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Chicka Episode 8 Walkthrough

Chicka Episode 8

Pixelkobo - Chicka Episode 8 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Pixelkobo. In this game, you must find items and solving puzzles with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Combine lights with floor pattern to open trident/sword cupboard on right alley.

clio_rose, how to open Sword/Trident? I try "STSSTS" but it does not work.

Ok, get it

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 12:55 AM  

tautau, you might try the first two in a different order.

sorry for delay tautau..had a phn call. If the It is as you say...but look at the floor and you will see which order from 1 - 6. So final order is: TSSSTS

i dont understand anything else. Im stuck.

Made it as far as the round room with the brick in the water. But stuck now.

When you have opened the door you can look through a window there. And there you see the pattern (actually just a checkers pattern) to open that other thing in that first alley.
But my game is a bit buggy, can't look at items and have a big problem using them.

Have that too ST, but it's not really a problem.

Thanks small.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:18 AM  

I'm out with the B ending. There are lots of puzzles and locations.

hm, got a bit further, have a tool to open cb and a clue for red door, but don't get that.

haha..im stuck in a corner and cant move. I must have been naughty.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:25 AM  

Cool, there are two parts to the red door clue. Numbers will appear on both sides.

I saw the switch, but numbers appear only at the right.
What did I miss?

Where to use that handle like thing found in the caves/hallways or so, you opened with the lever from pressing the stones?

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:33 AM  

The second switch is in the other box in the same room. You need to find another item which opens a door to the other side of the room from the sword/trident puzzle. In there you can push a button to unlock the second box.

Only have numbers on one side as well, after pulling the lever and when you pull the lever again, no numbers again.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:34 AM  

ST, turn around from the red door.

Turn around from the red door is how I got into the area with caves etc. And there I found a handle like thing (it's called stick) and no idea where to use that.

Can't find anything else.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:40 AM  

Found end A.

Where you press the switch to open the second box, turn left and take the handle. After passing the red door, you will be crushed by a spiked door. Before pasing through that, look down and use the handle.

For end B. Go back upstairs and push the red symbol. This will open a passage to the other side of the crushing doors.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:42 AM  

can't find ending A...

I can't find the tool for the second part of the red door clue.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:43 AM  

ST, did you push the button in the box where you got the stick? Once you do that you can open the second box and pull the lever. This will show the whole clue.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:43 AM  

Thanks Rimfire!

I do not know what this stick is?
The yellow handle?

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:51 AM  

Cool, if you have the yellow handle with the square ends, you would have seen a button before you found it. After you press that button (with the red symbol) you can open the yellowish box next to the green one where you got the first half of the clue.

I think we're talking about a different stick, Rimfire.
I got the on that indeed looks like a yellow handle or so. It was not in a box, but from openening a door in the caves area and then looking at a red symbol and then going left and taking that stick from the wall.
Anyway, have to go now, will check later.
Good luck and have fun.

I have no idea which box or which stick you are referring to.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 2:00 AM  

Overlapping posts do lead to confusion. It doesn't help that I'm such a slow typer.

The item you get from solving the stones puzzle (view from above with the water running) opens the door to the cave/chasm.

In the cave/chasm is a closet/box door. Pressing the red symbol unlocks the second box with the lever for the red door clue. Turning left will allow you to find the yellow handle also called a stick.

okay, I have the water running, only a few stones are above the water. Is that what you mean?
I'd have to press the stones on the wall that are beneath the water?

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 2:09 AM  

Yes, press the underwater ones and leave the others up. This will give you the key to the cave/chasm.

okay, problem is I can't see exactly which stones are under water

got it thanks

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 2:20 AM  

I must be very stupid, I don't understand anything in this game. For instance, the hint given by the lights doesn't work on the sword/trident puzzle ans I can't see any how the pattern on the floor could help here.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 2:22 AM  

Well, POP worked here... The pattern on the floor gives the order for the lights.

pfft .. made it out.
Thanks for all the help rimfire

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 2:26 AM  

Both endings Cool?

Are you crazy :)
This one ending has been hard enough.
Have to go warm my coffee in the microwave. Forgot all about that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm so confused. I've already gotten out with ending B. I've gone back in and now I have the stick, which I didn't have the first time through. What is the stick used for, and what do you do with the red door with the four buttons on it?

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 3:38 AM  

gmm, look back through the posts. I have explained that a few times.

I've read through all your posts Rimfire - I just don't see any numbers anywhere. Maybe I've flipped the red levers up and down too many times.

Okay, finally got it. I didn't know you had to open the door above the green cabinet to see the numbers.

still at the beginning - dont understand checkers pattern s-t is talking about. any help?

How to turn water on?

@sue - first you need to push the trident/spear buttons to get a yellow circle/arrow thing to open the first door. Once you open that door go down a hallway and you'll need to turn to look through window and you'll see the checkers pattern. Spoiler below.

up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down

sue, down the end of the left alley is the flip switches. Basically, as far as i recall it is one up one down, up down up down up down, or vice versa.

@elmariachino - to turn the water on, you'll need to go into the water room. One of the bricks opens up and has a tool you can use to open the green cabinet. Flip the red lever up, and look down to see a button. Turn button so the red line points at 12:00 to turn the water on.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 4:53 AM  

How do you make the water running?

I found a hallway that at the end has a barred window. Looking through you can see stones in the water like those on the wall and above it, buttons like the arrows of a compass. Stuck there not knowing what to do. Someone have a clue?

POP. never mind. clue was on the wall/door in the last room.

Is this still live?

I got Ending B without any help (first time for this series, yay^^) a few hours ago.
Had to go and came back for Ending A but i´m not able to find the lever for the trapdoor.

Opened the red door and the 2 red "doors" behind. I´m running in circles and want to jump off the cliff outside... maybe this will be ending C^^

@trirepeate, if you mean the "stick" to keep the spikes from getting you, you have to go into cave, open the cabinet and look to the left.

I found the yellow stick and the numbers for the red door, but they don't work. Am I missing something?

Pop, got it finally.

The lever is outside the cave where you push the red button inside the "cabinet".
Turn left while you are looking at the button, the lever is inside the door.

POP! again, I was only seeing 1/2 the numbers.

thx gmm, got it. This was the only view i didn´t ckeck^^.

what does not work? Did you open the red and you can´t go forward?
The correct order to open the door is:
II - I - Cross - II - Pyramid - Pyramid if this helps

what to do with lever???

Got both endings - and I guess there's a third one - if you forget to use the "stick" before attempting to finish the game on route A - one which ends in death?

Still one of my favourite game developers. Near immaculate.



which lever? The one you got from the cabinet outside?
Its more like a blockade for the spikes. Use it when you stand in front of them, look down and click at the 2 little holes at the floor to install them.

i only can see down in front of water

i didn't do anything in the game only got that rever :(

man, this is confusing. I don't know how to open red door or get into water room or use compass like thing above barred window looking into water room. opening window above green box shows me nothing useful.
I suck at this game.

sry, i was afk for a while...

you need to push the symbols like the left-right hint on the floor and wall at the start-scene

the hint for the compass is at the door to the room with the water-floor (hint: 4xup 2xdown

Short Walkthroug:

turn left, look at the walls, floor and piles in front of the corridor and note what you see.
turn right 2 times and go forward
turn right and press the buttons like hint
take the object, turn right and go forward
turn left, insert object in door, open door and go forward
turn left, go forward, turn right and note the green arrows and blocks
turn right, go forward, turn right, open door
go forward, turn left, go forward and turn left again
open cover under window and remember the green blocks
(u d u d u d u d)
take handle and go back to door with yellow object in it
go forward, turn right and open the cover to install the handle
pull handle, go forward and turn left
go forward, turn right and note hint on door
turn right, go forward, push the yellow sign to open the door and go forward
turn left, look up and push the arrows like the hint on the door before (u u u u d d d)
the door with hint is open now
turn left, go forward (3x), then right, forward, right
click on the middle block at the floor and take the yellow wrench
note the closed opening at the wall
then left, forward, left, forward
click on the screw and open the cabinet
pull lever, look down, pull second lever (same image like at the wall in other room)
now up, back and turn right, see the room is flooded now
go right, forward 2x and left and note the unflooded blocks down at the floor
go back down through the door and turn left
go forward, turn right, go forward 2x and turn right 2x
see the ornament on the wall, its like the floor in the flooded room
go forward and push the unflooded blocks like the hint
(imagine a clock and push the one at 12, 2, 3 and 5 (or 6) o´clock and the lower one in the middle)
take the key, go back and turn 2x right
open door and go forward, then left, forward and right
open cabinet and push the button (note the symbol on it)
turn left and take the bronce object (a blockade)
turn left 2x, forward, right and forward
open door, go forward, turn right 2x and go forward 2x
turn left, open cover, pull lever and go forward
go left, forward, left forward and open cover
pull lever (position at the back) and go back
turn right, forward and open cabinet
pull lever (position has to be up)
open the cover above the lever and note the hint at the wall
go back to the wall ornament and go to the red door
push buttons like the hint (II I Cross II Pyramid Pyramid)
go forward, look down and click at one of the small holes to install the blockade
look up, go forward and this was ending A

for ending B:
click another Route, turn left 2x and pass the door
go forward, turn right, open cover and pull lever
go forward, turn right pass the door and follow the path
push the red symbol at the door and go forward
open the door and go forward
turn left, go forward and you got ending B

It was my first walkthrough, sorry if its not a good one, but who cares^^

It's fine! I couldn't get the A ending and you explained it perfectly

I got to this part where you get the yellow "wrench" and then see the hint below:

"click on the middle block at the floor and take the yellow wrench
note the closed opening at the wall
then left, forward, left, forward
click on the screw and open the cabinet"

I can go left and forward once, but cannot go left and forward again from the place where you get the wrench. I don't see a "screw" anywhere...can someone help me?

oh...you meant "right, forward, right, forward"

Great game! Thanks for the WT - I would never have got out without it!!!

Fantastic game, indeed.

For the starters:

There is a door I would almost call a "secret door". There's a trident on it and it really looks as if it's just a wall. Got pretty surprised (when playing without WT at first) when it suddenly opened and gave way to a dark passage ;)

Ah, now I finally remember what door that was. It's the door REVEALED by the lever due to physically moving one column (or whatever that is). You can press the lever again, and have the door blocked again.

Excellent walkthrough trirepeate

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