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Daymare Town 4

[REPLAY] Daymare Town Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the Daymare Town series, a point and click type puzzle and escape game developed by Mateusz Skutnik, who is also the creator of the Submachine game series. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again? Use your mouse to search the location, find objects and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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I did not use a lot of the stuff collected and still got out. not sure what difference that made. It does tell you how many sand pebbles you have collected at the end. Not sure why.

I am out! Amazingly atmospheric game by Mateusz like always.

Where do you plant the seed?

I think the items collected may have something to do with the achievements which are in the full version?

By the way, thanks for the help and fun, everyone. :)

we all seem to have gathered different useless items. I have no tooth and did not use shield or some other things like others did.

evans - did you ever use all the candy we're finding in places?

Where do you plant the seed?

Gaelle, you plant the seed in the hole in the wall in Seaweed Fossil Chasm right screen from the screen with the jumper.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 8:10 AM  

Antonia: I think part of the challenge is supposed to be figuring out what you don't need and selling it. More for replay value, I guess.

Thanks, Anna :)

And, starting "new game" some items dont show up or at other places
for ex. I started new and couldnt find that garden gnome anymore

2. time knife was in drawer in dragon tower, but not in first game

Unknown: I got a spoon from the drawer in the dragon tower. Do I go back there later on for a knife?

never found it then

I assume you find the really important stuff at the same place

Well, I've stopped playing because I can't get any farther than the two places above and below where the elevator takes you back and forth from. I can't go on in either part. I hope someone tries to make a WT, although I do understand how complicated in might be...

?ß what do you mean? you dont find all the caves when you went down the elevator?

Anyone remember where the fisherman is? Need one more fuse (of course, then I'll have to find that one oil pump again LOL). My pole is ready (I assumeit is used there).

Are the "fishermen" the two hooks hanging down? Got nothing from them. Is the fishing pole used anywhere?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 8:56 AM  

ok. So i have loads of stuff but nothing to do with it: crystal ball, wrench, cog (7 used already), matches, mug, fork, gnome, stamp, pen, 9 shells, 2 postcards, 6 candy, fishing rod with line and hook, tooth, antenna, knife, vinyl, 4 nails, bottle, leech, 3 charon coins, rag, coins, vase (backpack allowing me to carry so much) and 25 pebbles and the hammer.

Stuck with the train track door, the fuse that the man is holding and the other unknown fuse.

Yes, I've found all sorts of caves and huts and nooks and crannies, but I've done everything I can and can't go on any more. My inventory has lots of things - hammer, fishing rod, leech, nails, snail shell, candy, pen, stamp, postcard, and I have 3 cogs. I've put some of my inventory into safes because I don't see a need for them yet, but I just cannot go anywhere else now.

I am lost too. Did you find the rails??

No. No rails. No gnome. No tarot card. No dragon. No dead person - none of that.

I have placed one fuse in a machine that started up and looks like it is stirring something down a well. And I lit the furnace with the matches. But nothing seems to happen after I did either of those things. I did place the two cogs in the dragon tower and opened the gate, etc., but nothing else seems to work.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:09 AM  

the dead dragons chakra goes in the hole at: the cluster of tiny houses; house on the far right at the top. go inside. Hole in wall. get the antenna.

@bjh777 - the crystal ball goes in one of the little houses. The antenna goes in the radio in the hive at the guy waiting for a call from his son, the matches light the furnace under the jumper, fill the bottle in the mine at the end of the tracks (need tarot card to get in), then give filled bottle to someone in the hive eating dinner (I think this is a side quest), the three charon coins go to the far left of the tracks (not down the tracks).

Zoe, have you found control wheel to put on machine? Give petrified bread to a shadow figure to get that (search comments, no idea how you were supposed to know that). That makes sand flow down cone-shaped path with wheels at end. There are another 50 locations down there (including tracks, dragon, hive).

eu adoro, y love, esta série .

Wandering around looking for the last oil machine to put my fuse in.... Did find a vinyl (record) from a pixel click under the overhead pipeline in the beach, wasn't there a message about blind but not deaf? Also found a third mystery hanging fishing line near the scene with the other two, it was a tiny pixel click hand.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:29 AM  

Still trying to find knife for fuse out of dragons belly. looked in drawer all over dragons house. Totally lost. Keep hoping that some one posts a video Wt but none yet.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:30 AM  

I have a grus whatever that is, but it doesn't work on dead dragon. Sigh.

Thanks Tiquer. Now I have the control wheel. I'm looking at the machine for a place to put it...help??

Oh, I was at the wrong machine - not the "stirring" machine but the other one...moving on, I hope

Thanks Tiquer!!!

Over near where the two fishing lines hang from the sky there is a water tower thing. You can zoom in, then hit the top with (i think it was) the hammer. If collapses, but I couldn't figure out past that.

Still looking for the third oil pump in the beach. One is next to left of dragon, one is to right of hive. I've seen the third, but don't remember where... Glad I didn't buy a game with this navigation scheme...

I have placed control wheel but cannot get down the sand because there are some spikes blocking entrance. I can also not open hive gate or stalactite gate. Please help!!

@adivawoman, there was a knife on the floor in the tower to the left of the hive for me. I think one of the vendors also sells them. Luckily, I found a random one placed near the beginning of the game.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:38 AM  

so i ate the migdula. sold all the extra rubbish. did anyone find any uses for anything. but now what... what am i missing. i remember some dude telling me i had to eat it but...

FWIW, I was able to use the fishing pole/line/hook there and fish out a bone.

Yay, found the last oil pump in the mine at the end of the railroad tracks!! Now to find out what it triggered. Progress!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:45 AM  

Still can't find the place to put the coins :(

I really can't find the second cog for the dragon house, can anybody help please?

Regular ole coins are used to buy and sell from a few traders (though I don't think you need to). The Charon coins go to far left of beginning of tracks (not down the tracks, to the left of them).

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:50 AM  

Yeah, found the holders, now can't find the big skull after pulling the horn handle.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:53 AM  

Thanks tiquer. I have found only one vendor but he doesnt sell knives. Need to fuses. Have not yet found the hive. Unless that is the hive of houses. Still trying to figure out where to use seed weed antennae and mast.

FYI: The wheel to release the air for the fog horn is the second room up the left hive hole. The fog horn in up the middle hole of the hive.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:56 AM  

Please, where is hive hole and how do I find it?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 9:58 AM  

Yeah, I've placed all the fuses, turned the valve, placed the bent pipe and pulled the horn handle (got a sound) - now I just can't locate the big skull...

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:01 AM  

Yea! finally found where to use mast. got a seed.

Ok...I've read all the comments from the beginning and I don't see anywhere it mentions where the crystal ball is. I need it to get the tarot card...thanks!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:03 AM  

Nevermind. Found it.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:06 AM  

Zoe, did you go down to the point where you can go left - to the railways (and dragon) and left - to the hive?
If yes, then when you go left and forward - you'll have a view of the pipe and like 3 archways below it. I think the ball was in the middle one (or the right one?) :)

Second cog? Anyone? Please?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:11 AM  

For one cog - from the start location go left, left, down through the doorway, down again and you'll face a wall with a place for cogs. Take the one that's there.
Second one - from start location go right, left, further, pass the locked gate. Here you need to find a clickable place that's under the planks (or whatever it is). The cog is right there.

rzesyjakfiranki: I think I'm close. I am at the place where there are two hooks hanging from the sky. If I go forward from there, I see a round thing on the floor. I can't go any further from that point...am I even close to the crystal? I did see the dragon and have the chakra...

Maybe this will help others:
a prior comment said "when you blow in the horn, on the left side of the lower world appear big skull, inside there is abgdylum or somewhat to eat, the appear a crack in the wall, then go upstairs........"

The skull appears in the beach past the two fishing hooks, it is a rock that has lifted out of the sand. Go around the rock to see the skull. I've eaten the whatever, now I'm trying to decipher what wall the crack opens in the above comment is referencing. Ready for this game to be over!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:17 AM  

Wrong way, Zoe! :D
I wrote 2x "left" - my bad! You should go right (the place where you can reach the hive building) - then one step forward and you'll be facing the pipe (but before that one step, you can take a bent pipe, that's on the top of the big one).

rsesyjakfiranki - Thank you! Thanks to your good directions (and patience!!!) I found the crystal ball!

Judging by the comments, only a few people have played this to the end. Got all the oil pumps going, blew the horn, ate the thing in the skull. Don't know what to do next.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:34 AM  

Tiquer, have you seen the guy a bit before the hive, on the right? Just past the pipes. Go to that guy and you'll see a new building (of something like that) far behind him. Go there :)

I can't find the hive - how do you get there?

@bjh777 did you ever escape? I'm at the same place as your last comment (I ate the giant whatever).

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:38 AM  

Still looking for hive also.

@rzesyjakfiranki thank you! Follow the power lines to the right of the hive. I'm OUT!!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:40 AM  

Cant find hive, nor pipes with guy, missing charon , 2 caron coins, and 2 fuses, where to use antenna, So very stuck

rzesyjakfiranki, Many thanks for the help, but I don't understand the second one? Right, left, further - do you mean the girl's hut with the washing line? Can't find anything there...

@adivawoman: the hive is the tower in the beach area with the three round holes in it. It is located to the right of the pipes. In there is a guy waiting for the call from his son. The antenna goes on the radio.
Search comments for charon coin. There is one in the hive in a pixel hunt on an alien statue (around his neck area I think).

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:49 AM  

Thanks Tiquer but have not found any pipes or guy with phone. Have read and reread all comments for the c. coins and fuses, seems like I need the elusive knife for one coin. Still don't know what a grus is.
Really getting bored with this game.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:50 AM  

Beach area???

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:51 AM  

I feel so stupid right now... I've finished the game already and now I'm playing it again, this time the HD-Version. I just can't seem to find the backpack anymore! I think it's somewhere in the Sea of Smoke?! Can anybody help me please?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:51 AM  

When I go past the star tree, down the steps I come to a room with a strange machine. What do I use there?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:53 AM  

Wish I could remember where I found it but it was in the first part of the game.

Is the radio in the same place as the horn in the hive? I can't find a radio...and I only have one charon from the skull's mouth. Where is the alien statue?? I've checked all the "rooms" in the hive and only see a picture of a weird guy with his hair blowing up..

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:55 AM  

are you calling the beach area where woman is missing child?

The pipes are at the bottom of that sand pile you walk down from all the little houses (go right once I think). Follow the pipes to the right, then click the faint tower you see in the distance. The "hive" is what everyone called the tall tower with the 3 tubes you can enter. There are about 20 small rooms in the "hive" tower. Next to the "hive" tower is a short tower where the knife is sitting on the floor upstairs (it was for me, at least). Grus is not used.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 10:57 AM  

Finally found pipes. !

There is a title of each area below the graphics. It says beach. You are close to the hive if you see the lost child woman.

adivawoman: In the scene where you can see the woman missing a child in the distance, click right in the middle of the screen where you see the pipes - that leads to many more scenes, including the hive. You'll know when you're at the hive when the little print over your inventory says it's the "log folk hive"

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:01 AM  

Thanks Tiquer, you posted wright when I found it. I had clicked there 100000000 times but because you posted it , it gave the power of POP.

Never did anything with the guy in the box I broke apart in the beach.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:03 AM  

I am at the hive.

I still can't find a radio or an alien statue. I got a fuse from the dragon, so now I need the third one.

Are the five cogs that we put on the wall in the basement a red herring? Nothing happens when I put the five cogs there.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:09 AM  

Found other 2 charon coins. finally having fun again.

The guy with the radio and the statue are in different rooms in the hive. Keep going up and try all three tubes. Watch out for the spinning pyramid, if you click it then you'll get transported elsewhere.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:14 AM  

Found The Knife. Thanks so much Tiquer for all your help. now can place 2 charon coins and cut up dragon.

Zoe, once you use the 2 cogs in the snake tower in the very beginning there is no need for cogs anymore. Putting 5 in that tower in the beginning doesn't do anything.

Finally out! Couldn't do it without all the help! I'll be around for a bit longer if anyone has any questions.

Do we need the knife for anything else after using it on the dragon?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zoe: no, we don't.

I have 2 charon coins from the alien statue and the skull - where is the other one? I know where they go, I just need another one...

the tarot card in magician room, where you can go using the cristal ball, which you can find below the bridge (right from sand-slide)

Zoe: I think the third coin is in the mouth of the dragon.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:28 AM  

i have all three oil machines going, turned wheel, and blew fog horn. skull, if that is what is is, still seems buried so i cant get to it.

any suggestions?

Healthy, the third one is near the dragon

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:29 AM  

thank you 2 Zoe I just saw your comment.

gamer: Thanks!!! Got it - so where does that fuse go? I've already used 3: one above in a cave, one right beyond the two hanging hooks from the sky, and one right beyond the hive...where is fourth?

and thanks for staying here to help!!!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:31 AM  

also, thank you tiquer. your comments have helped greatly

I can't find the knife at all!!! Dragon is killed with the sword, but where's the knife to get the fuse?!?

The final fuse goes in the mine. If you follow the left (bottom) train line and then go down the coal shaft, you will see the final oil machine.

earlier i read something about bent pipe which should be connected to horn

Roger, the knife is on the floor of the short tower to the left of the hive tower in the beach area.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gotta go, good luck everyone. All the answers should be in the comments now.

Roger: break the door down with your hammer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

does anything happen after you plant the seed and grow the tree with stars on it?

Could someone help me finding that bent pipe?

@Zoe: nope, it grew only

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zoe: Nope. Wihura: have you found the pipeline in the land of the Hive people? There is a view of that pineline that is kind of diagonal (perspectival). In that view, one the of thingies sticking out of the main pipeline is the steel pipe you need.

I still have a fishing rod and leech. I ate the think in the skull after blowing the horn...now what?

Just started. Where do I use crank in dragon house?

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 11:55 AM  

Bent pipe is right from where the sand is, along that thing that looks like a fence.

Zoe: Find the man on the hill who was talking to you about the fog. On his left, a shadow has appeared...

Oh...so I climbed up and out! I never used the fishing rod, leech, spoon, wrench. I collected 52 pebbles. I had six "extra" cog wheels.

Amazing, complex game! I would NEVER have got out without so much help from so many people! That's why I love this site!!

Khrys - on the top floor where you see the guy looking out the window, click at bottom of screen and see another view with a chair. Click on the chair.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 12:10 PM  

missing 1 fuse. Would some one please post where the fuses were found. Thanks.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 12:15 PM  

Read all the comments on the fuses I seem to have got those .. from man, from hole after putting in fuse, from lifting weigh by tracks, in the start of the game on pillar, .Come here my precious fuse.

Black fuses:

1 - In the houses after you use the white fuse (middle door) it opens a pit in another houses. Bottom of pit.

2 - in dragon's stomach after cutting it with a knife.

3 - After finding 3 charon coins

4 - in the "hive" at the top where a man is listening to a radio - after you use the antenna.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 12:19 PM  

Duh! had the dang fuse in inventory the whole time.

adivawoman - it looks like you need the one in the dragon's stomach...

lol!!! I believe you're almost there!

please, where is the bottle? and where we use the mast?

Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7xKVNZM3U8

rory: the bottle is right before the place where the fuse machine in the caves (the other machines are all down below where the sand world is) - there is a "bump" in the floor that you use the hammer on to get the bottle.

For the mast: as you keep going downward after coming down the stairs from the dragon tower there is a pole sticking out from the side of the wall. There are already 3 masts there, and you need to put the 4th one there.

Well...there's a WT now, so I'm going to leave. Good Luck!!

thank you Zoe

lol - when you look at the WT - it's about 8 minutes and looks like the easiest game in the world!!!

your welcome! I think this game is much more fun playing without the WT because there's so much more to it than just the steps necessary to finish it. There's humor and creativity and a lot of things you miss if you just follow the WT...just my opinion!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 12:43 PM  

I am out! Thanks to every one for your comments and help. See you next time.

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 12:45 PM  

Zoe, it was nice to get a chance to play with you. Usually I play way after everyone else. Wanted to tell you I would be still be stuck in many a game if it not for your comments and help you give other gamers. Thanks.

adivawoman: thank you! it was a lot of fun helping each other!

I used the seed. I still have the shield. I do not know where to use it. Maybe that's why I still can not get out

thank you Zoe

I just had to climb up the ladder hahahahahaha
Thanks for the help

So many mysteries unsolve.
1) I crack open the round tree top just before the big skull but i don't know what to do with it.
2) The parrot in the cage?
3) The magician's rabbit
4) The hypnotizing spiral at the magician room
5) Whats that fishing rod and leech for?
6) A wrench and vinyl record?
7) I buy all the postcard and the stamp and ballpen. What for?
8) Lighting up the furnace wasn't the end right? There must be more.
9) There was a hole on the ground in the house near the bell. Sure that mean something?
10) The old lady hut in the beginning of the game, there was a rope to pull. What's that for?
11) I end the game with 6 or 7 cog in my hand for nothing?
12) Nail?

There are some clues on how to get out along the game, the new born robot tells you to eat the amygdala of a giant to see through the fog. Then a guy tells you the sand giant is buried behind the fishers, and finally in a stone it says that the giant is blind but not deaf (thus you must sound the trumpet)

Where do I find the mast ?

Where do I find the mast ?

I dunno if anyone ele caught this, but I left the game for a bit and came back to a surprise: The screen I left it on was one of the screens far out into the sands, past the train tracks and one of the pumps. There is nothing out there but vast emptinesss. Well I left it on that screen and looked back and saw the girl from Daymare cat standing there! I couldn't
Interact with her or anything, and then saw I was carrying a vinyl record in my inventory and was like "omg DAYMARE CAT!" And handed her the vinyl and she walked away smiling. This isn't a joke. Try it out!

The Daymare cat thing is past the area with the clickable fish hooks. It was sort of creepy I left it on a screens with nothing there, and looked back and Daymare cat is staring at me.

for the life of me, i cant find the train tracks! help please?

Jam6i - I've left it on that screen for 5 minutes but still no Daymare Cat :(

Maybe you have to do it before you sound the horn in the hive...

Gamer - Where did you use the fishing rod??! I can't figure out where to use it.

Thanks x

pop. just found them.

vivimim - I never did use the fishing rod. In fact all of the things that @Chris Jenove lists above are just red herrings, but that's what this game is about is the creativity of it! If you just took only the necessary steps to finish this game, it would take you about 2 minutes without finding all the interesting and artistic word that you find in all the many, many nooks and crannies of the game.

oops, i meant "interesting and artistic *work*....

Hmmm..Im not getting the daymare cat lady..

The fishing rod is used on that dam that is built. When you get the first fuse and put it in, its too late.

Thank you Khrys! Up to five achievements now :)

I have 5 to go....grrrr

Daymare Cat lady is not showing up for me :(

Have been waiting for ages in that screen past the fishers (where the skull is) but no sign of her. Maybe this is the wrong screen.

it is two screens past the oil machine I believe. It is a screen with barely a horizon and a couple rocks.

this game doesn't make sense! so much stuff....can't do what everyone else seems to be doing..... quit game and came back and started new game, now there is stuff in places that there was nothing before..... too confusing for me, have fun!

       Anonymous  9/10/13, 7:40 PM  

One of my least favorites from Skutnik. 88% of the game is red herrings. I find that a very weak way to lengthen a game.

very nice game

I was praying for a WT. I've not played one of these games and am a bit lost

A hearty thank you to all of you who posted hints and tips for us to follow. Took me too long to figure some of this game out and I never would have been able to without your hints. :)

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If you don't want to watch the video walkthrough, there's a walkthrough posted here:
Daymare Town 4 Walkthrough

I don't get the ending or the plot of the game in the first place for that matter -_-" and it left me with so many questions, like, what's with the woman whose son was taken? What about the boy in the dragon tower?? Who's the main character anyway??? What's gonna happen next!? Is my general confusion because I've never played any of the previous games in this series??? oAO It was a pretty cool game, nonetheless...

The game was very interesting but there were many subjects that is collected but never used. Did I miss anything?

       Anonymous  9/11/13, 12:09 AM  

HOW in the world did anyone figure out that you cut the dragon stomach for a fuse??? Never in a hundred years would I have figured that out.

WOW... re-played (using walkthrough this time) and I can't believe how far from the end I was yesterday! LOL... Even after spending about an hour wandering around. I didn't see the bulb so couldn't find the first fuse (which starts you off properly)

Anyway out now :D

Where can I find the brain?

couple of fun things you can do:

- You can go up to the one big poppy plant in deep log trench and hit it with hammer to cave the bud in.

- At the end of pipe there are two rocks you can pick up and drop (but not keep)

This game was a bad acid trip. Very involved but WAY too many red herrings!! Backpack full of junk never used, finally get a nice sword near the end (makes you think you might actually USE it..). Ugh.. Next game should have the cursor show you EVERY spot that needs an action done. Way too long for a dud of an ending. My head hurts.. Going now.. :-/

JohnnyA - the story and the ending only really make sense if you've played the first three chapters. And a lot of those items that are not useful for the main game plot actually unlock achievements (if you buy the $5.00 downloadable HD version) if used in the right way. Well worth the $5.00. LOVE these games! I've got one achievement left to go - Reverse Entropy - and it's driving me mad! x

Entropy: at the end with three ways and the town in the middle: you can put the little dwarfs at right hand way, we can see little hats of others dwarfs.Sorry for my english

Hi Froggy - well done!! I found that too! I don't know what the 'entropy' was a reference for - but anyone worried it was just a random, frustrating pixel hunt, it's a reference to another game by the developer where you have to hunt for gnomes. As soon as I realised that, I just kept an eye out for gnome like things :)

I can't find :the feeder(feed the pet)

If you search for "Daymare Town 4 walkthrough", you'll find another site (jayisgames) where we've been building a walkthrough. I'd tell you on here but I can't figure out how to hide my answer and not spoil it for other people :)

The achievements I'm stuck on are Return and Vandalissimo. Any clues? I know I have to beak stuff, but no idea what Return is?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I just love his games! I bought the full screen version. finished with only 1 achievment, but am able to go be "in" and search for all the other achievements.....maybe tomorrow, tonight its wayyyyy to late to stay up!

Jam6i - yes, girl from Daymare Cat appeared just as you said. gave her vinyl record and she left without saying anything. it works even after you have already blown the horn. go to where the pump is, to the right of the giant skull. behind the pump is a V shaped tree, click a little bit to the left of it. this brings you to the screen where a single fishing hook is hanging. move your cursor along the horizon starting from the left until it turns into a hand and then click. this brings you to a screen where there is a single tree with two branches. again move your cursor along the horizon until it turns into a hand and then click. this brings you to a barren place. Wait for Daymare Cat girl to appear. Give her vinyl record.

Use the sword (grus) to slay the dragon at the dragon tower.

6 things you can smash with the hammer:

1. the light bulb at the ceiling of one of the transporter rooms. The one at Resin Gate.

2. the giant poppy plant (the lollipop looking thing) at Deep Log Trench.

3. the control panel of the upper rail track at Deep Log Trench, 2 screens to the left.

4. the stalactite in one of the rooms at Resin Gate.

5. the light bulb at the magician's house. go down the ladder.

6. the picture of the ugly old woman in one of the rooms at Fog Folk Hive.

4 more things you can smash with the hammer:

1. one of the vinyl records in the well at Deep Log Trench.

2. the thing holding the right power line to one of the poles in Fog Folk Hive.

3. one of the wheels of the upturned cart (close up view) near the upper rail track three screens to the left at Deep Log Trench.

4. the lollipop looking thing at the upper right of the upper most part of the stairs leading to the Dragon's Tower (not the stairs inside the tower).

I'm out. Never found the 5th cog. Also never got leech or used rag, tooth, fishing pole, postcard, stamp, pen, candy, shells.

I'm out! Never found 5th cog or leech. Also never used rag, tooth, postcard, stamp, pen, fork, grus, shells, or fishing pole. Lots of red herrings in this game.

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Figured out 10 objects to break for vandalissimus achievement!

Ahoy spoiler!
1. Deep fog trench
- controller pad near the top train track
- right lightbulb on the electric pole (it appears before you face the tear)
-continue to follow the top train track until you reached the end. Click minecart to zone in. Smash its wheel.
- click the top of he bulb like plant before you see the dead monster (one you have to cut open the stomach). Smash the top of it.
-Vinyl in the well

2. Seaweed fossil chasm
- object hanging from the ceiling in one of the cube houses (it's the one with the man who says "no").
-lightbulb in the teleport prism room
-lightbulb in the Magician house (you need to climb down the ladder).

3. Sea of Smoke
-The tallest bubble-headed plant near the stairs leading to the House of the Dragon.

4. Log Fog Hive
-Enter the first hole from the right. Enter the door to your right. Break the painting called Big Mama(?).

I want to say thank you to Mateusz for making such an incredible series. It gets better and better with each episode, and your attention to detail is truly remarkable. I enjoyed all of them, but episode 4 was my favorite. I hope you are receiving the recognition you deserve from all the hard work you put into your games. They are so much fun AND involved. I like having to think! Can't wait until episode 5!!!

linea de pesca (caña, hilo, anzuelo).
se toma un hueso que esta en la puerta debajo de la montaña de arena. (la que cae cuando viene la arena. hay que pescar antes de activar manivela)

WOOOOT! The Daymare Town series are my FAVORITE games online! I check back every couple of months for a new one, but missed this one somehow. Thank you, Mateusz!!

Mateusz Skutnik has made me spoiled. Other games bore me now. They are too easy or too boring. Thank you Mateusz for making these awesome games.

       Anonymous  6/3/18, 2:19 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

I'll for sure get the downloadable fullscreen HD version for this one (only $5) to see what's about all the red herrings & I think I'll buy also the 3 previous episodes, as Skutnik games are always premium quality

thx for all your creations, Mateusz ☺

Ditto, Alpha.

Is Mateusz still here? If so tell them they are the ...GREATEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED!

absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE the Mateusz Skutnik

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