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August 1, 2013

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Welldone Room Escape Walkthrough

Welldone Room Escape

EnaGames - Well Done Room Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Ena Games. It's a great challenge for you, search for the available clues and objects and try to escape from there. Lets see how good are you in this escape game. Good luck and have fun!

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Just another "click on everything, even if it doesn't make sense" game.

Lol, a real 'slider' puzzle. But not that hard.

Good luck and have a lot of fun y'all...

41 pink balls, 3 triangles papers, missing a bear´s foot and have 2 brown mistery things. Don´t know the 2 digit code and 2 letter code, although I have the letters list. Guess the triangles missing number is 9, but stuck.

bf´d 2 digits for 3 more balls.

EI won't work for code.. I'm missing 6 marbles and bear foot. h
Haven't used magnifier glass or scissors

I think you need about 44 pink balls. That will help you to get the 2-letter code.
For the 2 digit code you need to solve the triangles. It's not 9.
I'm missing bears foot too.

Where is magnifier glass? I havent solved the numbers in the squares in first room. Maybe there?

I think the 2 digit code and letter code only works after you have put all the balls in the abacus.

hmm! Got it. I was multiplying 3x9+5.

Michael..Sorry I don't remember where I got it
Maybe after using key from snake?

Now my plane flew away and left me a blank paper.

How do I get a key from the snake?

Bear´s foot in inside letters drawer.

Michael search room for 2 pieces that complete it
Roberto.. how?? I can't do a thing with plane

and out!

BUG!!! I got the blank paper from the plane. When open I also clicked the other paper with the numbers and letters in inventory, and my blank paper disappeared!! Need to restart :(

after complete the bear you get the present. Use scissors and you get what you need for plane.

Ah, I had the two pieces all the time, but didnt put them on the black parts. Thanks nini!

I bruteforced the 2-dig code in first room to get bear foot. Got gift and opened for plane key.

hmm.. The thing is.. I can't open letters drawer haha Haven't found all marbles yet

You need 44.

where to use scissors? or magnifying glass?
Tried those EVERYWHERE but no luck so far

Scissors come after you get a gift from the bear.
Magnifier is after you get the blank paper.

scissors to open present from bear.
magnifying glass on blank paper.

Still missing 6 pink balls :(

LOL.. so I'm missing a scene.. cuz I need 3 more marbles

s-t got the ones beside slider (1st scene)

Hm! Drawer on second scene! Finally got all marbles

Nini, did you open 2-digit and 2-letter codes?

Does anyone know how to solve the 2-digit puzzle in first scene? I bruteforced it.

Out! Phew

hello ..Im sure when my game will start ,everyone is out of room ..

Aw sorry guys I gotta go now.. Good luck!

Missing 3 pink balls now. But have to go :(
Gonna try again tomorrow.

Lost my triangle papers after I'd assembled them on the screen. Leaving.

letter code is from paper i got from drawer under bed ,..but its not working .

Lol, gave it a lst try before going and found my last 3 balls in the slide and out now.

Raasti, that letter code only works after you have put all the balls in the abacus.

small-tool, did you solve the number 68, or did you bruteforce it?

multiply top numbers and bottom numbers and ass them up.

add them. lol

lol @roberto! I thought i tried every way to multiply an add, but not this one. Thanks.

what puzzle is 68? triangles?


How to open plane? Is there a key somewhere??

can't do a thing with the plane, can't find bear's nose, can't use scissors or mag. glass, have no clue what the purple triangle puzzles mean... extremely annoying game going round and round clicking on everything and nothing changes. I quit, will not try again, and will not be back.

Tried again and managed to get out with the help of the clues here people - thank you!

Once you get all the pink balls, the letter code works on the drawer. got final bear part to get key for plane. out now

I have all the pink balls in place but SG is not working as the it something else?

It's not SG, the balls make the numbers 5 and 9 and on your paper you can see what letters those numbers are. Or just count in the alphabet (5th and 9th letter).

Oh, thanks small tool. My paper is blank when I click on it, I only get a brown background hehe.

Hrm yah theres some kind of bug, I got the gift and it was a blank blue screen, I used the scissors on it and they vanished and I got nothing back. Oh well. :)

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