL!

LOL It wasn't worth it either to be honest, but couldn't get out of it lol... I say joining you all, but looks like everyone has already played! :)

No Jo, Zazie (I think she has a phonecall too) is playing and Raasti is of to lunch but will be back soon.

ok here Im where is this bottle which catqueen mention?will play on & off ..I create mess in my home wanted to do detailed cleaning but it become mess

Sorry i was away from keyboard :-)

Raast, thank you, a question:

The bottle is in the place where you can teleport to- well, wait, it is not YOU (Obama) who can teleport there, but...

I have the bottle full and made me invisible, but when i use the remote for bucket the bull keeps catching me.

so now you all make remarks about walkthroughs. I don't want to read. how did you get past the bull in the second room?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zazie: dont use remote for bucket. When invisible go right, quickly pick up a thing and hurry back. You have to do this e few times.

How did you get the bottle? I got rid of the guy with the knife but can't reach the bottle.

ok escapism...good really i dont want to be obama ...btw how I use that machine ..i put robot there it teleport it ...but how to do for Obama ..

Deleted my comment because it was misunderstandable- catqueens comment is better. But not perfect. Leave the room while invisible and use remote in other room, gives you time to take the things there, but make sure you understood the clock on the wall before.

I made it to pass the bull but then the doorpanel is not complete (what is missing ?) and the bull killed me again.

After teleporting the doll, also teleport the skateboard. Let doll use the skateboard.

evans, you need to hit the green switch on the floor with something that has 100 kg. Is there something in that room that could be so heavy?

Zazie: there is another item in the corner with the bull. You need that.

ok got a go ..good luck to all ..with OBAMA ;)

Zazie, you need the panel that was in the upper right corner. But you also need the 4 number code from the clock. Might need some attempts to get it right. Plus it can't be spoiled, because it is differrent in every game.

Ohh got it now but keep dying, i must be quicker grrr

nvm got bottle but can't get past bull

Now I need your help, because I'm stuck with the teleport machine

Zazie, read my comment from 6:29, you'll have more time when you do it that way, but you can't go back.

This comment has been removed by the author.

JogiJo, there have been some comments about the teleport machine already, where exactly are you stuck?

Oh well i will go on later, it is just falling on my nervs....i have lost the patience for now. Thx anyway for your help !!

Have teleported Muppet and Skateboard but still get caught by knife man

C u Zazie.

JogiJO: let puppet use skateboard on red X.

JogiJo: place skateboard on cross in other room with puppet, then hit it with puppet, then walk with puppet over the line.

Catqueen, we should alternate with answers, otherwise there will be a lot of doublepostings here... ;-)

have cat and number pad now what?

Escapism: I have to go now to do some work. Can you manage it here? ;) lol
Will post wt later.

where to use cat and how to get rid of bull??

Ok, catqueen; I'll hold the fort... ;-) Good work.

Evans: put number pad on wall, you'll need the number from the clock on the wall in the other room.

evans: cat is needed later...

Now stuck with the Zombie Dog, used Pet Dog with remote, but returns everytime i want to use the carpet

JogiJo, you have to do some more things in the zombie dog area. Did you try to use other things there?

ok, lots of walls here. Put #pad on what wall?

Next to the door in the room where you found that numb.pad.


I quit. everytime I go in the room to put the #pad on wall it automatically goes back on the floor.

Evans, there is a spot up on the left in the room where you found that pad (the three door room). You might need to be invisible to put it there. Better go out then and return when you are invisible again because time might not be long enough to put it there AND input the number.

Now stuck at the river, already had put ladder at tree but when i use the liane i get always eaten by crocodile

1st Inka Game I escaped without any help!

You need a paper plane.

JogiJo, and timing is important with that paper plane...

Ok got rid of zombie dog by making trap with portable hole and blanket (drop onto X from carpet)

So next time I'm stuck with the monster, always get caught, when throwing bowling ball on him

First jump on him to get higher and when higher try to get even higher.

Hate these mini games where you have to start from the beginning each time you die!

hallo wie komme ich an stier vorbei? habe trank aber zeit reicht nicht um teil oben rechts zu holen und wieder abzuhauen

hi how can I get past bull? but I have not drank enough time to pick up the right to participate and run away again

Stand close to the door. Drink, go in and then click the remote.

hab teil und katze aber welcher code ? 1202 oder wie=

Can someone please post a walkthrough ???

danke small

Krige not only code out, no matter how I click it, the letters or clock remains imemr elsewhere are put

For the code; look on what number the green hand on the clock is. Then look how many times the yellow goes round. Then you know if it's the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th digit. Do the same for all 4 green hand numbers.

3142 müßte code sein,nach deinen tip

3142 would have to be code, according to your tip

Don't know, it's different in every game.

But with what you posted it looks like you used how many times the yellow goes round as code.
The yellow hand only gives the order.

Gelb ist nur fur what platz im code grun ist.

ah then code should be 3642, because it was green hand thanks

ich gebs auf danker aber,bin zu langsam,aber ich weiß wie ich dann spielen muß ,falls ichs nochmal mach

haven't read the comments and found an alternative to past the bull without using remote for bucket!! but it's much harder.
got cat and in next run keyboard just in time before I was visible again. in 3. run I installed keyboard and in 4. run entered code and got to next room.
after that i can go back in door-room without any danger. the bull was still standing in middle of room and has done nothing more.

these four runs were the successful runs, after 20 failed tries :(

needed help with paper, so I watched the video wt and saw there is a "right" and much easier way.
but who cares? I got my own way!!!!!!!! :D

I agree with Jo.C ... won't keep replaying the mini game

Lol, well done, Hotzenplotz.
Always better to beat the game maker, even if it's way harder :)

Obama is trapped inside a dangerous and strange place.

I choose to leave him there...Thanks!

Good to know that catqueen has a WT ready so I can enjoy the German summer evening.

Need help: Standing in front of the river. I have bucket, hole, hook, paper, metallic hand control and a ladder leaning on a tree. What to do next?


Ah - got it (paper plane, use paper on old man)

Let the old dude first fold a paper plane. Then go up the ladder, use the hook and then quickly the paper plane.

Ok, still failing in the mini-game. Giving up.

       Anonymous  8/1/13, 10:43 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Are you sure it disappeared?
There are two different inventories at that point. Looking from Obama's point of view and looking from the robot's point of view. To use the fat guy you have to use the robot view and to get the bottle to Obama you have to teleport it.

       Anonymous  8/1/13, 10:52 AM  

Thanks small tool, I realized what I was doing wrong right after I typed the above.

Walkthrough please ?????

Here is a WT.
It's not perfect but I hope it helps a bit. Sorry it's very hot here in the Netherlands.

Part 1:

Get remote and skateboard
Go right and take puppet and remote control (not the robotic arm). Take Indian hat. Go down
Peep at hole on the right wall. Tall guy and floating bottle
Put puppet on red square and push the button on the left wall.
Puppet is teleported to the other room. Use control and put puppet a bit down.
Stop remote and put skateboard on red square. Teleport.
Use remote and let puppet place skateboard on X then use skateboard.
Take the guy (yes he fits in puppets pocket!) and place the guy on 100 kg
Take the bottle and put it on the teleport mat. Stop controlling and push button to get the bottle.
Go up and left and use bottle on well. Indian needs his hat first.
Fill bottle and go right.
Now move as close as you can to the right arrow. Drink the potion, go in, quickly grab cat and go out. Be fast! Now here can be a bug. It seems as if the monster catches you but when you click ‘back’ the bottle is still full. If it’s not, go back left and fill it again.
Do the same procedure and take the remote and hurry back.
Also look comment from: escapism 8/1/13, 6:29 AM (thanks!)
Now notice the clock. Can be different in the game.
For example: If the green arrow stops at 2 count the number of times the yellow arrow will turn. In my game it was:2=2, 6=1, 7=3, 9=4 so the code will be: 6279
Become invisible again and place the remote. If you’re quick you can also insert code. Or just go back and fill bottle again. Go to remote and put the code in.

Part two:

Go up and take all the things, including the portable black hole.
Go right and talk to the old man. He lost his cat, so give it back. Take the hook on a stick between trees. Use blue carpet on square. Go down to the river and take the robot dog. Go left and put the robot dog on the red X.
Jump on the carpet and go up and left. Don’t go down but use the hole and the green blanket.
Go back to the right and step of the carpet. Use remote on dog. Let the dog walk to the other side of the hole and let the evil dog drop in. Go left and take the bucket, ladder and black hole.
Go right (carpet view) and down. Place the ladder near middle tree. Go back to the old man and give him the paper. He makes a paper plane.
Go down and climb the ladder. Use the hook on a stick on the liana and when he swings quickly use the plane on him. It’s timed but keep trying.
On the other side take the saw, seeds, rope and oar. Saw the tree in the back.
Go right and take the fish tank. Go left and combine rope and wood. Put raft in the water and use oar to get to the other side. Take the bowling ball and go right again.
Throw the fish tank in the river (middle part). Now use the bucket to get water.
Go right to chamber with monster. Walk to the red line and click on shoulder from monster. Use hand.
Use seeds and water in pot. Climb up the vine and throw bowling ball.
Go down and right. Chamber with red circles. Take the coin from the corner. Look through peephole: Mike and Mike. Click on both circles. Now use the portable hole on the left circle. Take the cola. Get the hole back and put it on the right circle. Put the cola there. Now push the red button so it will get hot in Mike’s room. They will fight each other. Take the cola and move to the next room.
A game machine. Put the coin in and complete the 4 levels. Took me forever. After finishing the game go right and OUT! Well done!

I'm way behind as Always. I have a empty bottle and a pot. How to fill the bottle?

I'm going now. Be sure to read other comments too. They are helpfull.
Have a nice day all.

It was a very enjoyable game till the last puzzle with Bart and Spongebob. I gave up at the last level. You just don't get enough time to build a strategy of attacking this puzzle. What a pity! The rest of the game was really good.

Oh, it's not the pot, it's the well...but you have to be very (almost impossible)quick once invisible...

I love these games. This one would have gotten 5 stars from me except for the last mini-game kept losing my progress.

managed to get cat, but can't get keyboard and back out while still invisible :(

Very fun! :)

eventually got the keyboard, sussed the clock code, but tells me it's wrong. each time I die I lose the keyboard so it's becoming a real pain :(

Where is the paper that you have to give to the old man?

reloaded the game, different clock code so beware. Got the door open then died, so now lost the bottle *argggghhhh* try again tomorrow

Found it! Forgot it on a wall, rooms earlier...

I think there is a bug. I walk to edge of door, drink the potion, walk very fast to the keyboard but every time it wears off and he catches me ! I had plenty of time last time I tried to play, what happened ??

To all of you having problems with the minigame: What helped a lot for me was the 'Pause'-button. I did use it in the beginning of every level (at least the last 2 or 3) to orientate before I start to do something. It is not that hard anymore when you do it that way (thus I agree that a save function would have been much nicer!!)

Well now the game won't even show up ! I tried googling it and trying get it to play that way...and nothing. Buggy.

Don't think it's buggy. At the moment a lot of sites seems to be off-line. I think there's a bigger internet/server problem going on.

This comment has been removed by the author.

May be the Evil Pigsaw caused all this. How can we escape his trap and play the game again? :-)

The bull is annoying. In VideoWT its 8 secs, for me only 6. No chance to take the keypad.

Oh, I love POP. I tried it one more time and it worked!

I really nice game! What a pity its ruined by the stupid minigame in the end.

in mine there is no clock :S
just a pic of the bull

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