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Escape from 26

[REPLAY] SoGood - Escape from 26 is a new point and click type escape game developed by Big Loop Studios and sponsored by So Good. This game is set in a strange world full of different cages, each one with its own number. Although beautiful and magical it's also creepy and enslaving. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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just have woods & hav bucket full of water ..

now hav soap ,put wood in heater & heat water ...

I have dirty clothes and a dirty outhouse. Blech!

WHat is the water container? Can't seem to place the water.

i washed the clothes & hanged it ....

need cloth piece for that dirty toilet...

got key after giving cloth to man ..

Oh DUH! POP. On top of heater. :)

How to combine objects, I wonder?

its all dark ...

Ohhhkay! TO write code down---


now i mean everything is dark ...i hav 3 SD ...

which object you want to combine ?

I needed to write down the code from the radio. Got it, but now I can't find out what to do with it. Annie? Who is Annie? I need to read these cut scenes from now on. I have an SD and a code. that's it.

where do you get the paper? i have toilet paper but its not working...

Ahhh just loading; i am way behind.

That is the paper. I wasn't zoomed on radio. After I founf the frequency, zoom out, put the paper and then the pen on the radio. But now.. I'm stuck..

8 of 10 pieces.
Bucket of water (just in case lol)

i got it finally thanks! go to bed and give code to gohst outside for padlock code

only 9 of 10 hmm where is last one?

Thanks. And out. Anyone stuck?

There's two in the kitchen

Too short. Nice graphics and concept but somewhat lacking in story.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ny woman is lying down on the grass and won't budge. I need her to clean toilets and do my washing.
What is a man to do?

There should be two inside the closet however so I got 9 I just need the last one I have the bolts that I found inside I just keep looking everywhere.

Everything is so slow... How to get out of the sleeping room <,

POP got it...

millie, i could only find one in the kitchen

a hand still shows up in the outhouse but nothing more there


where is the last one?

Sandy you have to find the objects and complete task sometimes joining together. For the sleeping room if your in sleep mode press around and walk around until you exit the room there is where you find Ghost Annie. Did anyone elses game go blank after the 9 piece?

maybe i shouldn't have put the parts i had in the clock already

my game froze after listening to the radio...don't want to restart at this point.

me..so pixel hunt..

Thanks Ayenene, but my woman just lay on the grass, had to restart.

i stiill can't find the last piece

It was such a fun game until it stopped it stopped working and now Im not going to restart it

think there is a bug in the game
can't find last piece
really liked it too

Boring game in fact, graphics are cute, but walking around all the time is falling on my nervs. I need the code, no idea what to do with SD or radio. Paper does not work on radio neither pen.

And out; for last piece, try the toilet on the right

for the code you have to clean the toilet get the toilet paper once you get the key to go to the bottom house open it and go in,and get the pen click on the radio turn the noob and you will find the morse code write down

eh give the paper to who?

never mind, got it

Thx Ayenene, got the door open.

This game is giving me eye cramps lol, sooo small...

Once you add all the spare parts, close the clock screen than add bolts, use SD, then winder.

Missing two parts for clock, i give up, no fun...
But anyway thx for your help everybody !!

Thanks Ayenene, but my woman just lay on the grass, had to restart.

Thanks Ayenene, but my woman just lay on the grass, had to restart.

Thanks Ayenene, but my woman just lay on the grass, had to restart.

Thanks Ayenene, but my woman just lay on the grass, had to restart.

where is annie? I have 7 parts of the clock, an empty bucket, the paper with the code written on it and a screwdriver, any thoughts?

8 pieces now, but still stuck, getting bored of just walking around doing nothing

Finally finished it I had to restart, and got all the pieces before the only 9 and 10 pieces are inside look everywhere outside

ok so no help from anyone....bye

Snoff Did you take a nap and go outside in the dark to talk to Annie? She gives you the code numbers.

and p.s. I just got here! lol

The arrow will change to a hand to find clock pieces too.

After playing Ninja Miner, this game is tediously slow. I have 11 of 10 clock parts (bug?) And after I put the parts and hands on the clock, the view of the clock closed out, the room went dark and now I can't do anything. I give up.

Pretty fantastic.


Great graphics. good story. Annoying that the girl has to step every step to places you have already been. Other than that, very good game.

       Anonymous  9/18/13, 3:43 PM  

Boring? No. Boring is, find 5 balls to get a key, do an anagram puzzle, and perhaps an angle puzzle, and a number puzzle with 26+ rooms to wander thru as you pixel hunt.
This had a nice story with it too.

I've spent 15 minutes looking for the last piece for the clock. Can't find it anywhere. I have the two from kitchen. Game just won't give me a hint!!! Hints for all the others, but not the last one. Frustrated and done.

@Maggie see Laurent Petit post at 12:30 pm maybe this is the one you are missing .. i missed that one !

yes nice graphics but this isn't the perfect game though .. it includes some pixel hunting as well .. like the last part Maggie is looking for !

have hot water, clothes and soapready how to get hot water in clothes basin??? bucket not work

DKat~ Walk up to shower head. then fill bucket with hot water to put in basin.

oh my , I did walk to shower head once b=never thought to get hot water from it lol...thnx larue

       Anonymous  9/18/13, 4:47 PM  

Very cute graphics and I love this kind of game but why oh why is it sooo small! I wasn't able to read those old letters. The "full screen" option helps exactly nothing! Sigh!

buggy little game.

Great game, no bugs, 5 stars. Last piece for me was in the clock room. There was one in the upper cabinet and then one on the right. After I returned to clock room the little sparkle led me to the 2nd one, I don't think they are there until you see the sparkle. Matches upstairs in the room with the man was my only pixel hunt. Somehow I missed the premise: "This game is set in a strange world full of different cages, each one with its own number."

Great game but it did bug me that I couldn't find a way to water the bush!

What an amazing game!!! Really awesome!
That's how I like them!

Put 10 clock pieces, use bolts and sd ond clock and now?
how finish please?

Ok, found, return sleep and return talk at ghost in garden

nice game i played it last night on bart bonte site
hope there is another one to free the boy.............x

       Anonymous  9/19/13, 1:13 AM  

Great game ! I found all the pieces of the clock (just wait a little, there is a blink).
Now the time is running, but I don't find the end of the game.

       Anonymous  9/19/13, 1:15 AM  

Sorry, Seb, I didn't see your message when I posted mine. You're right.

Why I cant put bucket with water in bush right of door?

could someone pleas post a WT?

Agree with Luin.

What a beautiful game! I love the graphics, the atmosphere, the puzzles. The story's ending was a bit unsatisfying, but still 5/5 from me. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

The bush is a red herring, by the way...You can finish the game without interacting with it ;)

What a top class game for a change. Loved the graphics. I was wondering around to find the last 2 pieces, but they where both in the clockroom.
I just flew out of the cage :)
Thx for posting.

       Anonymous  9/19/13, 5:40 AM  

Some kind of WT :

- Pick up dirty cloth on the line, near the well.
- Pick up the bucket (close to the well), fill it in at the well.
- You can check the tombs on the left.
- Go to the dirty toilets on the right : use the bucket full of water, but you also need a cloth
- Go upstairs, agree to wash the clothes
- Pick up the matches in this room
- Leave the room, pick up the wood planks
- Refill your bucket at the well
- Go to the wash room, use water, wood and matches on the boiler
- Fill your bucket with hot water at the shower in the upper corner
- Take some soap near the shower
- Use the dirty clothes, hot water and soap on the basin (lower corner of the room).
- Put the clean clothes on the line near the well.
- Sit down on the bench
- Grab the dry clothes.
- Give them to Andy, he gives you the key of the main door.
- Enter the house, read the letters.
- On the coat rack, take a pen
- Enter the right room (bedroom)
- Take the screwdriver on the right of the cupboard
- Go to bed
- Get up and go outside to discuss with the sobbing ghost : I didn't notice if the tells the number for the padlock at this moment.
- Go back to bed, it's daytime
- See the radio : move the dial until you find the morse code, but you can't write it down yet
- Take a cloth for cleaning in the left chest
- See the picture on the wall, the dusty books...
- Check the other room : you need a number for the padlock
- Go to the toilets : use the cleaning cloth
- Pick up toilet paper
- Use toilet paper and pen on the radio : you have now the code for the padlock
- Go to bed and discuss with the ghost (you don't need to use the written paper). She tells you the number for the padlock (different in each game)
- Open the padlock, enter the room
- Pick up the clock wind in the lower part of the cupboard
- Take the bolts in the tall cupboard on the right
- Select the clock, then, put the pieces where they go
- Zoom out, use the bolts, then the screwdriver, then the winding key.
- Go back to bed (yes, you love to sleep with a morse radio near to you) in order to discuss with your ghost friend.

Clock pieces :

- on the right of the bench
- on the left of the tree
- Under the stairs, right of the tombs
- In the grass, under the broken swing
- In the room upstairs, near the fireplace (left)
- On the left coat, downstairs
- Under the nightstand in the bedroom
- On the right of the toilets (when they are clean)
- Behind the planks, on the right in the clock room
- In the upper part of the cupboard in the clock room.

I loved it! To be honest though I did use the walkthrough to find the final clock parts, but still thought it was a lovely game :)

Well done pdgph! I must of just missed your walkthrough when I started to play, but sure it will be helpful for others :)

It was VERY helpful to me, Jo. Thanks so much pdgph.

Hi clio, hope your're ok. I used the video walkthrough so had to wait for her to walk about lol, I would of much rather seen the above ;)

       Anonymous  9/19/13, 6:57 AM  

You are welcome, Jo. C ! (-:

Great game !! i enjoyed it very much !!
Thank you pdgph for the WT ,i needed the 10th part (they were 2 in the clock room )
and Thank you all for the very helpful comments !

good game...great graphics but it really needs a full screen mode or the ability to increase the size. like others, i'm not a fan of waiting for a toon to walk across my screen in order for the next thing to happen, but in some games it's not a bother, in this one it was borderline. will definitely play more games from this author.

@pdgph, thank you for the WT. It helped me with the bedroom part.

Most enjoyable - and praise for such an imaginative game with such good graphics!

       Anonymous  9/20/13, 12:12 AM  


I'm happy that I could help in a game. Usually, I'm only asking for help.

What is the morse code

I've made it to the point where she talks to the ghost, but no number is given for the padlock. Back in the room I found the cloth but don't understand what the WT says about cleaning the left chest. Totally stuck.

Wow, that was a strange game. Loved the graphics and sound effects, but yes it would have been nice to be able to make everything bigger. I also got stuck with only 9 clock pieces, but the one I missed was the very first one in front of the upstairs fireplace. Once I found it, I was able to finish the game with no freezing or bugginess.

Nice change from the usual puzzle-solving fare!

there is 1 clock part just outside the toilet.

Have played the game just can't get the clockwind in the clock room.

Where should I point the numbers on the code?

Good idea to bring this game back - but right now it just won't get me past the loading screen :(

Yep, I suspect there's something fishy here: I searched for the game, and when I opened from in other gaming sites, it works fine - but not from opeining it from here :(

how to start the game? Just waiting and waiting?

Same here...would not load from EG24, but I got it from the developer's site.

I was searching for this game, but couldn't find it... great to have link again.

Played it all the way through this time. Great game! Needed the WT, though for all the clock parts.

Clean the clothes, scrub out the loo, fix the clock. Domesticity is the way to freedom!

I'm a huge fan of escape room game. My first experienced to play escape game in an escape room Nashville was outstanding.Now I am enthusiastically waiting to play new escape game.

Absolutely beautiful game. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is logical, and the story was really interesting. This is how escape games should be. An absolute 10 out of 10!

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