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Daymare Town 4

[REPLAY] Daymare Town Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the Daymare Town series, a point and click type puzzle and escape game developed by Mateusz Skutnik, who is also the creator of the Submachine game series. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again? Use your mouse to search the location, find objects and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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got a crank, a wheel and 3 pebbles, hammer and coins, put coins in the safe

Returning to play escape games after 6 months and BAM, Mateusz Skutnik's game. Great!

there is a boy in the dragon house with a litte bag, there are 2 two fields small and pouch, i don't understand this, first i play this kind of game

If you go on the right side from beginning, lower the sound when you exit the little cottage

live skutnik!

got a backpack, another wheel and peebles form the sea of smoke

now a fuse, weird game

i found many things, but no place to use

I think we have limited inventory in this game. Crank is used in dragon tower, on the top floor

For now i have placed crank and 2 cogs (somewhere on the right from beginning then right and right, in some basement). Have coins, hammer, 13 pebbles, mug, nail, rag, fuse, garden gnome, small vase. I returned 2 forks and a spoon. A lot of views.

and the cog wheels, also got a little vase and knife there.

Where is the sea of smoke? missing some scenes i think

@gabi: which part is a sea of smoke?

i havent found the knive anywhere...

set a bell but nothing happened)

same here, except spoon, and a knife and a shell

Have plenty of things and don't know how or where to use them... I prefer the Submachine, lol. More logical. :)

Anyways, SPOILER
put the cogwheels in the tower of dragon and the crank in the hole under the chair. I'll open up a gate which contains a bell you free with the hammer. Put the bell on arc (on the right hand side from the beginning) and ring it with hammer, you get a lift to another weird level...

can't find the place for crank.

POP, the part that is not the house of dragon (it's written above inventory)

right from the beginning Urban

ah got it. didn't see that view before

got a fishing line from resing gate

Where is crank?

ugh... this is so confusing...

oh, made some kind of teleport with meteorite pyramides

now in space i suppose ;))

gave the fossiled bread (from the bakery in that little "town" downstairs) to the woman who "can't reach stone" and she gave me a control wheel.

this game is really weird

found a shop you ca buy and sell

So far in my inventory I have:
bag of coins, pebbles, nails, candy, stamp, postcard, snail shells, bulb fuse, another cogwheel, ballpen, fork, spoon, hammer, control wheel, rag, mug, small vase and a fishing line with hook attached.

Now what??

@sarahb: how did you combine hook and fishing line.

Use fuse in the rightest view in the cave on the machine to start pumping oil to some cave left from there

got a leech, bääääähhh

I can't find a bakery downstairs

@urban. click on the line and put it over the hook, it should combine automatially.

@urban, tried to use the fuse in that machine, it won't take it.

the bakery is the house that is closed in the beginning, you have to pull on one of the lines hanging in one of the other houses or the lever to open it... don't know which one did it.

you are all going too fast for me! Where can I find the other cogs? I have two already but I need more to open the gate. Please help

@ZA: you only need two in the tower. Push the chair away and put in crank. Turn to open gate.

Gabi: Is that leech that swimming thing in that bowl? If so, how did you get it out?

@ SarahB you get it with your hand
I still cent get bulbfuse with the machine

oh, duh! lol
Tried every possible thing on it. :D

Hi there, I'm going in also. Urban, nice to see you again!!!

Oh, put the control wheel in the machine which is inside that house that has a mountain over it with a hole in it (don't know how else to describe this...)

OMG you have to place the two cogs in the tower not in the basement!!

Maybe it was some other fuse, it was black. The white one I put I think somewhere in the first world.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 5:06 AM  

Where exactly do cogs go? Hint please?

Thanks @sarahb, now I'm ever lower (deep log trench.)
Hi @catqueen

hammered down the bulb in the teletransportation room, don't know if that was good for something.

Has anyone been in the hive folk place yet?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 5:19 AM  

POP nevermind. Didn't realize the panel opens.

@doris: yes, I only found a knive there

Giving up for now, have to go. Good luck guys!

Maybe I have missed something, because I don't have neither the fuses, nor the fork and spoon. Can someone tell me where they are?

Got an urgent phonecall. I have to go. Hope to b back l8er.

@fake: in dragon tower, on the top floor, there is another view.

I am missing at least 2 black fuses in the deep log trench for oil pumps

I'm missing those fuses as well. In the hive folk place with all the tunnels and people, there is this guy that is holding on to a fuse, but I do not know how to retrieve it...

Also, at the end of one of the train tracks, there is a wooden door that blocks your way, how do you get through there?

please help, how did you get oil pump to work?

@ Lucja, you stick a fuse in it. I can't remember where I found it though..

Can't seem to get the fuse. Drawers in dragon house top floor doesn't contain the same things everytime it seems... I have gotten two knives and two spoons once, a knife and a spotted pebble another time, and then a fork. Very confusing

Yay, a new Daymare Town. I love Mateusz Skutnik-Games.

Still live? Anyway. Hi all.

Uhhh, anyone knows where the fuse is? so it's not the bulbfuse?

oh, and there are matches on the ledge above drawer

BTW is there a way of opening the door in the room after the teleportation with swirlies(?) on the walls?

Oh thanks for the matches, I lit the furnace in the resin gate under the jumper.

@ Lucja, you have to find out how you can go to the other side of the door ;), it's blocked somehow..

where are cogs? i only have one.

Where have you found the matches? Also is anyone at the Charon Coins yet?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 5:46 AM  

So... where exactly are the matches and fuses? I'm confused :(

Nevermind, found the matches.

i picked up a garden gnome and now can't release it any where - anyone else have that problem?

@Doris I tried everything I had in my inventory, do I have to use something on the door?

Marilyn: I don't have a problem putting the gnome down in any storage (boxes etc).

thanks, Anna but - can't leave the room

ok restarting

Charon coins go into these holders somehwere in the deep log trench, close to the train tracks... Maybe you haven't explored enough to find the holders You can find where the matches are in the comments above.
The charon coin holders can be accessed by clicking to the left of the spirals on the wall at the beginning of the train tracks. Click a couple of times on the right and you will find them. Put the coins in the holders
and the large sucker thing lifts and gives you access to the 2nd fuse.

got a silver ball

Doris: I have found two of the three Charon Coins and I have found the holder. Do you know where the third one is located?

The dead beast and the skeleton on the beach.

Does anyone know how to get the fuse? Bulb? @Neith the matches are in dragon house top floor on the ledge above drawer. You can see a small trangle sticking up.

how did you open the door in the resin gate?

OMG where is the other cog please!? It's been so long I don't even recall where I found the first one.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 6:04 AM  

@Regenerationen, thank you!

Also, in the lower world, when you go waaay right, just one click from the machinery that needs that fuse I don't have, there's some stone or something on the floor - hit it with the hammer. I got a bottle, but don't know where to use it :(

Hi, how do I get to the hive folk? And where are the fork and fosiel bread please?

@DorisDegen You're welcome! :) Any hints on the fuse or bulb?

In which location are these matches?

Just found a new view and the stupid cog. Thanks for the "help"!

@jenn I think I found one of the cogs screen after the gate lower part left from start and the other one in the basement right right from start

And where is the cave with the oil? I have the machine going.

How did you open the door in the resin gate?

Spotted pebble next to the left post of the clothesline

@jenn oh, sorry too late

dsffddf, matches are in the highest level of dragon tower. Far up on the edge you'll find them.

nevermind, got it

stuck after teleporting to the "seaweed fossil chasm".

Satara: Gate opens after using the lever in Dragon Tower

2 spotted pebbles in niche to right of screen with archway on hill. Gosh, I hope we don't need to find all these....

trirepeate... thanks, but i mean the door in the third room where you teleport.

Will somebody help me please?



It's in the stomach of the dragon thing close to the fishermen.... What tool could you use to open it?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 6:29 AM  

@Doris Degen, could you please help with the previous fuses? I only have a fuse bulb which I don't have a clue where to use :(

Finaly found the bread and control wheel.

Where do I have to use the first fuse, the bulb one?

This is a really huge game and confusing too^^.

Cogs (not the 2 for the Dragon Tower) are going in "bunker" under bell, placed 2 and need another 3...

You can stick the fuse in the oil machines.

Rzesyjakfiranki: YOu use the bulb fuse in Seaweed Fossil Chasm in the middle door. It opens the door in the floor so you can get the Fuse in the second lower door from the right.

Oh wait, you use the bulb one on the switch apparatus on the top right in the fourth house on the left in the seaweed fossil chasm.

The bulb fuse doesn't fit into the oil machine. Or are there more oil machines I don't know?

Where is the 3rd oil machine?

Thanks! :)

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 6:37 AM  

@Anna Kab, I can't even get to Seaweed Fossil, because there are some kind of spikes or something when I go down from the location where there is a hole (unclickable) in the "mountain" :(

@tirepeat. i just put all the cog wheels on it, but nothing happens :(... maybe i'm still missing something

rzesyjakfiranki: When you get down from the elevator after you hit the bell, click once to the right and there's a bunch of doors in there. That's the screen from which you go to the house where you put the bulb fuse (The middle one with the longest ladder).

Charon coins ..Where can you use?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 6:42 AM  

@Anna Kab, okay, got it, I got that all wrong, but now I've got the fuse - yay! Thank you! :)

Fishing rod hidden in debris in room you use the bulb/fuse

Doris: Can you tell me where you got the third Charon Coin? (I have the ones from the beast and the dead body).

Nikita, look above at Doris's spoiler at 5:54.

Wish the tab key worked..... Lots of tiny things hidden, difficult navigation....

Anna: there is a charon coin in the dead dragon beast thing, in the head in the desert, and another one in the mouth of a statue in the hive folk building with all the tunnels (I believe it's the rightmost tunnel somewhere close to the top).

Does anyone know what to do with the dead dragon's chakra? Or the tooth? or the rag? or the fork/clay mug/ small vase/ bottle? Or the wrench? Or the postcard, stamp and ballpoint pen? Argh this game goes on forever...

Oh smack.


The chakra can be put in that butt-hole lookalike in one of the houses....

The chakra and the crystal ball go in two of the seaweed scene houses.

Thanks, Doris. I knew the statue won't be there just for nothing. :D Two fuses down, third one to go.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 6:55 AM  

Crystal ball goes in another of the houses for an additional view.

After you put chakra you receive an antena, that you have to place onto the radio in room in the hive, the one on top of the left entrance. Man gives you a fuse then. What about third oil machine in deep fog trench?

Doris, which dragon's tooth did you manage to take, because I cannot take anyone?

Found meteorite triangle in bottom right house, in wall niche.

Where is bulb fuse?

What chakra are you talking about?

Liam: Bulb Fuse is on the pillar next to the place where you put the bell in. (above the underground space) in the first part of the game.

@antonia: i don't have a dragon's tooth, just a tooth. I think i found it in front of the little house under the crack in the rocks where that jumper dude used to be.

Oh yes! Love these... bit late starting though :)

Cog wheel in upper right window of top left house (one with dotted floor). Sneaky.

dragon`s chakra, what and where is it?

Aha! Thank you, Anna.

Does anybody know what to do with the tarot card?

dragon`s chakra, what and where is it?

This game is so confusing and difficult to explain that it is almost impossible to tell which item where is taken from.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:04 AM  

Tooth is on platform outside of the furnace room (left and down after coming down elevator). Chakra is on dead lizard thing's head.

@Anna kab Thank you, I nearly lost my mind!

masada, I think it was on the dragon's forehead.


Tarot card grants you entrance somewhere ;)

rileylaurent, thank you, found it. But totally stuck, keep searching the 3rd oil machine.

How do I get the fuse that the man holds in his hands?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:13 AM  

Nice find Doris!

Where' the tarot card?

i´m still missing much more^^
I just found the spot where to put the additional cogs.
Where did you find the other 3 ones?

I´m stuck as hell

Finally found what to do with the tarot card. It unlocks the door on the train tracks.

These games are always so involved! Must remember to click every part of the screen, I always manage to miss one lol. Have we got to save the guy that wants to jump off the mountain?

have third fuse but don't know where to use it. anyone open door at end of railway line?

In the deep fog trench-level before the tower with three openings you click on the smaller tower on the right, then again right and there is another oil machine.
Another one is in the scenes nearby the pond and the beast

How do you got the fuse of the man?

Gaelle, I think the magician gave it to me, after I put the crystal ball in one of the seaweed houses.

Play for about an hour on my own and stuck like this:
1.cant find 3rd oil machine while i do have the fuse
2.cant open the door after following railway(where is the tarot card???)
3.placed five cogs in the wall inside but nothing seems to happen

Be back in a while,hopefully ill find some answers in comments :)

Does anyone know what to do with the ancient shield? I used the mast to get a wallflower seed and planted it, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Hm.

Thank you Antonia..have tarot card,now ! :)

Doris where did you use the mast?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:28 AM  

Doris: There's a shield and sword on the side of one of the houses. Put shield there. Where did you get the seed?

Where did you use the mast, please, Doris?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:28 AM  

Doris: There's a shield and sword on the side of one of the houses. Put shield there. Where did you get the seed?

Falling behind. Finally found place to use second fuse. Keep going right from all the little houses, into the black niche, then right again and once more. Game really needs navigation arrows....


Antonia: You use the mast in Sea of Smoke before Resin Gate. there's a pole with three masts and one hole for the fourth one.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:31 AM  

Gave a bottle of fine wine (use bottle un the device on the bottom of the house at the end of the tracks) to the guy in the highest room on the right of hive house, but he didn't give me anything in return :(

I used the mast at the first world when you are going downstairs from the dragon house in this branch with two other masts on it. You can then plant it near the furnace house in a hole in the wall with triangles aroun dit.

By the way, found and ate that plant, Magna-smth.

a lot things you do in the game are for achievments which are available in HD version only


when you blow in the horn, on the left side of the lower world appear big skull, inside there is abgdylum or somewhat to eat, the appear a crack in the wall, then go upstairs........

opened door at railway with tarot card, got ancient shield and bottle of wine. gave wine to guy eating in tall tower, got NOTHING! Have a mast but no where to put it.

What do you do with the grus? And how do you blow into the horn?

Where is the tarot card?

Anyone remember where the hook was? Think it was in the beginning somewhere given the comments above.... Haven't found fishermen yet. But ready with the pole, line and leech.

above the oil indicators room (all up must be), there is the room with handle, pull it than go to the horn and blow it and then skuul appear in the left side of the lower world

Gaelle: You get the tarot card after you give the Crystal Ball to the Magician in the second from the right house in Seaweed fossil chasm.

Getting headache... I am one of these still looking for the fuses! Just going round in circles lol :)

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:41 AM  

Okay, so I'm missing the third fuse - where did you get it?

where is hook please?

How many cogs do we have to find? I got just 2 and I'm way back all of everyone here!

The hook is in the screen to the right from the screen with many houses in Seaweed Fossil Chasm. Click on the left dark space.

@ masada, All the oil meters are up, and I twisted the wheel (i think that is what you mean by handle?), but I still can't blow on the horn...

Where is horn you are talking about. Planted seed and grew "star" tree.


One fuse is in the hands of a man in the tower, another fuse you get hen placing the charon coins into the holder (after going about the oil field, left, right and left again).

I have the same problem as Doris, no blowing is happening.

The third fuse is in the stomach of the Beast/Dragon thing. You cut it out with a knife which you could have gotten in the Dragon House.

is the horn the big thing on the stand? I can't blow that either.

Doris, use the metal pipe on horn's left side and then pull the handle.

I found a room with a gnome, but now I can't remember how I got there... I click everywhere, but I still can't find that room. I just hope I won't need to go back there.

found a bent pipe earlier, have to connect it to big horn then go turn wheel and come back and pull handle to blow horn.

Where did you find the bent pipe?

Bent Pipe? Oh my, search for stuff continues. Does anyone per chance remember where it was? :D I guess not.

I think I pried it from somewhere.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:52 AM  

Oil field?? Where is THAT? :o

I already have the fuse from the dragon's stomach.

And still can't figure out which house is the right to put the shield next to :(

Where do you plant the wall flower seed?

fount it anna! It's on top of the large pipe structure when you get down from that huge sand heap...

Ops, killed the dragon.

This is so confusing! I am reading other comments and have no idea what you are all talking about so I obviously have a lot more confusion ahead of me lol, might have to come back to this. I'm at work... not working!

The house where you put a shield has a round object and a sword on it. you put the shield on the round thing.

Im sooo lost, cant follow your comments any more :(

Does this game save your progress does anyone know please?

I am out!

Yes Jo.C

So who's doing a walkthrough? LOL it would seem nearly impossible! ;)

after you find the giant skull and go down twice and eat the "brain" you go to the right of the tall tower and there is a new Dark tower, climb up the bars.

Ok thanks Unknown :)

It was a good but very difficult game. checked and rechecked many things before able to move on. and could not have done it with help from many here. Thanks.

Jo.C, yes it does save your progress.

I'm already out, but still thinking why the #@$% we gathered so many useless items, e.g. tooth, rag, etc.?

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