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Nine Shelves Escape Walkthrough

Nine Shelves Escape

Robamimi - Nine Shelves Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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(Robamimi) Nine Shelves Escape walkthrough
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Wow, this is interesting~

Books are a clue for bottom drawer.

Got all the stuff from the shelves, a pot and stuck. Looking for clue for candles.

look at the clock .. got key now !

Oh the clock is the clue for the candles. But I have to do something first.. not sure what. The hook fits onto one side of the chain.

OK acc. to clock time I'm getting E-G-D-H-F-C for the 3x3 grid but can't make it work

Enter on second drawer, hook on sewer cap (?)

u can use the hint button @FuzzyLogic !

E-addict where's the key?

Oh that's for candles - thx FuzzyLogic

Yes !! Thanks E !

cant get the ticket clue !

got rope now - just use letters on ticket

rope on flower pot...?

oh lol wasnt using the enter button on the panel !! got rope !

easy and out~

ah you can take dumbbell and padlock back

what else do you do for the candles?

just figured out how to use G in the dark

felt the breeze as Lottie blew by

...and what's the clue for the 3x3 drawer?

Where do you put the pot with rope on it?

Unknown there's 2 ways to look at a number sequence like that - here you have to click the candle that's in '1' position, then '2' etc.

Ah, thanks, just1!

turn off the light and the check the plate for a clue to open the red buttons safe .. got flashlight now !

Found it, clay from top drawer 3x3 grid goes in pot, then into manhole.

i am lighting candles according to time..i.e 1st candle then 5th candle but nothing happening.

isnt working though ! :-)

STuck with candles, using the order of the clock did not help. any other secret to lighting those candles?

video WT: http://youtu.be/scPF1dXxz5I

leave for lunch
good luck everyone~ bye yeah~

lilrascal, where is the clue for the 3x3 grid?

Nice game and out!
Light candles in order by clock digits

@clio light the candles according to the 1 to 6 numbers positions on the clock .. light the first (1) then the last (2) etc ...

Orit, number the candles, beginning at left, 1 - 6. Light candle #1 first, candle #6 second, #3 third, #5 fourth...

what's the clue for the 9 grids lock ?

what to do with the pot and rope?

now I get it - Thanks Peggy. I was doing what Clio rose was doing...

Peggy look at 9 placards on shelves...

got it! facepalm! alphabetical order!

OHHHH....thanks. i was lighting them exactly like the time....ie....153642, not 123456. Thanks everyone.

How do you turn off light? Is that the little box by the shelves? Can't find key for it.

@E-Addict - use the plates on the shelf as clue...hint: alphabetical order :-)

pop :-)

Use the same alphabet method on the red-dot panel to get flippers. (FACE Books)

nice ending!

what to do with the oxygen bomb?

Figured out everything up to the end, now can't figure out how to turn off light. Anybody???

how Peggy? i must be dumb

Have the clue from the alphabet cabinet, but it's not working...

F-A-C-E-B (those positions) gets you flippers - then you can tie the rope and go down the hole

@Unknown, the clue is here


push in alphabetical order

lilrascal, there's a button in the iron cabinet to push. How do you do the 3x3 drawer?

@illrascal the key to the light was hidden somewhere - in the chain maybe?

Unknown click on the 9 buttons in A - I order from the shelves. A is top right...

lilrascal, there is a key on the top rung in the hole.

oh got it, thanks, that was a bit stupid, I didn´t combine it with the clue before

great game .. the grids were the only tricky parts !!

Thanks Peggy! I looked right at it and thought it was part of the manhole cover. Doh... Now what to do with flashlight.

thanks lilrascal. I can be so dense at these games!

Love this game!

And out! Fun game! Really like that little hint button.

I have the flashlight, pot with clay in the bottom, and goggles(used) still. Where is the rope, and what do you do with the sand in the brick planter?

Rope, I think, is in the middle drawer.

Ah, that's right, I can't get that to open. Isn't the clue on the movie ticket? k62mz8? Can't get either combination to work.

Unknown, with rope on the pot, lower it in the hole to get water. Pour the water on the planter to get a mudball.

Place the "Enter" button on the drawer. Use the KMZ from ticket and press "Enter".

Thank you Peggy!

Ah, finally figured my way out. Thanks everyone for your help.

YW. This was a fun game.

How do you combine inventory items?
Have rope down hole, but can't add pot & can't put clay in pot


No, you weren't trapped in here. There was no trick. You signed up for this because you knew that Robamimi makes a great escape game!

You're facing 9 shelves. You can take 4 of the items on them: an ENTER BUTTON, a LIGHTER, a pair of GOGGLES and a HOOK. Study the books while you're here, note that there are 6 books and 4 different heights.
Notice the dish that says "Use G in the dark".
Notice the time on the clock. Write it down, in fact.

If you now turn right, you see six candles just waiting for you to light them in the sequence given by the clock. 1 is the far left number, so light that candle 1st. 2 is far right, and so on.
If that's confusing, this should make it easier:


If you now zoom on the arrow between 2 of the candles, you can find a KEY.

It's for the padlocked shelf. Open it, get IRON, notice that you keep the PADLOCK. Press the red button to open the shelf next door.

Make a note of the letters on the ticket. (You can notice the numbers too, but you won't need them) :-)

Turn around so you're facing the wall with drawings of all the things you need to get out of here, some strange openings, a brick planter, and a cabinet with 3 safes. You now can solve them all!
1st enter the heights of the books in the lowest safe. Get a FLOWER POT.


Then put your ENTER BUTTON on the middle safe: and enter the letters from the ticket on the Alphabet shelf. Get a ROPE.


Now go to the top safe, and using the clue above (A~I), enter the positions of the shelves in alphabetical order. Get a pattern to study.

(The shelves are labelled with words beginning with A through I)


Part 2 coming!

It matches the array of buttons on the wall to your right.

POP! double click on item to view it!

Robamimi - this was as lovely as always. THANKS!!!!

I think I'm to figure once more the 9-buttons safe to get flippers?

9-Through Pt. 2:

Take the CLAY from the drawer (click slightly above). The pattern on the wall to your right is what you now see on the grid, but entering the same code does nothing. Hm.

Let's turn to the candle view again, and try the HOOK on the chain there (left side). Now go to the right side, lay down your IRON on the chain, then secure it with the PADLOCK. It will open the manhole cover, you will faintly hear the sound of water, and you will find a KEY hidden in the rung there.

Turn left, use it on the odd box to the left of the shelves, it is the light switch, now you can turn off the lights, put on your GOGGLES, and look at the Dish. You should see a glowing clue. Enter these positions on the red button grid, it will move aside so you can take your FLASHLIGHT.


Now you need to double-click your FLOWER POT, plug the hole with your CLAY, attach ROPE, and you can lower this contraption down the manhole to get some water.

Now take said water, pour it in the planter, and make a MUDBALL. Note that your MUDBALL is perfectly spherical. That's great! We'll just put it in the upper hole and see if anything comes out of the lower hole!
It's a KEY, and really mudballs are fun but we like keys even better.

This one gets us into the cabinet under the candles for an OXYGEN BOMB. Yes that's what they call it. You're actually going to use it as an oxygen tank though.

Your new BOMB has a clue on it. enter the 5 capital letters (their positions) into the red buttons. Get FLIPPERS.

Now you must remove your ROPE from the FLOWER POT, then tie it to the rung at the top of the manhole. Being fully equipped, you're out! And into a nice underground cavern.

Yes! Bomb + shelves + buttons. Got flippers and out.

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Robamimi, you were badly missed all those past months! :)

Out with no help...and I would not attribute the game an "easy as pie" predicate.


HINT 1 If you can't get the candles, think about the fact that there are TWO WAYS to give clues: orders and positions!
In this case, it's the latter.

HINT 2 Can't get the left side of double-sided compartment open? You will need darkness...

The key in the hole was the trickiest IMHO...

Superb game except was so very short.. usually I take much more time for Robamimi games. QQ

Luin: I partly disagree :)
Flash512 is way "worse" in respect of time needed, because of having to find well-hidden hotspots in a pretty dimly-lit scene...

Great game, more like this please :)

Did it nearly all on my own. Needed the hint for the clock. I always do those ones the wrong way round: I kept on lighting candles 1,5,3,6,4,2 instead of 1,6,3,5,2,4. If only my mind could see the alternative view.

Did it nearly all on my own. Needed the hint for the clock. I always do those ones the wrong way round: I kept on lighting candles 1,5,3,6,4,2 instead of 1,6,3,5,2,4. If only my mind could see the alternative view.

great robamimi!

nice game ..thanx just 1 ...for flipper hint & hat removal of rope from pot otherwise it was easy ..

thanks just1 for the walkthrough....the alphabet thing got me....wonderful game as usual....thanks Robamimi

Great game!

No one here but I just say something.....
For 4 months and 7 days I've been checking Robamimi's website (EVERY SINGLE DAY) trying to see if they had released something.. and when they do...
I MISS IT!! I just hate my time zone

LOL Nini a lot of good ones tend to show up in my zone right about midnight - I often stay up just a little later so I can check

yeah.. I don't even know when games are released cuz is like really early in the morning

and I'm asleep lol

me too Nini ....its now 7:30 pm here ...when i will at sleep im sure there will be new games ...

Glad you popped in (@Nini), you'll like the game, but it'll go fast for you - main difficulty is figuring what to do first, and you're always a genius that way

ahah just1! But I'm not really playing right now.. I just needed to let off some steam lol

Beautiful game ... great graphics and interactions. I knew as soon as I saw Robamimi's authorship that we were in for a treat. Thank you.


Great game!! Thx Robamimi :)

Sigh! I wouldn't have got the candles without help (and I still don't understand the logic) and I'm STILL stuck on the 9 square. 291534678 isn't working for me. Going to cook dinner and come back to see if I have some more help!

The logic of the candles is the clock Tring :)
the time tells you what order to click
And for the 3x3 grid: Just check shelves and go from A to I

Very well designed game!

That's what I've been doing Nini xD - 291, 534, 678 and nothing happens. Going to have to give up

Tring, that layout should work.



Press buttons in that order.

I've come out of the game now but your answer to me 315649872 which I don't get....

very good game :)

Tring do you have both cbs open on the bookshelf? If u do click : Alphabet, Books, Clock, Dish, Enter, Fire, Googles, Hook, Iron

Terrific game! Made it out with no help needed! Robamimi always puts out great stuff and this is no exception. Keep 'em coming!

I LOVE ROBAMIMI! \O/ More please!

Thank you Robamimi for another fantastic game!
Your games are worth the wait

Great WT @just1!!!!

The penny dropped 24 hours later (and when I hadn't drunk a couple of glasses of wine)so thanks to the marvellous walk-through and all the help. Very clever game and beautiful graphics

what a great game!!! thank you

What a location for a room!

got there eventually, with some help from here. couldn't get flippers as I initially missed the "B" then was using keypad order rather than shelves.
An great game, really gets the grey matter going

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