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Inside of the Mirror 2 Walkthrough

Inside of the Mirror 2

[REPLAY] Inside of the Mirror Escape 2 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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don't want to register, anybody, can share login/pass?

email : fgngotmail@gmail.com
PW : pwdgotmail

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Thanks Gotmail

Thanks Zazie

Thanks Zazie

I'm usually rubbish at these but I'll give it a go.

I think this is going to be difficult, it is not in English.

This game seems familiar to me, is it possible that we played it already ?

I thought the same Zazie

No, it's a bit differend, i think it's a part 2.

Have a hammer, dunno what next

Found key behind the wooden "tower" (don´t know the name) and key frees the shovel at the wall. And a ball with 4-3 on it.

But this is no 2 I think, so quite different

Shovel used under the red cart ...

eehh stuck with hammer((

Then use shovel on the book to get the # code for box.

I have a hammer and round thing, which I used in the valve handle. The window's open now but I don't know what else to do. Trying to find a key for the ladder.

Where is round thing ?

Bat E, were did you get the round thing?

Use the hammer to break the dustpan then use the dustpan on the ball.

Now I've found the key for the ladder.

Thx Bat E, window is open now...and stuck again.

Bat E, were did you get the key ?

Thanks a lot Zazie, I'm going in

Heck, I'm doing quite well with this one so far. I now have some tape.

Found key behind left wheel near trapdoor. (under box)

The key is in the view where the valve is, but not zoomed in on the valve. Not even open the little door.

Key is in the view of box which covers the trapdoor

Thanks catqueen

The key for the ladder is in the view with the box that you move for the valve hatch. Just next to a castor.

Found cell phone, but where is tape ?

Used the ladder to get a mobile or so from the high up box and used the numbers from the blocks on the chessboard and now I can't use the mobile anymore but don't see any changes.

Oh, the mobile opened the safe anf there's the tape.

Haha, now I'm through the mirror.

Goedemiddag small-tool;-)

Use the tape on the mirror.

Ok found tape, used a 4# number on cell phone (count cubes) and the safe was open.

Hi Lotjemar :)

And after using tape use the hammer on that mirror.

In the second room i found a red key.

How to count the cubes? I can only see 3 colors.

Key opens red box for a lever/handle.

Another button in wooden box on shelf in mirror room.

Yes Catqueen, but the green is 12 (2#s)

Use hammer to break shovel

And another button under the traffic one in the mirror room.

Where's key Zazie?

Ok red key is on top of shelves, in the thing that looks like a tire.

Got SD from the new trapddor, used handle there.

@Zazie: thx!

In the racket cover on shelf, use ladder.

I know I saw screws somewhere, but can't find them anymore :(

I can't find where to use the screwdriver.

Another button under one of the red piles.

Btw. the buttons go on the safe in the mirror room, but don't know the order.

SD used on door panel.

Flipping heck! I'm out without any help :O

Use screwdriver on the panel next to the door in mirror room. Bottom screw is tricky, use the SD a bit above the screw.

If you look at the buttons in your inv, they're numbered.

Blue, green, red.

Lol, there are numbers on the buttons, that´s the order to put them on the safe.

I can't understand why someone gave it one star.

Hm. stuck on the door code now. Tried the mirror numbers from the blocks, but no go ±)

What to do with key card ?

Ahh got it, i forgot to unsrew one screw lol.

can't find blue button

Bottom of the panel you unscrewed Zazie.

One in wooden box and one under traffic cone, E Presto.

E Presto: take the blue button back from the valve.

okay have to take it back from valve

Tried the blue, green and red numbers from the safe on the door panel, but doesn´t work.

I tried the numbers from B,G,R from safe, but no go.

LOL s-t :-)

ST blue,green red number is correct. Then zoom out and open the door.

Zazie that worked

Ohh i am out, turn the numbers around. Not mirrored.

Lol, thanks Catqueen. Had it all the time, was expecting something to happen.

Start with 70.....

We expect a "tsk" when the door opens, but no sound :)

Thanx all for the help, this was fun !

Going to play the other Gotmail game. C u!

CU there Catqueen :-)

Out, Thanks all for help, nice game.

Wow, three gotmail games in one day. What a treat.

Yes, this was very good.

I think I've found the reason why Gotmail now publishes 3 at a time: it got to be a sort of "one for each difficulty level".

The one with the scrolls and the math was middle difficulty, but this one was definitely medium HARD, especially if you missed one thing (e. g. the "glowing dirt" at the beginning) you would run in circles forever.

Anyone still here? I can't get the right number in the phone. I have: red=9, yellow=3 and green=12
What is the combination to open the safe please?

Finaly! Typed the same numbers over and over again and now the safe opened!

can we have a game thats in English today?

Game slowly loaded and stopped at 63%. Looked like it would have been fun.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/15/13, 8:44 AM  

Wait, Zazie... where did you find a key card? I feel like I'm spinning in circles.

       Anonymous  9/15/13, 8:47 AM  

Ugh, never mind. I thought the numbers outside the safe were one more thing I had to solve before I would be able to open it. There I was looking for clues.

Cant find the final code for the door... It should be 70 18 or 10 and 28 but no go...

where is hint for door code?

POP found it, and out

I don't play gotmail games even though they look really good. The language barrier is too much. If there are hints that come up when you click on something, I like to know what they are rather than guess. Hints can make or break a game.

my game gave me a choice to choose english right at the start. It was VERY similar to the last one but fun anyway.

I took the screws from the door panel, but nothing happens. I cannot use the key card, nor does the plate come off?

The game is in Englisch

Hmm only need the final code now ...

That was really good. I love Gotmail games so much. I can only play when they are in english though. Otherwise I am hopelessly lost

need help withthe final code. What is the hint?

oohI got it the blue green red on the safe with the badges

blue green red from the safe numbers

       Anonymous  5/9/18, 12:32 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Gotmail ☺

The large mirror is to the right of the basketballs. The second room behind the mirror looks identical to the first room but you can interact with different things.

what was the point in opening the window?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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